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  1. Hi I can afford either M Kana and A Barrenetxea (both 2.4m) OR Dest 5m Which would you go for? These are money making purchases? or could they become first teamers? Thanks in advance
  2. A little harsh I feel, I think his question is how good do you think he can get. ie is he going to be a "worldie" or just alow 90;s etc. Which I agree is hard to predict but he is looking I feel for general feel of ho good he can get.
  3. I always do a player search with the max rating at your top estimate, and then the age arameters set at the closest to your target, in this case 21 min age 25 max, probably helps to search for similar position as well. then when you get the results using arrows up or down on age section to sort and hey presto there should be all the players that match your search and you should see roughly what price you will get to. Some leagues have a premium ie prem league players tend to have a higher value than say french league.
  4. have you offered the manager who owns the level 4 player a player in exchange? They may be more willing to get a player in rather than just cash, even if it is a lot of cash!
  5. sorry I have never really noticed when it happens. I am in a game world that has just gone past week 36 and a level 4 player only playing a few games didnt rise to 5, so maybe it isnt a set in stone thing? but as I say not really sure, just wanted to show you someone was reading!
  6. so only flippin stupidovic not worth going for. You guys are really great. From the original post yes camavinegar was already openly bid for at full cash price so I avoided him, but thanks again to you and Thorgan for extensive lists that I will use not just in that new world but in many others. Will fill my evenings for quite a while! so my wife also thanks you.
  7. I have started a second Tranche of signings (slightly older players) Le Normand (r sociadad), Savanov, A Ramsdale (Ex womble so had to get him!), T Almada, A Isak, Barinov, Vlahovic, Kumbulla, Salisu. I still have about 10m left (probably more as other manager have bids in as well as me) J David is out of my price range, any more "must haves? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, just starting to play in a new game world. getting lots of low rated high potential players in. so far I have bids in for Urzi, Doku, Karpov, zagre, nabian, jakobs, F da silva, okoh, tuta, J stansfield (fulham), Kouassi, Unuvar, Vranx, Bellingham, renyer, cant get fati. have I missed any? I am sure I have. I have only gone for the very young with massive potential players that I can remember from other posts.
  9. Bugger! got a little wait for my experiment to happen.
  10. Hi tolisso due for a drop? or will he hold? How much hangs on the next 9 games? My other bid/interest is for Bentancur but the manager wants me to take tolisso for Unuvar and guendozi? worth doing or hsaggle for Bentancur
  11. ok so who remembers a short while ago there was a question asked about if you had a bid in for a player at level 4 concerns of maximum allowed amount, what happened to that bid when he drops to level 5 and the max bid is now over double the Chairman value of the player. I havent yet got the answer to that ! Doh!! BUT I have put in a max bid for a player who is getting "odd" birthday old tomorrow, so should devalue slightly, and I will report back with if the deal goes through. Not exactly the same premise but I think it might help! More when my bid is accepted or not!! I also have a bid in that will be over the max allowed for a level 4 player so hope I get the answer before he turns to level 5
  12. Sir rauls french predictions are on the previous page which will give you an idea.
  13. how much will chielinni drop by only played 3 games this season?
  14. Thorgan, thanks for all your hard work on the predictions, I was worried at first when the lower teams were happening, but the overall view must be a decent if rather pedestrian review of Belgium by SM. lets hope it continues.
  15. A more concise version of my reply! I dont think anyone knows for sure, I cant see why it wouldnt get accepted as it would be the highest bid, I am certainly trying it in a game world I am in!
  16. Hoping of course that none of the managers in your game world read this thread!
  17. It certainly sounds worth a go, if there are no other bids in at the moment I would try slightly less than the max (if you have spoken to the manager who has the level 4 player and he /she doesnt want to sell him) or as I do, offer the manager a player or two as swap and remind them that cash isnt much use in certain game worlds and that will be all he will get in few days. That way if no more bids arrive before the level 5 arrives and his vlue drops again, hopefully your bid will win. You can "guess at the final value of the level 5 player, it will be half of his "normal value", check on a search for similar players age and rating to get the "original" value. Or play it safe and max bid then sit back and wait! good luck
  18. Hi, I dont know the answer but I have asked a person who has set up a gameworld, I must admit we didnt get any money at the start of the second season whereas 10m at the start of the first.
  19. There was a mention of him earlier in this thread, cant remember where, but I saw it , searched for him and couldnt find him, so made a note to keep an eye open for him and a few days later he appeared! Luckily nobody else bid on him in my game worlds so got him cost price for a newbie. Straight into all my youth squads to forget about for a while.
  20. Aub every time for me Maddison also as he and his team still performing great. Only sell if you are desperate for cash or you have no other way of getting Castrov, then Salisu then taps, finally Kumbulla. But please dont take my word as gospel there are far more knoweledgeable players of the game than me, im just offering my opinion.
  21. Zagadou dou dou push pineapple shake the tree, every time, hes gonna be huge!
  22. I dont think it helps with the fairly slow paced review of players, USA and France have both "completed" a season and are due a review so there are plenty of players to be reviewed, I guess SM is having to work from home? Time seems to drag. It would be great for me to be on the leaderboard of likes etc. I am currently on holiday (unpaid as I am a temp at my local hospital) so instead of clapping me please "like" or Thanks" me today! or not the choice is yours! Just would be great to see my name up there with the "greats" even if it was a "false" reading.
  23. Is it just me or is it getting longer between match days?
  24. I really like Tielemans, is it just a coincidence that Leicester lost 3 out of the four games that they lost in the last few months when he only plays 15 or so mins in each game? He adds a different dimension to their attack. I havent seen much of the others as I only really watch premier league. The others from their stats alone look "bit part" players,who will hold their ratings and so if you need two solid 89 players then go for it, I personally wouldnt.
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