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  1. diallo and barrow (mine) for diego carlos . CGW Carlos would be a starter the others are my potential 1st team players in a year or so (though I have greenwood, paqueta, cunha as barrow as well so covered quite well to come through and fofana to replace in time diallo.
  2. youssouf Badji....sell or keep? he is young but seems to be "stalling" in his development. thanks
  3. I remember the start of the season well, my wife is a Saint and having lived in Eastleigh for quite a few years until recntly, I "adopted" them as my team when the Wombles were too far away to go and see. Many a great game at the Dell, Micky Channon wheeling away, Matt le tiz doing amazing things. And nowadays looking at the team you could have had if well Liverpool hadnt bought most of them!
  4. I hope you qualify for Europe as that would put Ings in an interesting position. Would show if he wanted Europe or simply to play for a "big name" team. (If he stays with you until the end of the season)
  5. when does he see the bank balance? and is it managed team by a human or unmanaged computer team that he can see the balance of
  6. nuno santos sell or keep. I see IRL he plays most games but not full 90 mins. so any rise will be small. Or am I wrong? Will be only kept for rising potential (out on loan) thanks
  7. Definitely worth buying, can’t forget he was arguably Liverpool’s best player for a spell last season. Just unfortunate injuries made it a short one. Jota worth swapping my players like two from Rensch, vranckx, simakan p sarr, eze, benrahma , T Marcao, or p Gueye,and max cash for? I am trying to keep Zubimendi, fofana, wirtz, musiala, greenwood but am sure he will want one of those
  8. anyone? is he worth a "big buy? or jusy another youngish 91 who will drop to 90 and stay there for rest of career?
  9. So how d you rate Jota? he seemed to be brilliant, then injured and then not so good. Will he return to his greatness? I ask as level 3 concerns at another club and I am thinking of making an offer its that CGW with "that manager who will no doubt ask for wirtz and musiala and cash (but I wont do that) Just wondering how you rate his chances of retaining 91 and can he go higher?
  10. T marcao at galatasary +1 or +2 should be happening soon?
  11. my M barrow and Dzecko for ben white? Only Dzecko would be a starter in this CGW
  12. Thanks, I cant remember my 30th birthday celebrations,heres hoping you wont be able to remember yours either! my reason is it was too long ago.
  13. I heard he ghosts into the box unseen and scares the opposition!
  14. got beaten in the max bid lottery, went for a smaller player and higher cash than my bid. Ah well
  15. I would go for him. He's always impressed me whenever I had watched Leeds play last season. Although, if cash is tight and there are other wingers rated 90 out there then it would be better to bring one of them in instead. Hi ,thanks, cash and Diallo from PSG is what I have decided to do . I have the cash but not much more than that the 10m Diallo is worth gives me wiggle room for other transfers. I feel his potential is better than diallo? or am I wrong?
  16. any prediction for Toby Sibbick at Barnsley? +4 to 80? or am I being generous and wearing my yellow and blue tinted glasses. He played about half the season for a team that finished 6th I think?
  17. for the lower rated players it certainly is minutes played and where the team ends up. for higher rated players (88 and above I think) a bit more on the actual performance in games as well as minutes and of course international matches etc will all add to the players rating
  18. Is Raphina of Leeds worth a max cash bid in CGW? he is 89 rated, so wont be a starter, but interested to know what you guys think of his future?
  19. been offered S Bergwijn and K Dolberg for my Paqueta. I think no what do you think? Paqueta is a starter for me, I dont see the others rising soon?
  20. dont bother replying to this question he swapped odegaard for tierney from another team
  21. wow its quiet on here. Have some people got lives outside of SM? Lucky people! Going to brave it and deal with the manager re Lucas hernadez, The other LB Tierney manager is going to be try and save him as he doesnt like any of my LB as a replacement and he needs one. Thinking I will go for fred and J correa for savic as he will be my biggest defender for a coupe of game seasons which will allow the likes of simakan and w fofana time to mature into starters for me. Thanks to those on here who have offered advice.
  22. Fred, J correa and A Diallo OR Savic? I have the trio? I might be able to do two plus cash instead. Savic is old but..... thoughts?
  23. Cheers its just the manager is soo hard to bargain with. gets me down. He doesnt get that he has a weaker position with person being on level 4 concerns so cant be too fussy of just accept £20m cash bids when he gets to level 5
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