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  1. So AC Milan for Man Utd in Europa league. Interesting draw!
  2. Hi gameworld 422629 has Man U free. you have to keep to the current squad and buy/sell whoever they do in real life. Can you do better than OGS?
  3. bailey or Draxler? AM position so both kind of fit there. Will Draxler leave PSG and get better? Will Leon Bailey get +1 unless he leaves current team?
  4. ive never noticed much, I had a 78 GK with the rest of the team in low 90s and won the league. Was just trying it out to see if they made a difference, which it didnt
  5. Surprising number of bids going in for these guys, I am guessing only Emerson is worth going "all in" on
  6. No its Barca's one (on loan at Real Betis I think) sorry for the confusion
  7. Luca PELLEGRINI ,Noussair MAZRAOUI or Emerson? who is best? worth trying to get all three? Thanks again
  8. Sorry Raul, are you saying that Leon is ok but you prefer rafael leao
  9. Hi, It was I "SW19" that was asking about R Leao, easily confused as both talking about Aubamyang, but I am selling auba and looking at potential replacements, I get that he is good but not expected to be 92/3 anytime if ever.
  10. leon Bailey worth investing in. I think IRL he wants away from Germany to premier league, spurs and everton listed but that isnt a huge step up. Max for him of 91? or is he as good as his club think he is? I am looking at quick replacements for Aubamyang and he is the highest rated one that a manager will even consider letting go. Just seen Rafael Leao is also on transfer list, I assume he is a better bet? thanks
  11. Hi, I do also have Lars Stindle, J correa and William Jose that could play up front. But all at their highest level I think and 2/3 very old. Its a tough world to get anyone in, cash is meaningless. Its a tough call cos zaniolo could be great if he can regain fitness/form. Not many like him become free in the gameworld. I think I will see how Auba plays up front for a couple more games.
  12. I’d go for it mate, Auba is only on the decline from this point on. Cheers No socca happy or milanista tonight? busy watching footy?
  13. hi, had an offer that I think I will find hard to refuse... F Jorginho and Zaniolo + 15m cash for my Aubamyang. Frello would be my highest DM and is playing under Chelski manager, Zaniolo one for the future surely. cash is nice but will not be a swaying thing in choice. Go for it? I only have oldies up front, Dzeko, tadic and aubamyang. but Aubs never scored more than 8 in 30 for me in 2 seasons(I do tend to play him wide as Dzeko scores well for me. I have greenwood and M Barrow as future fwds but hmmm. I was gonna play Aubs up the middle and see how long it takes for dzeko to get unhapp
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