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  1. 29 minutes ago, thorgan lesar said:

    Depends on the deals of course...

    Are they all between the same managers? are they as Thorgan is suggesting possibly one sided? Or do you share a PC with the person that the deals are being done with as that can cause issues, ie it would look like two "managers" were one person.

    SMFA wouldnt block a deal just because someone reports it, they prefer to let the game flow, it has to be a blatent set of "bad deals" for them to reverse deals, then block transfers from or to a manager. 

    How many game worlds does the manager have? how long have they been playing the game? what is their reputation level? all of these will be helpful signs to see if they are the problem.

  2. 9 hours ago, hoochy koochy said:

    Hey thorgan. Is this according to the usual trend year on year? 

    Who remembers when the next leagues being reviewed would show up in advance on the player database page? Those were the day lol

    I remember the "live chat" facility that used to really help when negotiating deals

  3. 4 hours ago, Kierans91 said:

    Think it’s fair to say that Covid-19 might be having an impact on the Belgium review 😒

    See how the bigger teams fair.

    Alessandro Ciranni should of at least reached 80 with the amount of games he’s played.

    What sort of impact? Do you think they are looking at players against a "whole season" re number of games played? or simply there are not many doing the review so it will be "patchy" with some players getting a "proper" rise and others seemingly under rated or missed altogether? Or do they think Belgian footy is worse than it was last year? Either way really annoying as we have waited for a review for ages and then they do this!

  4. Hi, I have Klosterman (who I think will possibly get 91 next review) what do you think is his potential? 93? More?

    I ask as many people are making me offers for him. and I want to either get a great deal for him or keep him to grow.

    The players I may be able to swap him for are Zaniolo, J Rodriguez, Jorginho (chelsea) chillwell, or I could offer him and some cash for Benzema (oldie but still doing the business) Any thoughts on who (I have a few oldies myself that would be good to replace (Dzecko, tadic, Kolarov) but am ok in all positions so no desperate need to sell, just wondered if any of these players were a no brainer!

    Thanks of course to all who advise/reply

  5. 3 hours ago, erdingerpfc said:

    This is off topic but I got something on my mind. For example if you put CB to play CDM and he is yellow then,will he play better if he is 83 than real CDM which is 80? I played 83 AM once over lower rated CM and he got both goal and assist.I'd just like to know if you have similar expirience.

    I too would love to hear any experiences of this. I always play 100% fit and green position players, but wonder if I could make my squads smaller and "risk" playing out of position (slightly) Though as mentioned previously I did have a bug that swapped a player from my bench with my GK at half time for a while (son was the best in goal!) so there is a possible comparison as he would have been one of my higher rated players!.hmmmm.

  6. 35 minutes ago, Kierans91 said:

    Depends how much money?

    But Auba is the better striker in my opinion, he’s always up there in the goal scoring charts in a team that have been below par for the past couple of years.

    Not sure 

    Louza should rise in the summer though 82 -> 84.

    ‘Every little helps’ is that not Tesco 😉😂 


    35 minutes ago, Kierans91 said:


    ‘Every little helps’ is that not Tesco 😉😂 

    Aldi shops seem to merge together with there adverts, I blame the costcutters

  7. Sergej MILINKOVIĆ-SAVIĆ is there more to come from him? has he reached his peak in ratings?

    I ask as I have been offered a deal for him. He has playing rating of 6.5 average and 1 goal a season, so I dont feel I am getting much value from him, but if he is going to rise?

    thanks in advance as always

  8. On 4/21/2020 at 9:29 AM, Milanista1 said:

    @Id rather be in SW19 

    I was gonna choose J.Hector (29) but knowing that he's (most likely) not gonna rise any further or move to a stronger club, I would rather you choose J. Cuadrado (31). Because, despite his age he is the safer option - to hold his rating, as J. Cuadrado has a better individual performance rating, in more apperances than J.Hector this season. 

    However, I'm sure that both players will start to drop/decline in the next 2-3 seasons. 

    Thanks very much for this reply, it is a game world where all 89 and above rated players are taken so finding a player above that who will at least hold for a while or mean I can lower the age and number of players in my squad will always be appreciated.

  9. 3 hours ago, Sir Rahul said:

     Cuadrado > Hector every day

    Hector loves Koln which is great to see, loyalty in this era of football, however that means his SM rating isn't helped. He got his 91 largely due to being involved in the NT.

    He still is, so should keep his 90 for some time.

    Im sorry it may be because I am not really awake yet, but are you saying do a deal for hector or Cuadrado? to me the symbol means is greater than hector, but I may be wrong!

  10. On 4/18/2020 at 5:57 PM, Milanista1 said:

    Hi, Jonas Hector

    what do we think will happen to his rating ? will he keep it even though his team have played poorly (until last 10 or so games)

    I ask as I like he can play in many positions and I was thinking of offering kolarov and cash or Dzecko.

    Or maybe Cuadrado would be a better swap for those two?

    Any thoughts. I am trying to slightly reduce the age of my squad and maximise the playing ratings and positions for a few more seasons. which is the best  Cuadrado or Hector.

    thanks everyone.







  11. On page 870 (I think) there is a link to a really great thread on Belgium players, very detailed and a great help as not only says what he thinks they will get but also many profiles in depth as well. 

    I mention this as Belgium have "ended" their season and the general consensus is they should be reviewed soon if not next. 

    He also has a link to another persons thread on other countries as well, or simply use this thread first page and go to the country of your choice!

  12. 13 hours ago, Sir Rahul said:

    Check Omer Bayram - should be getting a rise in the coming days.

    Mbappe could, yeah

    Short term, probably Dia as he is 83 compared to Chouiar's 82. But I'd prefer the younger guy rn.

    Yeah, I saw that

    Hi, thanks for this, he is showing as LB but only played 13mins in one game at LB the rest is midfield. Good riser though!

  13. 13 minutes ago, Kierans91 said:

    I would go for Dia at Stade de Reims. The club is exceeding expectations this season and currently sat in 5th, so for that reason I would get him.

    He’s also played more minutes and scored more goals so I would like him to get at least 85. 

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks I was edging towards him, just he is FC and the other one is more versatile, so I was hoping that he would "match or better Dia, but yes the stats and table dont lie! thanks.


    Now just gotta find a LB costing about 1.5m who is likely to rise soon..... any ideas?

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