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  1. Thorgan, thanks for all your hard work on the predictions, I was worried at first when the lower teams were happening, but the overall view must be a decent if rather pedestrian review of Belgium by SM. lets hope it continues.
  2. A more concise version of my reply! I dont think anyone knows for sure, I cant see why it wouldnt get accepted as it would be the highest bid, I am certainly trying it in a game world I am in!
  3. Hoping of course that none of the managers in your game world read this thread!
  4. It certainly sounds worth a go, if there are no other bids in at the moment I would try slightly less than the max (if you have spoken to the manager who has the level 4 player and he /she doesnt want to sell him) or as I do, offer the manager a player or two as swap and remind them that cash isnt much use in certain game worlds and that will be all he will get in few days. That way if no more bids arrive before the level 5 arrives and his vlue drops again, hopefully your bid will win. You can "guess at the final value of the level 5 player, it will be half of his "normal value", check on a s
  5. Hi, I dont know the answer but I have asked a person who has set up a gameworld, I must admit we didnt get any money at the start of the second season whereas 10m at the start of the first.
  6. There was a mention of him earlier in this thread, cant remember where, but I saw it , searched for him and couldnt find him, so made a note to keep an eye open for him and a few days later he appeared! Luckily nobody else bid on him in my game worlds so got him cost price for a newbie. Straight into all my youth squads to forget about for a while.
  7. Aub every time for me Maddison also as he and his team still performing great. Only sell if you are desperate for cash or you have no other way of getting Castrov, then Salisu then taps, finally Kumbulla. But please dont take my word as gospel there are far more knoweledgeable players of the game than me, im just offering my opinion.
  8. Zagadou dou dou push pineapple shake the tree, every time, hes gonna be huge!
  9. I dont think it helps with the fairly slow paced review of players, USA and France have both "completed" a season and are due a review so there are plenty of players to be reviewed, I guess SM is having to work from home? Time seems to drag. It would be great for me to be on the leaderboard of likes etc. I am currently on holiday (unpaid as I am a temp at my local hospital) so instead of clapping me please "like" or Thanks" me today! or not the choice is yours! Just would be great to see my name up there with the "greats" even if it was a "false" reading.
  10. Is it just me or is it getting longer between match days?
  11. I really like Tielemans, is it just a coincidence that Leicester lost 3 out of the four games that they lost in the last few months when he only plays 15 or so mins in each game? He adds a different dimension to their attack. I havent seen much of the others as I only really watch premier league. The others from their stats alone look "bit part" players,who will hold their ratings and so if you need two solid 89 players then go for it, I personally wouldnt.
  12. Just as I was starting to reply to people and try and "give back" a bit as I am on "holiday" at the moment, rather than just catch up on players ratings and news as I guess most people do. Really gotta get my thinking cap on for ideas re page 1000, maybe best purchase ever or longest unbeaten run(difficult to compare if it was in a game world with few managers, but worth the boasts! Or most surprising player in game world ie C Washington he was 88 rated FC and got a goal a game on average for two seasons when he was 36.
  13. another one with a few injuries in the later part of the season, so no on time and also more of a no at the team, mid table team, he needs a move. They have him as captain to keep him there, will have to wait and see if winning things tempts him elsewhere. This was hidden for some reason?
  14. no chance in my opinion, not enough game time due to niggly injuries.Maybe next season if form holds for both him and his team
  15. PAGE 900 Wow! Thanks for all the hints and tips over the past 900 pages, I could have done without some of the bickering, but hey thats life. and thankfully we seem to have moved on! Here is to the next 100, must make page 1000 special in some way!
  16. Are they all between the same managers? are they as Thorgan is suggesting possibly one sided? Or do you share a PC with the person that the deals are being done with as that can cause issues, ie it would look like two "managers" were one person. SMFA wouldnt block a deal just because someone reports it, they prefer to let the game flow, it has to be a blatent set of "bad deals" for them to reverse deals, then block transfers from or to a manager. How many game worlds does the manager have? how long have they been playing the game? what is their reputation level? all of these will be
  17. I wouldnt think so, maybe play him in the odd cup game, but there is a big gap between them so I would say no.
  18. I remember the "live chat" facility that used to really help when negotiating deals
  19. What sort of impact? Do you think they are looking at players against a "whole season" re number of games played? or simply there are not many doing the review so it will be "patchy" with some players getting a "proper" rise and others seemingly under rated or missed altogether? Or do they think Belgian footy is worse than it was last year? Either way really annoying as we have waited for a review for ages and then they do this!
  20. Hi, I have Klosterman (who I think will possibly get 91 next review) what do you think is his potential? 93? More? I ask as many people are making me offers for him. and I want to either get a great deal for him or keep him to grow. The players I may be able to swap him for are Zaniolo, J Rodriguez, Jorginho (chelsea) chillwell, or I could offer him and some cash for Benzema (oldie but still doing the business) Any thoughts on who (I have a few oldies myself that would be good to replace (Dzecko, tadic, Kolarov) but am ok in all positions so no desperate need to sell, just wondered i
  21. I too would love to hear any experiences of this. I always play 100% fit and green position players, but wonder if I could make my squads smaller and "risk" playing out of position (slightly) Though as mentioned previously I did have a bug that swapped a player from my bench with my GK at half time for a while (son was the best in goal!) so there is a possible comparison as he would have been one of my higher rated players!.hmmmm.
  22. sorry for the "lidl" puns, some of you will be hoping I go soon, but im not "Budgen" Others will be thinking JTF is he going on about?
  23. Aldi shops seem to merge together with there adverts, I blame the costcutters
  24. Every little helps! "Asda" be in for a big rise in value soon
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