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  1. Re: Allsvenskan and Eliteserien Young Risers Any idea on which is the next league to be updated and when is it expected to happen? Cause this update caught me a bit unprepared.
  2. Re: Allsvenskan and Eliteserien Young Risers ****, i've put my bid for Milosevic yesterday and he got a rise is it going to be rejected now? I put it somewhere around noon...
  3. Re: Chicharito and Sturridge thanks, Sleeps! I forgot to ask in my previous post - is there a time limit for me to respond to the offer?
  4. Re: who is better shinji kagawa or douglas costa? I think it's safer to keep Kagawa. He already established himself in one of the major European football leagues and with the departure of Sahin is entirely up to him and Goetze to drive Borussia forward. As for Costa, it still unknown whether he'll transfer to a bigger club and how will he do there.
  5. Okay guys, so some of you may find the question of the topic stupid, but I'm new to SM and this is the first time I receive an offer for a player of mine so I need an advice. Man Utd offered me 16.5 mil for Hernandez (valued at 15) and Chelse offered me 8.2 for Sturridge (valued at 7.3). I know that both of them have a chance of getting a raise but I need the money for other risers so I'm definitely going to sell them. The question is if I decide to negotiate the offers what is the maximum I can get for them? Both United and Chelsea are external clubs, actually we are just 2 or 3 people in
  6. Hi guys, so I'm playing in the Australian championship and couple of weeks ago a guy joined my GW, took over one of the rival clubs and bought Del Piero, Inzaghi and Seydou Keita. Del Piero and Inzaghi's prices rose by 3 million, and Keita's - by 7. So my question is: do you think these prices will stay the same until the transfer bans expire? Is it worth buying old players since I'm doing exactly the opposite - always buying young players with the prospect of rising.
  7. Re: Selling to foreign clubs I know but he has been updated on June 14 so I guess his next rating change would be no sooner than December. And I need the money to buy new risers. Other than that, my other two strikers, Sturridge and Jeffren, are doing a little bit better till now. Thanks for the advice though!
  8. Re: Selling to foreign clubs That' great! Thanks again! And what do you think is a reasonable price to ask for? For example I'm thinking of selling Sandro (£12.6M) and Javier Hernandez (£15.0M).
  9. hey guys, i'm new to SM and I have the following question: is it possible to sell players to clubs from other championship? i'm asking this because i'm playing in the Australian championship and I've gathered some very good players in my team but eventually after their transfer bans expire I'd be forced to sell some of them who got a rise in order to make some money and buy new risers ... so if i put them in the transfer list can I expect offers from England, Italy and Spain? since to local clubs cannot afford to spend tens of millions of pounds .. and I'm not keen on selling to the competito
  10. Re: Italian Championship 2468 - IT NEEDS YOU! Thanks guys! btw, the problem with the striker is solved: The offer for Mario BALOTELLI of Manchester City from Sampdoria has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours. Now I need to find one right back and I'm ready.
  11. Re: Italian Championship 2468 - IT NEEDS YOU! Hey guys, are there many people playing here? I've just taken Sampdoria, gonna try to save them from relegating in the game as well. I have somewhat good squad, but I desperately need a good striker. Do any of you has strikers in excess? I have £16 million balance.
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