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  1. Re: How to beat 5-4-1?? Thanks for the referance! If I dont have anything about the 5-4-1 formations in the guide, PM me and Ill help you. I think the game may have created some new formations after I posted it, and my guide may need some updating.
  2. Re: Substitutions... I would imagine that the game will try to make this more realistic. Obviously if you sub someone, it should save him fitness on some level. Double Check and see if you have him on "Playmaker" or "Target Man" or a Left sided winger on "PLay Down Left Flank" (or something like that) because giving someone that role would have their activity in the game be more, causing a larger amount of fitness decrease to occur. If they arent upeither of those...I guess the game is messed up.
  3. Re: how to counter 4-2-4 Thanks for the referance Since I have posted the guide, they also came out with the 5-4-1 formations. I think theres one with and w/o a sweeper. You could probably use either of those too..
  4. Re: Bundesliga risers/talents -> LKK Great Stuff...you even convinced me to splash out some cash Great work, and I hope you continue to update this thread. +rep for you!
  5. Re: Juventus Help Looks good Just make sure you rotate the guys coming off the field in regards to the subs so that you keep all your players match fit.
  6. Re: timid tackle = long term injury ? In real life soccer (Which I play a lot of) if yu go into a tackle weak or timidly, you are asking for an injury. If you go into a tackle hard, you can only hurt the other player or get a card at worst. Im not surprised to see injuries resulting from a Timid Tackle, or cards from aggressive tackles, but I am surprized that that many injuries have occured. I do agree that that many injuries is a bit over-the-top.
  7. Re: Back Again!!! thanks dude! Im glad that guide has worked out for you and so many others.
  8. Re: Advice with tactics in 4-2-3-1 well, if your worried about keeping the other teams in the game, you probably do want to stay offensive minded. I just figured with the player positions that you have an abundance of, a defensive-counter attacking formation would work well. I guess you can try to use the defensive set up, and see you still score some goals, or at least win some games. If that doestn work, you may be stuck with trying to buy some different players to allow for more formation flexability.
  9. Re: Advice with tactics in 4-2-3-1 Well, what tactics have you used my friend? I would think that that formation with a defensive mindset, counter attack, men behind ball, and a target man would help you win a lot of games by 1-2 goals, but you shouldnt get many goals against you either.
  10. Re: Fiorentina formation.. Well, if you want to use your wingers, go with the 4-3-3 wingers formation. Otherwise I would suggest buying LM and RM and then you can play a 3-5-2.,4-4-2 or 4-4-2 (Diamond) formation(s). I dont think the wingers work well in any formation other than the 4-3-3 Wingers formation, as that formion is designed for the use of wingers, the others use LM and RM, not wingers...
  11. Re: Liverpool - Help me! Come on! If you are going to manage my favorite team...you can be having problems!!! lol jk Withe squad you have you can do any formation you feel comfortable with really. I wuld change the tactics to tackling: whatever you want Normal Mentality Passing style mixed Attacking style-down both flanks Tempo:whatever you want Pressing: own half Counter attacking - on Men behind ball - on Tight Marking - on Play Offside - off Choose either a playmaker or a target man, I personally think that the use of both negates the effectivity of the other, but thats jus
  12. Re: Juventus Help The bids you have look good. As for the old-VS-Young decision, if you think the young guys will get better, go with them, because they have the potential to be better than the old guy, if not, go with the old guy.
  13. Re: Pick my team for me! If you give me some ratings I can help you out a little better....
  14. Re: FC Porto Help Well, Galvan seems to be very young and doesnt have a high rating. I would put him on the bench and sub him in for an experianced player if you are winning. You can start him against the teams that are not doing so well in the league though, to give your better players a deserved rest. If his form goes down, I would probably keep him in the youth squad (I think hes 15 right?) Thats what I would do, but do what you feel comfortable with.
  15. Re: Juventus Help I would get another left mid and another left back. The squad is capable of doing almost any formation and tactics though, so whatever you feel most comfortable with!
  16. Re: Back Again!!! If I get liverpool...ill like you forever!
  17. Re: New chatroomers setup Hey...im not a chatroomer, but would love to join the setup. My idea: Small clubs with no restrictions. or small clus with a nationality clause OR Big Clubs/Nationality clause or Big Clubs/age limit I may be intereted in a U21 setup too I suppose.
  18. Re: Back Again!!! @Liam: I remember the name...but again...not much about you unfortunately. @MTlivrelm: I would love to join, esp if I can get one of those squads i mentioned in my first post (Hint hint) lol @FC Internazionale Milano: Thanks! Im glad it worked for you!
  19. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. @Sparky: Im back alright! lol and thanks again for the complements. Thank God your Roma squad is doing that...I would have to ban you from this guide is you had a Juve beating Roma @Ben150991: Your squad looks good, But I would definitaly pick up a LB that an 82-86 Range. If you can get one thats better than the one you have, mor power to ya, but again that depends on the funds you have. I would also try to get some stronger midfield players. I think its really helpful to have a great attacking minded midfielder that a 90 rating or h
  20. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. yes..playing a RB on the right side, even if he has a slightly smaller rating will still be a better defender than a LB on the right side, at least in my opinion. The same goes for all of the positions on the field in this game, so if you have midfielders that are out of position, the other teams attack can really start to build there, leaving your three defenders who are also playing out of position very vulnerable and weak. Ect ect ect
  21. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. Sorry about that. This is all personal opinion...and in the end its just a game. Better luck next time though!! Perhaps you will be the winner If you would like help go ahead and PM me and ill try to find the time to respond.
  22. Re: Back Again!!! I remember you Im sure ill get the hang of it quickly. Thanks for the welcomes everone!
  23. Re: Back Again!!! Thanks!! I looked at that, but there seems to be only 8 American setups, and they are all full atm. Unless I have missed something else.
  24. Hey Guys! I have decided to find the time in my busy life to pick this up again. I trully missed it. Some of you may remember me for my guide whih still seems to be bringing in the PM's from everyone asking me how to win I am sorry, but although I have found the time to play this game, I cant find the time to answer all of the PM's... Anyways, im back, and im glad to be here. Im looking for a setup with a Columbus Crew team thats not completely messed up, a liverpool squad (My Favorite Team) or an FC Metz squad. I would love to be in a setup with you forumers so that I dont get the stupi
  25. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. hey...im back, but I dont have the time to help a bunch of peope anymore. Sorry!! I hope this guide has helped people, and it can surely stay here, even if I stay or not. I am going to get a team in the game, but not be active on the forums, just FYI.
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