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  1. Hi, Should I keep Bruun larsen? I am looking at him and he has stopped playing then got injured, has he peaked? The 7m I can currently get for him would be helpful in trying for other players but I dont want to sell a future star?
  2. page 800 wow! Dzeko going to drop this time? any thoughts?
  3. Hi, please can you tell me which you think is best long term from K Strootman, A Ramsey or J Hector? I can only afford one of them, they all would fit in my midfield, I just worry about Ramsey fitness/playing time, should i be worried about -1 or the others catching him up? thanks in advance
  4. my "gamble" on Tadic paid off +1 today. His value actually went down £100k due to him having an odd birthday, but I have at least got a 91 rated player now!
  5. thanks for your feedback and all the work/help you put into this game. I will get him in and hope he gets his +1, my other point isnt important anymore as the offer has been taken off the table. I feel that Klostermann has the better prospects for going higher than the other fella who could be at PSG for a while.
  6. I too have a deal offered to me, swap Klostermann for for draxler. I have klostermann, is it worth it?
  7. Hi, Does anyone think Tadic will get a rise or is he too old/at the wrong club? He is in the form of his life. thanks in advance for any answers
  8. Hi, I have Audero who is due a rise soon, however is he a BIG long term prospect? or simply a sell after his rise? I ask as I may have to use him in a deal to get a much bigger player and then I may not have the cash to buy him back before somebody else jumps in.
  9. hi, which one to keep Caldara or Klostrman (Caldara is injured so wont rise soon but which is long term best please AND Kramaric or Bertrand Traore Which is best to buy? Looking more short term on this one as just promoted to top flight. all 116 teams are taken so not many players available thanks in advance
  10. thanks zsp2 transfermarkt didnt tell me that 3 were penalties! And thanks Sir Raul for ALL your hard work on predictions, I wasnt doubting you, just wanted 2nd and hopefully third opinions
  11. Hi, Sir Raul has Diego Perotti to go down from 90 to 89. Am I alone in thinking that may be a little harsh? He has had a tough season injury wise and has 4 goals in 6 games wrth of playing time? Any thoughts as I will have to sell him before the review to protect his value, but dont want to sell if he doesnt go down! Very full game world so not much in way of replacement only willian jose of real sociadad is free to replace him. thanks in advance for any thoughts
  12. I would really "appreciado" a reply to the Naldo question in particular. The other two are pretty much of a muchness, I was more thinking is Hakan playing CM or wing?
  13. Hi, I am in fully taken 116/116 managers game world so BIG players are hard to find. I have a few options and wonder which is best for long term.(keeping 90 or possible riser) Hakan Calhouglu or Suso (both at Milan) Also how much will Apreceado Naldo drop next revue currently 90 will he go 88? 87? thanks in advance
  14. thanks for the speedy reply, I was hoping to get an answer like yours (except for the bit about two weeks before they come back with a slightly higher bid) My £1m+ wages will mean I lose on the deal unless I take the 10% offer now, but wanted to double check
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