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  1. My wirtz + lamptey + 15m for Sandro? My current LB are wendell and kolorov. Thoughts? too much?
  2. My wirtz + lamptey + 15m for Sandro? My current LB are wendell and kolorov. Thoughts? too much?
  3. Hi my Pjanic for either K Coman or Pulisic? worth it? And how good is A Rebic this year? +1? thanks
  4. Now we have had the french review is it worth selling players like Loic Bade? He turns 21 about the end of the season review time but how high do we think he will go? I might cash in now, get a german in and then re buy him in 12 weeks. Hoping nobody sees him on the available list. Just missed out on Silas, now need some cash. Also got offer for Y Macon that I am accepting.
  5. josko gvardiol (mine) for Silas ? or goncalo ramos and Y Macon for Silas wamangitukakakakakaka
  6. I have seen it done, but you do need to act immediately he goes to level 4. No time to delay. Play him at start of every league game, and keep playing him
  7. Hi was B andre one of the lille players? worth buying as a potential 89 rated player? (only 88 and really old 89 rated players free in game world!
  8. Thanks for this,I have Dzeko, tadic, moreno,Ramsey and coutinho who can all play in similar roles (I use Dzeko as CF until he gets tired then Aubs. I am trying for Haaland from another team +7m cash. Doubt he will do that, but it is short term gain for him!
  9. Kolorov will surely drop at some stage, Wendell seems stuck at 89, Raul and I predict him getting to 90 every review, but it never happens, so I need a younger 89/90 defender. Its not drastic, just trying to get a bit of youth and potential into my team
  10. Hi, I have Aubemyang and am considering selling him. My options from 1 manager= Either B Mendy or R Guerrerio (dortmund LB/LM) and either G Martins, Piatek or illicic from Atlanta. Worth doing? My LB area is weak as I have kolorov and stuck at 89 B Wendell. I will thank you properly tomorrow as run out of reactions!🤕 For anyone else playing the guess the player it was Badishile that I was trying to remember he is 19 but 7m and rising a bit soon. thanks for playing
  11. Badiashile is who I was thinking of. Worth getting him or Veron, camara, sepulveda and Gouiri or guillamon?
  12. Hi, there was an 18 yr old CB mentioned recently costs 7m in the game and was due for a rise(probably big 5 team), I was thinking of getting him, but cant remember his name, I have scrolled back 3 pages and couldnt see him mentioned. I think he is around 80 or 82 rated and due quite a jump. I was thinking it would be better to get 3 x £2.5m players in and playing who will also get rises soon rather than him (bought as a cash maker in small world wit little money) but if he gets his rise (again cant remember what to!) I wondered how much he would be worth..... not much to go on but it is d
  13. Pjanic too early to say if move is going to affect his rating? I have him and he is giving me 7 per game and two goals a season, someone is offering two out of aurier, lamela, barkley, tammy abraham or player(s) +max cash for him. not many players for sale in world but I have Fred,ramsey coutinho and coquelin who are all about 6.6per game with a few more goals so wouldnt perhaps miss him too much. Barkley is level 2 concerns so his value is "depressed" any idea how much by? as he might be worth getting just for the raise back to 100% value? Aurier starting for spurs more now tempts
  14. Same sort of keep or sell question Jordan Kadiri at 2nd division Lommel not setting the world on fire with form/goals.
  15. Hi I cant see Max Clark playing at Vitesse. Do you know if he is injured or just not good enough for first team, he got a small rise last march but not played since? Thanks for any guidance
  16. hope so for both Leeds sake and mine as I have him in a few teams!
  17. I have joined and tried to find the world in pre owned game worlds I can only assume that it is a can only take over at the end/beginning of a season thing? A bit like changing the rules in a world can only be done then? It shows as SM owned and you as creator. sorry I cant help
  18. best to search under the game world number. (six digits?) if you look in your own management record and find the tem that you managed it should either have a direct link to that world or at least the number. then do as you did but search by the number. good luck
  19. Hi, I have 3.7m cash which of these are the best cash makers short term please. A Gouiri H Guillamon R Ibanez M Zubimendi or B Reynolds Thanks Im guessing Ibanez and reynolds.
  20. If they dont then you have to wait till the end of the season and then the world will become "free" I took one over without speaking to the old owner and changed a few parameters in week one of a new season
  21. well, Vardy, Matuidi, brahimi, delaney and Mertens missed penalties in a shoot out for me, I lost 1-0 Never had 5 pens missed in a play off semi before!
  22. He he I hadnt put two and two together until I read your description and thought Im in a league like that! what are the chances! I may "match" the formation and players played in real life this year to see how they play! Could be weird.
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