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  1. the comeback is on for the mighty red imps! 0nly 4 more and it will go to penalties!
  2. both got two goals and an assist (one yellow card separates them), but Klich is a goal a game whereas costa was two V Fulham, and I fancy anyone to score there! But I will go with someone who watches rather than just the "stats" cheers
  3. sorry I was talking fantasy footy, I picked him as he has had a good start to season, didnt know if he is the "most likely" to carry on scoring and assisting as I didnt see Leeds last season at all.
  4. whats leeds form V the blades like? goal fests? I ask as I currently have Klich in midfield? is that wise or was he a one game wonder?
  5. Jaybee, weirdly as soon as I posted my words of appreciation above it jumped back to the "narrow view" on my chromebook and so your last two columns are barely visable.
  6. now you will be getting many more visitors and input to this thread. just needed this "extra info" and this along with your other countries and soccer happy, and gyan and sir raul will make soccer manager more fun again! thanks all. not forgetting thorgan, tm costa and kierans of course all greatfully received
  7. cant wait for the "minutes played" section to give us a guide
  8. it can be 7 days exactly, ie he left at say 7.00pm 7 days ago so you can only bid after 7.01pm its all done by computers so will be 168 hours before you can bid. hope that helps
  9. He can certainly take a penalty though! About the only player at AFC Wimbledon who you knew will score from the spot. He is number 15 at Brentford and appears to be a "cup specialist" having started both games in EFL cup. whereas 36 mins in two sub appearances (with one goal in that small time) in the league. If he keeps it up will be pushing Toney out of the reckoning. might be worth a punt.
  10. I have pinaev and luka romero both 15 yr olds and want Lamptey. I think its a fair deal. any thoughts? I am giving up a possible worldie for a right now player
  11. thanks for atalanta updates, I now turn to RB Leipzig (I am in a world where cant buy from unmanaged teams and most of top 4 teams in the big 5 are in the league. Any worth getting or have they reached their limit? Forsberg, Kampl,Olmo, I Konate and Augustin available I have Everton in that world so am lower rated than most, need players with potential to rise or at least hold to 90. thanks again
  12. looking at atalanta team, which is best prospect to rise highest? Zapata, Muriel, or pasalic? thanks
  13. to "celebrate 15 years of SM" they were going to make changes to the multi player version of the game in September, somewhere on this thread there was a link/breakdown of the changes. Should also be on the "news" tab on the game itself.
  14. I watched him while he was on loan at AFC Wimbledon last season (before he got injured). He was a great goal scorer and was sent to us to get a bit more "team working" skills as he is a little erm greedy when he gets the ball. He was getting better, but still expect him to get another loan period rather than be a regular starter.
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