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  1. Sergej MILINKOVIĆ-SAVIĆ is there more to come from him? has he reached his peak in ratings? I ask as I have been offered a deal for him. He has playing rating of 6.5 average and 1 goal a season, so I dont feel I am getting much value from him, but if he is going to rise? thanks in advance as always
  2. best 60k I have spent recently, reminded me of the old days with the 10k risers lists
  3. Thanks very much for this reply, it is a game world where all 89 and above rated players are taken so finding a player above that who will at least hold for a while or mean I can lower the age and number of players in my squad will always be appreciated.
  4. Im sorry it may be because I am not really awake yet, but are you saying do a deal for hector or Cuadrado? to me the symbol means is greater than hector, but I may be wrong!
  5. On page 870 (I think) there is a link to a really great thread on Belgium players, very detailed and a great help as not only says what he thinks they will get but also many profiles in depth as well. I mention this as Belgium have "ended" their season and the general consensus is they should be reviewed soon if not next. He also has a link to another persons thread on other countries as well, or simply use this thread first page and go to the country of your choice!
  6. Hi, thanks for this, he is showing as LB but only played 13mins in one game at LB the rest is midfield. Good riser though!
  7. Thanks I was edging towards him, just he is FC and the other one is more versatile, so I was hoping that he would "match or better Dia, but yes the stats and table dont lie! thanks. Now just gotta find a LB costing about 1.5m who is likely to rise soon..... any ideas?
  8. While I am on here a quickie if I may. B. Dia of Stade de Reims or Chouiar of Dijon for the best rise this coming review (so far) They both cost the same but which one do you think will rise more short term? Thanks peeps
  9. Yep, first day of the"new season" it appears in your other income section on finances page.
  10. Hi, I feel bad for even asking this question: how confident are you of the rise for 17 yr old Marco Kana? I only ask as he went up to 77 on 15/2/2020 and since then hasnt played much if at all. Is your "estimate" based on the fact that he is due an 80 rating overall and therefore will get the +3 rise next time? I only ask as he has become available in a game world I am in, but I will have to break the bank to get him and squad sizes are limited so I really need to have players playing and he wont be a starter for a while. I know he will be massive eventually, but I will be bottom of the
  11. I am loving the "double your money" on retiring players. How long has this been a thing? I thought it was just straight chairmans value. Obviously I dont have many really old players in my teams!
  12. V = verses or against sorry for any confusion ie Aresnal V Chelsea
  13. I personally play 433 wingers V 4231 a or b. I have seen 541B work well against it as well (playing down flanks direct) then depending on the game world either defensive or attacking (I find it varies how much I have to attack in a game) 433A I havent faced too many times, I tend to go 442 normal then 442 diamond shape at 45 mins (so I have an AM nearly up front) and then good old fashioned 424 hoof it direct at 75mins if all else fails! Good luck
  14. I can only say that until SM fix it you will need to see where the current number 12 is on your subs bench and put a player that you want to play in that position. same for the other players.
  15. For values I do a search for the same rated players ie if looking for 26yr old LB rated 89 I search for LB 89 rated and set dates 25 to 30 on search machine. then when you get the results sort them either up or down by age and see what prices most players are. they seem to make english based players a higher value. Some will have lower values (if they have concerns) hope that helps
  16. Never seen anything like that. I did have a GK who got substituted at half time even though I hadnt set it, and no matter what I did I couldnt get it to stop (really annoying as if I moved the players around on my bench I ended up with an outfield player in goal for the 2nd half of a game). Son performed the best for me in case you were wondering! I reported it as a bug and it got fixed pretty quickly. It was also annoying as meant I only had 2 other subs I could use for a while. Good luck in getting it sorted. In real world AFC Wimbledon fans used to sing there's only two Kevin Coopers!
  17. Erm if you scroll up from here you will see Sir Raul has posted the top five or so Turkish teams. He is an experienced and pretty accurate predictor of risers.
  18. Hi, if you look at game world on tool bar, then player database it will show you the amended players, scroll down and you will see a gaggle? of Turkeys being reviewed! The other tab shows new players just added to database. I hope you dont mind me breaking this down your name suggests a newbie who might not be aware of this info
  19. Hi, Whilst we are talking goalkeepers, I have Strakosha as my first choice GK (I have just got Lafont in as a money maker for £6m as he was level 5 concerns at another club) I guess I keep Straks? Lazio 2nd in league must be due a +1. Surely? Just been offered Christensen at Chelsea in exchange for Straks. Worth doing ? He would be my highest defender but then I have to rely on Lafont 88 gk to keep clean sheets. Any opinions please thanks
  20. Hi, Zapata, Zagadou and £30m of my money for Aubemyang? Is it worth it? He seems to get 1 goal every 3 games in his history in this game world, seems a little steep as Zagadou is young and Dortmund now playing him and Aubs is getting to odd birthday and not playing like a 94 at Arsenal? any thoughts? It is a fully 116/116 teams world so don't often get 94s up for sale. thanks for any input
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