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  1. thanks zsp2 transfermarkt didnt tell me that 3 were penalties! And thanks Sir Raul for ALL your hard work on predictions, I wasnt doubting you, just wanted 2nd and hopefully third opinions
  2. Hi, Sir Raul has Diego Perotti to go down from 90 to 89. Am I alone in thinking that may be a little harsh? He has had a tough season injury wise and has 4 goals in 6 games wrth of playing time? Any thoughts as I will have to sell him before the review to protect his value, but dont want to sell if he doesnt go down! Very full game world so not much in way of replacement only willian jose of real sociadad is free to replace him. thanks in advance for any thoughts
  3. I would really "appreciado" a reply to the Naldo question in particular. The other two are pretty much of a muchness, I was more thinking is Hakan playing CM or wing?
  4. Hi, I am in fully taken 116/116 managers game world so BIG players are hard to find. I have a few options and wonder which is best for long term.(keeping 90 or possible riser) Hakan Calhouglu or Suso (both at Milan) Also how much will Apreceado Naldo drop next revue currently 90 will he go 88? 87? thanks in advance
  5. thanks for the speedy reply, I was hoping to get an answer like yours (except for the bit about two weeks before they come back with a slightly higher bid) My £1m+ wages will mean I lose on the deal unless I take the 10% offer now, but wanted to double check
  6. Hi, sorry to go a little off topic, but it is transfer related. Am I right in thinking that the external team that owns a player that you have on the transfer list will pay the most for the player? and is that a set %? I have a player with a just over 10% above value offer from his real life team, if I reject that what are the chances of a higher bid next time, or will another team come in with a random bid? thanks in advance
  7. no they dont and they do not seem to have any real point as I played the same team against a mate 3 friendlies in a row all of them at my place and three completely different outcomes (with the same players and tactics each time) I then played him in the league a week later and got slaughtered with the same players and tactics (previously I had won easily then 0-0 then 3-3) so I went into the game thinking my tactics were great.
  8. You dont think that Kondogbia will drop in the next review? his and Sevilla form is pretty poor this season. Also Porto Captain still in Champ league, could he not get +1? I may struggle to afford him without selling kondogbia, I have a few oldies like Nani to sell as well, will have to review my players/squad thanks though
  9. Thanks but these are all taken (game world is full 116/116 teams) TBH I was surprsed to find 2 90 rated players not at a managed club! But I like the idea of 89 rated risers
  10. Hi, I have Kondogbia and Reges Fernando ready to sell for cash, I would use the cash to buy Hakan Calhanoglu and FC Porto's Hererra Thats worth doing isnt it? selling 91 and 88 for two 90's Any thoughts very much welcome
  11. Grealish signed a 5 year deal on 24/9/18 at Villa, so it was either a way of getting more cash for him if he does go OR he really wants to stay
  12. sorry he is a AM/F in a large squad(90 odd players) 87 rated Rebic and in a game world where most/all teams are taken so relying on external clubs to buy him.
  13. Sorry to go off topic, but what is the longest time that any of you have had a player on the transfer list without getting any bids? I have had a player on for nearly a month and no bids, even though his "external" real life team will have millions to spend as they only have a few original players left. Thanks in advance for any replies and for all your good work on this forum. It has certainly kept me playing the game for over 10 years.
  14. Re: The New Players Thread Jim (James Shaquealle) Fenlon DoB 3.3.1994 right footed 19 year old full back at AFC wimbledon needs both adding to Soccer wiki (I cant add them myself as my rating is only 67 and I need to be 80 apparently!) and looking at as a potential riser as he is playing every game now and is a class defender for his age. Hope someone can tell me/help me get him put onto the database as I am trying to replicate the current AFCW team and see if I can do better than Neal Ardley Thanks in advance
  15. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Hi, sorry if this is "off thread" but I have a CSKA Moscow player (Zoran Tosic) who is 88 rated by Swiki and that appears to be a "cap" at that club, as the only options for him are downward ones! any idea how i get s wiki to review the cap? I ask on this thread as JMH seems to know his stuff about Wiki! Cheers
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