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  1. Hi, I have had one reply saying keep one saying go for the deal! I will want to keep Simakan as pointed out that he will be at Leipzig so could end up rising quickly. Just had 2 89 rise to 90 defenders so not as much of an issue, but would still like to have him, I guess Truffert, Lamptey or aarons are all about the same? Ialso have zubemendi or sessignon that I could offer? Anyone else have an opinion please.
  2. he is level 4 concerns but has 6 other managers interested in him and will be a 20m max cash lottery in a few weeks.
  3. aarons, simakan and max cash for Klosterman? its a tough full world, dont want to make a mistake as I had Kloster ages ago and let him go when he was a 89 player. He would be my youngest and highest rated defender. I think go for it. Do you? PS Im feeling less sorry for myself now, so sorry for previous outburst, just caught me at the wrong time.
  4. if I were able to get up (without help) I would, but since some bstrd decided it was ok to have a skinfull and then attempt and fail to drive home without hitting people walking along a path (killing my best friend and leaving me in a chair for the rest of my life) I cant. my carer hasnt arrived so I have had to try and get up on my own and so the last thing I need to read is this so yes I will be logging off as you dont want to waste what life I can get to enjoy reading your rubbish. I play this game to give me a reason to wake up each day and I really appreciate the vast majority of peoples posts. yours have just got to me today. so sorry but I wont be posting/debating with you any more.
  5. life isnt always fair, not everything goes the way that you want it or think it should, just ask the danes last night, how many shots? how much possession and they dont win. do they whinge on and on about it. no.
  6. no I am just fed up with your ranting about something that you cant change.
  7. oh please just shut up and move on. SM are not going to reduce him down. This is just a game, it isnt like we are playing for money or even that one player may or may not be "correctly" rated. and even if there are players that are "wrongly" rated, sometimes they will go in your favour sometimes not. and 1 player does not make a team in SM. Can we please talk about something different
  8. grimaldo stay or -1?? thanks I am thinkng of offering kolorov and a hererra for him to get better long term cover at LB
  9. Hi, my Calhanglou and Sergi roberto for Kyle Walker? Roberto and cuadrado are my RB at the mo, so a +1 and more versatile, but paying quite a lot for him? too much? it is a CGW though. thoughts please.
  10. I have won league titles with average on pitch 85 and a 76 rated GK who was getting same ratings per game as most other GK. Just as likely to have a 10/10 game as my other GK was and saved me lots of wages.
  11. tayvon gray. I have him in my squad, I dont know why? is he a future star? cant find much about him. thanks
  12. bakker at PSG worth "max cash" bid? or another ok talent but wont be 91/92 for long time if ever? He is up for sale in CGW but would only be a money maker or loanee until reaches potential. I have truffert and nuno mendes already (somehow!) so LB may not be an issue in the future, but wondering if he is worth a punt or swap of these others. I notice he is due a 21st birthday drop soon. hmm
  13. They all come in on the train from Grimsby!
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