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  1. It is weird how some posts get "moderated" when there is to me nothing offensive in them, yet my attempt to rile Liverpool fans by saying 1 season wonders when sadly they are clearly not, went straight through! I was hoping for a rant back from one so I could say "calm down, calm down" hey ,hey and pass a few minutes giggling to myself. Ah well back to watching re runs of my teams matches so far this season
  2. hi, I have a post hidden. I seem to remember that not only do you share knowledge, but you know how to either get it agreed/shown or someone who can do that! To quote "Help me Sir Raul, you're my only hope"
  3. Otherwise there are plenty of other leagues where there are caps on the numbers of players (custom game worlds) rather than standard english spanish championships. But I know that when you "get into" a team and there is a real challenge playing teams that are managed by humans rather than machine it is hard to leave. It might be worth looking to see if the game world has "player concerns on" in it as that would stop/slow down the stock piling of players. I am not saying give up on that world, but there are others that will be less frustrating. Good news that you love the game even t
  4. No worries, I appreciate the effort to "thank" me. Have you offered your players new 5 year contracts? That may cost you a little more if your players have recently risen in level, but it should get their morale up to near 100% and that I hope helps them play a bit better.
  5. I hate fridays, not much to do on SM. Dont want to set up my teams for saturday games otherwise nothing to do on saturday!
  6. Depends on what you can buy with the cash and if you are looking short term gain. If you can get decent future risers easily with the money I would be tempted to do the deal, just coz Hendo will probably get +1 soon while Arthur wont. Long term Arthur though re hendos age and liverpool being a one season wonder !!
  7. Sorry @kierans91 I knew it was on Thorgans thread but forgot you contribute some great stuff on there as well.
  8. They are also doing a great job of adding exciting new talents, I saw a 60 rated 30 odd year old player added recently, and more importantly Anthony Hartigan got a +1 today at AFC Wimbledon adding a whopping £20k to his value.
  9. @thorgan lesar has a great review of him and others on his thread.
  10. Always a "gamble" when I decided to share this info, but I feel that although I always "like or thank "people on here I felt still very much in debt to the forum. Hopefully this will help a few players (but not in my worlds!)
  11. a while ago I posed the question of what would happen if I had a bid in at max value for a player then his value went down before the bid was accepted. Well I had a 3.5m bid in for a player who turned 23 31/5/20 and therefore went down in value this morning, The bid was accepted and I now have paid 3.5m for a player worth 1.6m Why would you want to do this? Mainly when there is a player on level 4 concerns and you know there will be many max cash bids when he goes to level 5. this way you can have a bid that is bigger than the "max cash amount" that people who didnt have a bid in wil
  12. Hi, slightly off topic, but if you are in a game world that is owned and run by someone, and is invite only or at least he has to accept newbies, what happens when that person doesnt log in /leaves the game world?? can you "buy the rights" ???
  13. Depends on if you want the "extra point now" as Koke is captain and will play all games , Arthur has been very unlucky with injury this season, dont see either changing rating this review so Christmas before the gap closes
  14. Good point but as a guide they would show you the thoughts before the "break" and with 400m to spend you can afford a few "misses" I would guess. Going back to the logging in, if it is a "standard world, ie not custom then 30 day rule for sure, custom game world will have the rule in the "game world" tab on your main screen, then go to history and there will be the rules.
  15. Re players I would suggest going to page 1 on this thread and picking a league from the big 5 and you should have some selection from there. Pretty much all the liverpool team would be a good starting point
  16. It will be set in the game world rules, normally default of 30 days
  17. Im sorry Sir Raul but you are wrong on both accounts It was 97 and it was spelt Mmmmbop if i remember correctly (Hansen fans can correct me!)
  18. only use hard if opponents are bigger rated than you, likewise only use fast if you are better than your opponents ratings, if better than them try press own half only, but 5 injuries is about the most you should get (I will bet they are probably to your best 5 players as well). I can only remember 1 gameworld where I had 6 out at a time, but I was playing aggressive tackling then!
  19. Are you tackling aggressive? playing fast? how big is your squad, pressing all over pitch?
  20. Just a general piece of footy news that probably wont interest you, but I have to tell someone! 28.5.2002 3 person FA panel decided MK dons can take over from Wimbledon FC 9 years later AFC Wimbledon make it back to the league. (What MK should have had to do) another 9 years later on 28.2.2020 AFC Wimbledon sign completion agreement to finalise the building of their new ground on the sight of the old Wimbledon Dog track, it will be completed (hopefully) on 25/10/2020. The main stand is nearly finished and the pitch is laid. The agreement and payment means we will have 4 stands!
  21. Hi, Please can you confirm which if any of the following I should definately keep for the future, I have a squad cap on the number of players and think I should sell a few as they wont rise for a long time and none of them will get any game time in my current team. Bodart, Owusu, Sardella, Diatta, selahi Thanks in advance
  22. Report Personally I would keep Mukiele and Vrancx, like you say Vrancx is a good prospect, haven’t seen him much but Thorgan believes in him so that’s good enough for me. Mukiele should rise to 89 in the summer, if the game world is competitive and you are in it for the long run then I would get the duo. Thanks it is a CGW so I have made a counter offer for B fernandes as he also has concerns at the club in question! At the mo I have Klosterman and an oldie 89 (D'ambrossio) as my RB so Mukie will grow into the team (hopefully before he
  23. would you swap Mukiele and Aster Vranx for him? he is level 3 concern at another club and this is what he wants from me. I do need a midfielder more than a RB but they are hard to come by and he may get +1 soon Vranx is the tough part of the deal, I dont get many "potential worldies" and worry I am giving him away too soon for a player with very little playing time.
  24. no money and no fitness loss so no point sorry
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