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  1. all kicking off in one of my worlds. the following are all on level 5 which ones are worth "going all in on" ie max cash value.

    K Coman

    T Meunier

    A Rebic


    J Correa

    All are younger and at least same level as my existing players but wont have enough to get them all especially if I have to max out. Its a ful game world so expecting lots of interest. Coman stands out to me , but Meunier is at the same club so might not get many bids.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Id rather be in SW19 said:


    Romain FAIVRE sell now I assume? his 23rd birthday may well negate any +1/2 that he might get is his team hold/improve their position?

    Mahdi camara same question roughly same scenario. I am in game world where a "cap" is being applied to stop hoarding, so I have a few like this that may rise but are they going to be worth keeping?

  3. 17 minutes ago, carlo123 said:

    if you have time try filtering your search & go through the list, as I bet you will find one or two players that are at external clubs that nobody realises.

    Understand how you want to get 90 rated players in but giving young talent up means you will always be chasing these teams even in the years to come.

    Thanks, but this game world is always full (116/116 teams and nobody is ever free rated above 89. those "rising stars" will be  my pension it is just sooo tempting to cash in on them now for 92 LB or 91 young CB

  4. 1 hour ago, carlo123 said:
    2 hours ago, Id rather be in SW19 said:

    I think I might tell him to wait a week or so until Lamptey is reveiwed so I get a better deal/picture. Lamptey should be 5-6m on next reveiw. Not sure about da silva.....any thoughts?

    Why not try for some other LB like maybe Cancelo, Mendy or Reguilon if available.

    my view is this manager is trying to screw you for your young talent

    Sadly there are no LB up for sale or available who are 90 rated, I recently sold Wendell as he could drop and have Kolorov and spinnazola as my choices.

  5. 1 hour ago, Sir Rahul said:
    1 hour ago, Id rather be in SW19 said:

    thanks for thie veiws on my deals, Sule eventually went for Aouiche and Laimer. He is still insisting that Sandro is 3rd best LB in world and 92 rated so is worth fofana and lampty and cash. I am politely declining


    Currently who would the three best LBs in the world be? Robertson no 1 still, but then I'm not sure (counting Alaba as a CB).

    Sadly it wasnt me who struck that deal, I think they got a bargain for sule. cant believe he was asking so much from me then did that deal.

  6. 25 minutes ago, Kieran_S91 said:
    38 minutes ago, Id rather be in SW19 said:

    Hi, my lamptey and Wirtz and shed loads of cash for Upacamo? He is level 4 concerns at his current team.

    I also have Wes fofana to offer if needed. would you go for the deal?

    Difficult I like Wirtz and Fofana. Is there no one else you can offer? Fofana will probably be the next 60/70 million pound defender in 2/3 years, Leicester always seem to make good money out of players they pick up and Wirtz is on course to reach Havertz heights at Leverkusen.

    I might be slightly tempted with the Fofana and Lamptey deal but would probably ask for advice from the forum 😂

    Hi, I have both the williams from Liverpool and Aster Vranx  and joelson fernandes that I can offer, but I know from past offers that he wants the three mentioned already. maybe if I did a dual one and got sandro off of him near chairman value if I offered fofana and lamptey and one other (not Wirtz)

  7. Would you do a deal with my Wirtz involved and cash for Sule?

    I have told him no re Lamptey and fofana and cash for his Sandro.

    Thanks in advance.

    I am a smallish team in a full game world trying to get up from my regular 8th-10th place finish in league. so players like the above are younger and higher rated than my existing defence, but am I selling the crown jewels before they are ready if I do deals like the above.

  8. my max kilman and Neco williams + 20m cash for his Sule (level 3 concerns). Or would Vranx make it more likely to deal?

    Im sure he would be after my greenwood and wirtz, but loathed to let them go for a defender. I have others like Joel fernandes, J hague, lamptey, but he doesnt seem keen on them.

    And yes it is the same chap who I tried and failed to deal with last time, but this time slightly better player on offer from him. Sandro, Nkunku, tolisso and Dybala also up for sale as he slims down his squad. (alledgedly)

    All the above would improve my squad, I just feel Sule is best one then Sandro.

    Any thoughts on what would be fair offer?

  9. 10 hours ago, gyanthecat said:

    A very short summary:

    In 2018, the Saudi former Minister of Sport, Turki Al-Sheikh, was upset because he had failed to become co-owner of one of the historically best teams in Egypt, Al-Ahly. So, he decided to buy a club from a small town, change its name into Pyramids FC and move it to Cairo. Of course, he spent loads of money to sign a bunch of Brazilian and other South American players, while changing managers for fun every 2-3 months.


    Not surprisingly, such a team didn’t have too many supporters, so the boss came up with the idea to hire people around Egypt for this purpose. Apparently, a number of people over there earned around 500€ per month to become professional Pyramids fans, go to the games and follow the team.

    Unfortunately, like all good stories, this one ended too soon. Eventually, the guy sold the club to someone else and in 2019 bought Almeria FC.



    Sounds all too familiar to me, the guy obviously saw what  MK got away with in the UK and decided to try his luck with a few moves of his own. Glad to see you cant "buy a club" and succeed in more than one country.

  10. 19 minutes ago, Toby S said:

    Anyone else have a laugh this morning when they checked the player database to find that there's actually a team in Egypt called Pyramids FC 🤣🤣


    20 minutes ago, Toby S said:

    Anyone else have a laugh this morning when they checked the player database to find that there's actually a team in Egypt called Pyramids FC 🤣🤣

    Ive heard they are quite tall and "rock solid" in the middle.

  11. 27 minutes ago, Kieran_S91 said:
    5 hours ago, Id rather be in SW19 said:

    another decision.

    my Fred (possible/probable rise+1 but playing and giving me 6.00 every time) for Zaniolo young and injury prone. They will want cash or 19 yr old williams CB as well for Zani....worth doing?

    I’m not sure on Zaniolo anymore which is sad because he looks a really exciting prospect.

    Id probably go for Fred.

    Thanks as always to Kieran, any other thoughts on the deal?

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