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  1. I had a similar thing happen in my game world. a team had a bid accepted on level 5 player, then the team that won the bid ran out of cash coz it took so long to go through (people constantly changing the amount of their bids)so he ended up getting the player back in his squad and no concerns at all!
  2. Ryan Longman at AFC Wimbledon looks a decent long term investment. 140k for 19 yr old playing every game for us at the moment, 65 rated so will deffo rise, probably only to 75 max, but if he goes like the previous loanees we have had, Aaron Ramsdale, George Long, Kelle Roos, Mickel Forss etc all playing for their "home" teams now on a fairly regular basis. I would say he is a better all round player than Forss as Forss is a greedy goal scorer whereas Longy is a heads up and look around player and has set up a few goals even if he has only got one himself. Good purchase for very small teams or
  3. blimey 5th in the table and Salford sack their manager! Good job AFCW dont think like that, not sure we have been as high as 5th ever in league 1. Mind you two clean sheets away from home in a row, pretty good considering we hadnt kept one clean sheet away in previous 22 games. (We were a great both teams to score and AFCW to lose bet away from home)
  4. Whats the most number of players anyone can remember having injured or suspended at one time. Last season and this one of my teams had 5 injured (all of my forwards so I had to by in a player as no player left in my squad could play up front!) and two suspended, I am down to 4 injured and one NMF at the moment so light at the end of the tunnel! Though it is now my high rated defenders getting injured I dont even play fast or tackle above normal! One season is ok to take but two in a row! I wouldnt mind so much but I always finish 10th or 11th in the competative game world and ho
  5. who will be the 300th person to "like" something I said? Feel the tension!
  6. Sibbick is a strange case, he memorably scored the 4th AFC Wimbledon goal V west Ham and moved to Barnsley soon after. Was seen as a good move for him at the time (he was just starting to be a regular at AFCW) but after the first 17 or so games at barnsley hardly played at the "higher level" now another move and not playing at all (not even on the bench except for his "debut". Could be doing well wages/signing on fee wise , but surely playing football is what he wants at 21 yrs old? That said Tom Elliott left us for Millwall and again hardly played for 2 seasons but apparently doubled his
  7. Just added these coz it shows team can and do win games with little or no posession and with their only shots on target. Also it was MK losing 2-1 and AFC Wimbledon winnng 1-0 so what a perfect day!
  8. Another from today 0-1 away win Possession Home66% Away34% Shots Home12 Away5 Shots on Target Home6 Away1 Corners Home10 Away2 Fouls Home13 Away
  9. Real life game 2-1 home win Possession Home29% Away71% Shots Home4 Away19 Shots on Target Home2 Away6 Corners Home5 Away13 Fouls Home14 Away
  10. I never use it as concedes too many goals, however 523 is very similar but it gives you a much more solid base to defend with. I play attacking with it as even if 1 or 2 defenders go forward in an attack, you still have 3 or 4 at the back for the counter. Only conceded 3 in 17 games with that.
  11. I know we were not the first, but I remember as a kid standing on the west bank at Plough Lane hearing your fans sing "Oldham, Oldham" and we sang back Let em go, let em go!, all good clean family fun even in the 80's, happy days..
  12. Brassier to Brest! sounds like a move made in heaven! Should fit in nicely as Benny Hill might have said!
  13. just a couple of things I have noticed re Transfers in SM. You can only bid for one player from a team at a time, and cant do a deal if you have a bid in for one of your players from that team, I currently have 3 bids in on my squad from the same team so have to either agree or decline them before I can buy another from that team, crazy huh! In another world where you cant buy from unmanaged teams SM doesnt seem to understand that, so every few days a bid comes in for a player from another unmanaged team, gets accepted then SMFA blocks the deal! You would think with the unmanaged ru
  14. Thanks the more the merrier I have also sent the owner a message as he hasnt logged in yet today. Also got Man U applied for I see, filling up slowly. I may leave Chelsea next season and go for Burnley or similar to see how realistic long ball footy is in the game!
  15. Any AFC Wimbledon ones? 68 rated Ethan Chislett is playing way better than a 68 rated player, hell the whole team are playing better so far!
  16. beat me to that fact! will help soccar happy as his formula used to come out at 81 rated a few times I think.
  17. I am playing in what I think is a unique and unusual challenge world. 422629. We are playing English teams in the usual league format BUT you only buy and sell players from your team when they arrive/leave in real life! so no Messi playing for Forest Green Rovers! We have Man Utd, Everton, Leeds west ham Southampton all available at the moment. Fancy seeing if you can get the team to play better than the real life team? Great for people who cant spend too much time researching players or get annoyed when they miss out on someone. Hope to see some of you soon
  18. I must admit I change mine to suit who I am playing in one game world. ie if playing 4231 a or b I play 433 wingers, or if they play 442 I play 4222. To some success (I also have a large squad so have to rotate players.) In another world I have very small squad and play the same players in the same formation (except cup games where I play my youth) and have totally failed to win promotion for the last 3 seasons! so I dont think the changing around matters/hurts you. The game isnt that "sensitive"
  19. Jaybee has a good french thread showing the minutes played so far this season, not sure he breaks it down to positions though, but you will see the players to check up on.
  20. so sorry to ask this, Raul, how "up to date" are your predictions for Ukraine, switzerland and netherlands or holland! I will search other places for any "reviews", but if you have done some that would be great as meant to be working at the moment!
  21. Yeah they are "russian" through the review! (play on the word Rushing for non english pun fans)
  22. I did and yep hes on the transfer list already! thanks for the heads up
  23. Yeah definately only use CF as target man (works best with direct pass and fast) annoyingly the player gets the ball more but seems to play not as well if anything other than F (C) ie Aubemyang plays crap with it he has 7/8 commentery mentions and misses them all, at 60 mins I bring Dzecko on in same role and he scores (ass does Aubs from the new wing position, from a flick on from Dzecko.
  24. Thanks to whoever released this! apparently SM not interested in AFCW !!!
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