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  1. Hi, I have had reasonable success with it, hard tackle,short pass,attacking through the middle. Changing to 433 wingers , aggressive tackle, direct down both flanks if losing at 60 mins. keeps the 3 in midfield (need to check that the AM at front of 451a is subbed or moved to wing as DM/MC needed for 433 wingers. hope that helps
  2. That I believe is SM masterplan. Get everyone sooo confused they cant do a thread on the next players due to rise so that this forum dies a death. Also cant complain about players not being reveiwed correctly (kenny, rabiot etc). One less thing for SM to worry about if it breaks and also less dissenting voices. Just a thought
  3. I know its asking a lot, but this would be even better if you had the number of minutes played!
  4. klosterman + unuvar and 10m cash for Coutinho? Also Ben yedder (third choice striker for Lars Bender!) how will Lars do for next couple of seasons? he is old but captain and if I lose klosterman I need a RB and he is the highest rated one available!
  5. 433b has wingers and 3 DM in the middle, so if you are playing 4231 narrow one, you are slightly outmumbered in the middle but have freedom of the wings, which if you have good players will get you goals.
  6. sounds really good fun, much more "banter" available. count me in
  7. I use short through middle if they are playing the wide formation of 4231 and 433b (wingers) down the flanks if they use the 4231 without wingers.
  8. hmmm so I keep Cakir a bit longer? was going to sell as not that long ago he got a small rise, maybe they will give him a little more as stingy review last time?
  9. P Max to PSV a backwards step SM value wise? Cant see him rising to 90 there. Can you?
  10. Another deal drama to sort please. Lautro martinez= my ben yedder and mukiele + cash? I think he will have been offered pjanic as a swap to show you how competative the world is
  11. so what do people think of Klosterman + Unuvar + cash (mine) = Coutinho?
  12. he will get a 6 and blow kisses to the crowd! never seen morale so low though. I always wait two games before offering a new contract, has a bigger effect I find (certainly cant be smaller than 1 % from 22?)
  13. I checked and Pjanic only played 1 full 90 mins in hs last 20 games for Barca. seems to be the first to be subbed off. does that make a difference ?
  14. He has Coutinho also ready to sell, but he thinks the deal of Muk Unuvar and cash is cheap! and a poor deal for him. Maybe if Klosterman + unuavar and cash for Coutinho? Better deal?
  15. Hi, my Mukiele and unuavar and 15m cash for Pjanic? worth it? I feel Pjanic may drop but my best Midfielder is 90 rated so he would be a gain for me. I have Klosterman and D'ambrosio with Alzate as back up RB. Thanks for your sage advice in advance
  16. Mukiele (mine) for a level 4 concerned Meunier? A good swap? Meunier is going to drop in cash value soon both if he gets to level 5 and he has an odd birthday in a few weeks. Good deal?
  17. nor me, but I would report it as a bug as pretty sure you should be getting double bubble for him, and I hope you do as I got him in a game world as well
  18. Me too, thanks for setting one up, looking forward to some great banter as the season goes along. I do miss the "chat" features that both this and that game used to have.
  19. I agree it is a loophole, but one that I regularly use, ie EVERY Everton player in any of my teams is currently up for sale, just in case they drop at the review.
  20. My Klosterman for level 4 concerned Goretska? Good deal alround? Also in another world I have Sterling and AKE someone wants to give me, Dzecko, chiellini and Laimer. Short term looks ok and I may only play this world short term.
  21. I have V Marcelo, M Rui, N Ake, R Caio, Bonnucci and Wan Bissaka, Melang Sarr at the back so will be searching for a RB as only have 1 so far! Was your list in order of get rid ie plentincxz and Youssouf last to sell (in case I end up swapping players that I havent mentioned to get a RB in.
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