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  1. well, Vardy, Matuidi, brahimi, delaney and Mertens missed penalties in a shoot out for me, I lost 1-0 Never had 5 pens missed in a play off semi before!
  2. He he I hadnt put two and two together until I read your description and thought Im in a league like that! what are the chances! I may "match" the formation and players played in real life this year to see how they play! Could be weird.
  3. I have rather unsurprisingly created a team of current and ex AFC wimbledon players, when they reach as high as they can get I will allow myself to buy players with parts of my name, or in one case an exact match! then when that runs out of steam I will allow variations of it eg My name is Stephen, so first is stephen cook, stephen ward etc then enda stephens, and finally ettienne (french but probably spelt wrong) and so on. keeps me buying players and winning games! I am also in the same league as Vinny where you have the real life teams in a premier league and a new champions league tea
  4. Thats strange I created a record called Back at plough lane coz I couldnt sign in with the old one, then signed in on the new one and it posts like I am still the old one? Im confused
  5. Wahay, maybe they saw soccer happy predictions! Feed the pig and he will rise! And yes it is me the person formerly known as id rather be in SW19. I couldnt get logged in and thought my name should be changed/updated anyway.
  6. Nice to see Joe getting game time (he was AFC Wimbledon before being "lured away" by Stoke before he signed professional terms with us) He looked a bit "dodgy" when he played against us in the first game at New Plough Lane, but very young. And Forss will always score goals, if he is adding passing to his team mates to his skillset then he could be a Forss to be reckoned with!
  7. the answer is probably in your statement! Only recently started posting so SM thinks better let a moderator look at what they are posting. either that or you are unlucky and randomly picked for a sample check!
  8. not a SM thing but glad to see that they will allow 5 subs per game in EFL for the rest of the season. AFC Wimbledon need that with the covid affected fixture list coming their way 21/11 Away Rochdale, 24/11 away Gillingham, 26/11 Barrow away (cup) 29/11 Crawley Home (cup?) 1/12 Peterborough Home. 5/12 B Rovers home 8/12 papa johns trophy so will play our kids! Phew! 3 away trips in 5 days will be tough.
  9. I really appreciate the effort, it was worth it just to see Wimbledon 12th in print! We have only once in our EFL league 2 and 1 history (brief that it is) finished above 15th at the end of a season, that was when we finished 7th and went up via play offs. So to be 12th in league 1 is nose bleed territory for us, and in our new home too! Hoping no Championship scouts are watching the thread though as he is out of contract in the summer. A typo on kalambayi though! he is 72 rated. again a million thanks for even taking on the challenge!
  10. He did the same while on loan at Wimbledon, doesnt pass, doesnt cross, doesnt miss!
  11. I put Neco williams in my Fantasy team by mistake (thought it ws R williams!) might turn out ok!
  12. Im talking about selling Ismail Jacobs playing at Cologne at the moment
  13. Its a bit of a gamble with the big 5 reveiw possibly just around the corner. Hopefully nobody jumps onto goncalves as it is a low value teams league so really old players and rising kids seem to be the only players bought! Germany due for review before portugal?
  14. ismail jakobs, playing as winger in last 4 games for Koln (cologne) but they are very low rated/position. Do we see much of a rise? I should sell him and get Pedro goncalves? same money but rising quicker? thanks for any opinions
  15. I have found that it appears to slow the process down a bit if you are the first person to bid, then others bid, wait a few hours and then withdraw your bid and put in a slightly different bid, it worked brilliantly once for a player on level 5 concerns a max cash bid from another team collapsed as he played an extra game before bid went through and my just above the minimum bid won the player. Cant say it works every time.
  16. Me again. I am looking at raising a bit of cash for new risers and to meet my wages, which of the following (all out on loan as not near my first team) should I cash in on? M Pessina, K Tsimikas, E Smith Rowe S Benrahma, S Alzate, G Diangana, P Ghiglione From my actual playing squad I could also sell one of F Coquelin, Fred, A Ramsey or Delaney as I have a few bigger DM and Ramsey is having a stinker of a run for me, two seasons and never above 6.2 average in the league (he saves all his goals for Europe 4 goals in 6 games at 7.5 per game, he hasnt scored four goals in the leagu
  17. Hi, Alex Sandro at Juve.....is he just dropped or injured?
  18. every game played = 1 wage you play twice a week in league so 2 wages
  19. yeah I agree, have had many experiments with bidding for players (another manager in a quiet game world wondered the same thing so we would try out one team bid first for one player, the other team bid first for another, same day bid then withdraw it , then new bid followed by other team, tried disclosing the bid, tried hiding the bid. no pattern came out. Then we did the same in a "busy" world to see if we as bigger teams got any preference and no its a complete lottery.
  20. pacqueta is for sale (rare to get 89 and young players for sale in world) worth swapping either hector herrera, or Delaney for him? both not getting full game time and getting older. cheers for any responses
  21. When its close like this decision I always look at the stats in the gameworld itself. How have the others performed? if they are nowhere near Aguero then keep him, dont break what isnt broken, a year or -1 isnt going to suddenly mean no goals. once a goal scorer always a goal scorer. even at 93 I bet he will still be prolific. Dzecko is in two of my game worlds and huntelaar in a smaller world is 4 points off my top players and much much older but still outscores everyone in the league. Only thing you will lose out on is possible cashing in value, but hopefully you win something and get 10m fo
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