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  1. 4 hours ago, vinnylow said:

    Just applied pal for a team (Everton)

    Thanks the more the merrier I have also sent the owner a message as he hasnt logged in yet today. Also got Man U applied for I see, filling up slowly. I may leave Chelsea next season and go for Burnley or similar to see how realistic long ball footy is in the game!

  2. 6 minutes ago, Soccahappy said:

    SWIKI REPORT TODAY: A continuation of yesterday really, more Dunkerque then SCR Altash. Austrian Club Lafnitz.

    More Lower Tiers, Northampton, Cambridge U, Port Vale, Newport C, Hartberg....

    AC Milan's Jens Petter Hague edited twice, Shomurdov at Genoa also edited. Both we all know about I reckon but mentioned just in case... That's all folks!

    Any AFC Wimbledon ones? 68 rated Ethan Chislett is playing way better than a 68 rated player, hell the whole team are playing better so far!

  3. 25 minutes ago, Cvilhete said:

    Man City and Stuttgart available in unique custom , new season starts 13th, good long term managers makes for a tough challenge ID: 400058

    I am playing in what I think is a unique and unusual challenge world. 422629.

    We are playing English teams in the usual league format BUT you only buy and sell players from your team when they arrive/leave in real life! so no Messi playing for Forest Green Rovers!

    We have Man Utd, Everton, Leeds west ham Southampton all available at the moment. Fancy seeing if you can get the team to play better than the real life team? Great for people who cant spend too much time researching players or get annoyed when they miss out on someone. Hope to see some of you soon

  4. 23 minutes ago, rosbear said:

    I'm always adaptive. I was use 2 or 3 different formation on this season

    I must admit I change mine to suit who I am playing in one game world. ie if playing 4231 a or b I play 433 wingers, or if they play 442 I play 4222. To some success (I also have a large squad so have to rotate players.)

    In another world I have very small squad and play the same players in the same formation (except cup games where I play my youth) and have totally failed to win promotion for the last 3 seasons! so I dont think the changing around matters/hurts you. The game isnt that "sensitive"

  5. 3 hours ago, TCLVikerz said:

    Wow they are doing the changes rapidly. I found something weird with Mykolenko. In the player changes part, it only shows positional changes. But his rating increased to 87 already! I literally just bid him 3 hours ago. Missed 4M+ profit 😭

    Yeah they are "russian" through the review!

    (play on the word Rushing for non english pun fans)

  6. 5 hours ago, TCLVikerz said:


    I'm all in for 7 subs to be honest. It makes fatigue become less factor and the game more entertaining for the WHOLE 90 mins. Please take a look at NBA with infinite sub, the game is entertaining from the first minute to last.

    7 subs with 3 subs window would be great IMO.

    Why would you have 25 men squad only to play half of them? All those players are paid millions to play, not train.


    Not sure exactly what it does in game. But I believe it make that player received the ball more. If you tick target man/playmaker I see that they use more energy (condition) for a match compared to his teammates.

    I would use Target Man/Playmaker if my CF or center-mid has higher rating than average of my team.

    Yeah definately only use CF as target man (works best with direct pass and fast) annoyingly the player gets the ball more but seems to play not as well if anything other than F (C) ie Aubemyang plays crap with it he has 7/8 commentery mentions and misses them all, at 60 mins I bring Dzecko on in same role and he scores (ass does Aubs from the new wing position, from a flick on from Dzecko.

  7. 36 minutes ago, Id rather be in SW19 said:

    AFC Wimbledon first clean sheet away in 22 games! Our on loan GK kept his first professional clean sheet, Steve Seddon a LB returned on loan from Birmingham and scored the winner. Great to have him back

    Not of much interest to many, but I had to tell someone!

    Thanks to whoever released this! apparently SM not interested in AFCW !!!

  8. 17 minutes ago, Soccahappy said:

    I don't exactly know what your asking here, SW19?? Are you asking if Klich and Leeds U in reality ie Lost 4-3 and won 4-3 ie that form of goal fests and Klich's fine form will be mirrored in your SM game?  Doubt it.

    Sheffield United is always a tough game. They had a great season last season but possibly have not started that well this season yet and look a little jaded. A Yorkshire Derby is always hard fought and that is more likely in this Saturday's Derby match?

    I can give u Klich in reality last season he started the season in fine form and fast paced and as the season went on he tired a bit from too many matches but still was worth his place, but best at the seasons start. Not sure I answered your question?

    sorry I was talking fantasy footy, I picked him as he has had a good start to season, didnt know if he is the "most likely" to carry on scoring and assisting as I didnt see Leeds last season at all.

  9. 4 hours ago, Milanista1 said:

    Hey Amicos, 

    A manager left his club on the 16/09/20 - 7 days ago.  🤔 However I'm still unable to bid for the treasures he left behind: I still get a notification regarding the 7 day curfew. 😕

    On a side note: my ammunition seems to run out too quickly - I can't leave you guys with likes as often as before. 

    it can be 7 days exactly, ie he left at say 7.00pm 7 days ago so you can only bid after 7.01pm its all done by computers so will be 168 hours before you can bid.

    hope that helps

  10. On 9/18/2020 at 10:57 AM, Nameless said:

    What do you make of Marcus Fross at Bentford? 

    This question also applies to everybody with championship knowledge. 

    He can certainly take a penalty though! About the only player at AFC Wimbledon who you knew will score from the spot. He is number 15 at Brentford and appears to be a "cup specialist" having started both games in EFL cup. whereas 36 mins in two sub appearances (with one goal in that small time) in the league. If he keeps it up will be pushing Toney out of the reckoning.  might be worth a punt.

  11. thanks for atalanta updates, I now turn to RB Leipzig (I am in a world where cant buy from unmanaged teams and most of top 4 teams in the big 5 are in the league. Any worth getting or have they reached their limit?

    Forsberg, Kampl,Olmo, I Konate and Augustin available I have Everton in that world so am lower rated than most, need players with potential to rise or at least hold to 90.

    thanks again

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