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  1. Erm if you scroll up from here you will see Sir Raul has posted the top five or so Turkish teams. He is an experienced and pretty accurate predictor of risers.
  2. Hi, if you look at game world on tool bar, then player database it will show you the amended players, scroll down and you will see a gaggle? of Turkeys being reviewed! The other tab shows new players just added to database. I hope you dont mind me breaking this down your name suggests a newbie who might not be aware of this info
  3. Hi, Whilst we are talking goalkeepers, I have Strakosha as my first choice GK (I have just got Lafont in as a money maker for £6m as he was level 5 concerns at another club) I guess I keep Straks? Lazio 2nd in league must be due a +1. Surely? Just been offered Christensen at Chelsea in exchange for Straks. Worth doing ? He would be my highest defender but then I have to rely on Lafont 88 gk to keep clean sheets. Any opinions please thanks
  4. Hi, Zapata, Zagadou and £30m of my money for Aubemyang? Is it worth it? He seems to get 1 goal every 3 games in his history in this game world, seems a little steep as Zagadou is young and Dortmund now playing him and Aubs is getting to odd birthday and not playing like a 94 at Arsenal? any thoughts? It is a fully 116/116 teams world so don't often get 94s up for sale. thanks for any input
  5. Oui mon petit filous! Je Parlez French comme un Francais!
  6. Firstly I apologise for posting this here, but it is the main thread that is still "alive" (no disrespect to others who have their own ratings/discussion threads that are great, just not perhaps as widely visited) I would like to know if I am alone in thinking that this would be a fun idea for a custom gameworld (before I go to the effort of setting it up then nobody joins it!) I am an AFC Wimbledon fan and we are a team that gets promising youngsters in on loan or even produce some talent (Leo Castledine recently taken by Chelsea) and I wondered what AFC would be like if we had held
  7. Hi, Please advise which player has the best chance of getting to 90? Or if neither which would you buy? Aissa Mandi or Toloi of Atalanta thanks in advance
  8. Hi, any chance anyone with level 4 access at soccerwiki could get ricky-Jade Jones added to database? played in 11 games for the Posh, they seem to have missed him and are adding players without any first team minutes. thanks for your help
  9. sorry for shouting as mentioned previously not great with this forum stuff. Please can someone advise whether to accept a 5m bid for him or should I wait out his drop and expect him to regain that value in future reviews.
  10. I think there will be some people really looking forward to the review (not many probably) as they play the game with their "real team" in game worlds with very few managers so they can see if they can get better results with their players than in real life. They will be glad to see their players rise +1 or so. But yes very annoying for the vast majority to see Big 5 leagues rushed through and time spent on small teams.
  11. Thanks for your thoughts, any other opinions? or even predictions for end of season review for bernardeschi, neuhaus or Mukiele would be helpful. I seem to have lost the original question which was should I swap mukiele for neuhaus or bernardeschi? and as it is a very tough game worl with no players over 89/90 free should I swap a non scoring Vardy for Ozil as I am short on AM r/l. You would think that after having played this game for 13 years I would be able to at least post properly!
  12. Hi, I am wondering if this deal is worth it. I have Mukiele, I have been offered either Neuhaus and a little cash or Bernardeschi (I need a AM R/L more than a defender, though surely he will rise at his club and he is young. Should I deal? Also I have an underperforming Vardy but have too many old CF (he was a/m until recently and played on wing, )I could swap him with Ozil would that be a good option instead? Ozil playing regularly now so should hold his 90? Any thoughts thanks Full game world with not many (if any) players rated 89+ free in it.
  13. Hi, sorry for the delay, I personally do not rate GK ratings that highly, ie a 95 rated GK seems to be just as likely to have a 5 rated poor game as a lower rated one. I once played a 78 rated GK in a team full of 89/90 rated players and still won the league. I would go for the two players as you could always sell hazard later
  14. Small faces! do I win a prize? I only remember it as a "hit from the 60's" not when it came out in 1968 as I was busy being born that year!
  15. Hi, I have been offered + Daniel CALIGIURI + Duarte BERNARD - for my Luis Pizzi I think not but only because of Pizzi form in real world may get him a 91? Would a straight swap for David Neres be better? Any thoughts please
  16. I thought 20 was the "managed" clubs minimum now? I may be wrong
  17. Hi, tough game world, Gabriel Pires (Benfica) 88 Sir Raul thinks +1 on review, OR Marc Roca recently given +1 to 89 at Espanyol 23 yr old Which has the better future? higher rated youngster at poor team or older player at league topping team?
  18. Please can someone have a go at explaining Marc Roca review.he is playing for a Spanish team near the bottom of the league, only in Euorpa league, transfermarkt has his value going downwards yet SM give him +1 to 89? Am I missing something? Is he worth buying? thanks for any insight on this one
  19. i think that transfer is a nail in the coffin for Alcacer.
  20. Alcacer at Dortmund. He is my youngest striker (i run a small team so have to fill my team with 30 yr old players,) but isnt doing great in the game world I am paying in, nor in real life recently. Should I stick with him or cash in and try for someone else. It is a fully subscribed league so not many 90 rated player available though there are a few on level 4 concerns that would be a good replacemnt, but obviously not guaranteed to get them. B Mendy, A martial and Hererra at PSG all level 4 Any thoughts keep or sell? thanks
  21. Hi, Should I keep Bruun larsen? I am looking at him and he has stopped playing then got injured, has he peaked? The 7m I can currently get for him would be helpful in trying for other players but I dont want to sell a future star?
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