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  1. 2 hours ago, Milanista1 said:

    But I still don't understand; how do you spend over your budget in the first place? Like if you want to get a player, but you don't have enough money, it would say like "the deal between this and that has collapsed as this team doesn't have enough funds" and stuffity stuff, ya? 

    Your wage bill will be higher than your income. you will need to sell a few of your biggest rated players to get the wage bill down or sell a younger player who is worth loads of cash if you want to play short term gain and win something for the prize money. Check out your league status to see if it is rich or poor economy as that will tell you which is worth doing

  2. gotta laugh at some of the reviews. Luke Jephcott 16 goals in 24 games  (70% of games played)for mid table Plymouth 21 yrs old gets +3 to 71. Cheye Alexander a bit part 26 year old RB has played 11 games (21%) for the mighty Wombles who are near the relegation zone and he gets +1 to 72, and Iandolo of swindon also near relegation zone having been promoted last season gets +1 to 73 for 15 minutes of first team league action! 

    SM where is the consistancy!

  3. 9 minutes ago, Cvilhete said:

    thoughts on goalkeepers on sm, is there much difference with performances and game averages from 90 on wards, is it worth paying the big money for the 92+s?

    ive never noticed much, I had a 78 GK with the rest of the team in low 90s and won the league. Was just trying it out to see if they made a difference, which it didnt

  4. 10 minutes ago, Soccahappy said:

    Mahrez as he has a "longer shelf life" and small chance of a rise when Man C win The Premiership? OR if u prefer the lesser rated Rafael Leao he's ok too.

    Hi, It was I "SW19" that was asking about R Leao, easily confused as both talking about Aubamyang, but I am selling auba and looking at potential replacements, I get that he is good but not expected to be 92/3 anytime if ever.

  5. leon Bailey worth investing in. I think IRL he wants away from Germany to premier league, spurs and everton listed but that isnt a huge step up. Max for him of 91? or is he as good as his club think he is?

    I am looking at quick replacements for Aubamyang and he is the highest rated one that a manager will even consider letting go.

    Just seen Rafael Leao is also on transfer list, I assume he is a better bet?


  6. 9 hours ago, Milanista1 said:

    It is a risk ⚠ taking the trio. However if you can bring in a decent forward with that 15M then do the deal for the duo + cash. Losing Auba would mean that you only have two Forwards remaining. And, I doubt Mason and Musa are ready for your first team just yet. 

    Consider that Zaniolo won't be back till the Euro games. And who knows how well he play again. 

    Hi, I do also have Lars Stindle, J correa and William Jose that could play up front. But all at their highest level I think and 2/3 very old. Its a tough world to get anyone in, cash is meaningless.

    Its a tough call cos zaniolo could be great if he can regain fitness/form. Not many like him become free in the gameworld.

    I think I will see how Auba plays up front for a couple more games.

  7. hi, had an offer that I think I will find hard to refuse... F Jorginho and Zaniolo + 15m cash for my Aubamyang. Frello would be my highest DM and is playing under Chelski manager, Zaniolo one for the future surely. cash is nice but will not be a swaying thing in choice.

    Go for it? I only have oldies up front, Dzeko, tadic and aubamyang. but Aubs never scored more than 8 in 30 for me in 2 seasons(I do tend to play him wide as Dzeko scores well for me. I have greenwood and M Barrow as future fwds but hmmm. I was gonna play Aubs up the middle and see how long it takes for dzeko to get unhappy, but this offer is good isnt it?

  8. Hi, my caldara for Aarons or cantwell? Over paying?

    I also have Willian Jose or Fred that I could offer. looking to get some promising youth in. Fred has concerns at my team, Jose was bought at level 5 concerns from another manager purely to sell for the profit at end of ban

  9. 23 minutes ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    You could probably add Adam Armstrong to that list, with Callum Wilson out injured for 8 weeks what we do for a striker like Toney now haha.

    Having said that, this is just part and parcel in football. We all know football is a matter of opinion and our coaching staff clearly didn’t rate him when he was younger, to be fair when we sold him I never thought he would go on to be as successful has he has been thus far.

    Nor me, I saw him play (well he was on the pitch but did pretty much nothing every time)for the Posh against my brave Wombles many times, strange to see Marcus Maddison playing at Bolton he was always the best player on the pitch.

  10. 2 minutes ago, XForten said:

    How do i know if they're good or bad? They're not playing.

    Thats where this forum is a great help. lots of knowledgable managers willing to tell you if a player is good in the real world or not worth keeping. if you know where they play then worth looking at page 1 of this thread and finding the relevent list. if your player isnt mentioned on the list under the team he plays for, he isnt expected to rise so sell

  11. 6 minutes ago, XForten said:

    Usually when I'm doing soccer manager I want to sell all the young players to get more money, because I'm not using them. I fell like they're just there to take up space; is that the right idea?

    Depends on who they are, people like Witrz keep hold of as going to be great, also depends on how competative your gameworld is. some quieter worlds it is good to sell younger players that wont play, as you can buy them back again before they rise and make money. and you are competative with the few managers in the game who will all be full of older more established players. 

    so not in general terms a great idea to sell your youth as they are the future of your team. but short term or in quiet (only a few managers) games its ok

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