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  1. Maybe not a day for the masses on the review front, but a big day for AFC Wimbledon fans, our new signing gets added, top of the list and a +8 before I could get him.
  2. I will be interested to hear if this ever gets through. I have a similar situation with a team who has players on level 4 concerns, I have offered the "correct price" and been blocked. I wonder if it is the player you are dealing with who has done some "reported bad deals" in the past so SMFA are blocking all TFRs with other managers for him/her
  3. I may have miss typed but I am aware and cheer every time I get a player booked as I know definately no goal. BUT now both me and opponents missing the majority (6 out of 7 )when no card given.
  4. going back a few pages, Has anyone else noticed how the "free kick" outcomes have changed, Tonight I gave away 5 free kicks onlyhad one player booked, so by the "old rules" would expect to have conceded 4 goals. But no only one goal. likewise I missed a couple when no booking made for the dirty player who fouled my glorious Wombles. Looks like SM have changed something. interesting t hear if others have noticed! Also has another not on the pitch player score the winner against me! players 15,16,17 came on in 60th minute and player 18 got the winner! crazy
  5. Kierans91...any thoughts? any I should consider letting go as my squad is getting very large and I sometimes think I am hoarding players waiting for a rise that will never come!
  6. Can someone please guide me to where it was "revealed" about the % of game time needed to avoid concerns going up? Thanks
  7. M Camara, Papa Gueye, Neco Williams, Melayro Bogarde, T Mengi, K Osako (GK) ruiz atil, F Da Silva, Rodrigo riquelme, Pinyaev, Wes fofana, Manu sanchez, I jakobs, E smith rowe, Monchu rodriguez. Joelson Fernandes I have others but they are the "big names" I think
  8. Report post Posted 11 minutes ago Yes, seems to be a part of Arsenal's future now - even if not, he's a handy player for anybody I'd go for Bruno Hi cheers for this, sadly I cant as Klost is 24m and Bruno at level 4 is 12 so my chairman allows me to spend 23,997 and not a penny more! Grrr.
  9. Yeah I think he would need Unuavar or Aster vraanx adding to the deal if he were to go for it (a very canny manager) Would that still be a good deal?
  10. How about my klosterman or mukeile for a level 4 concerns at another team bruno fernandes? The manager is keen to try and turn him around there, but do you think he could refuse klosterman? would it be good for both teams?
  11. Report 2 hours ago, Id rather be in SW19 said: Id keep Klostermann, he’s gold in terms of versatility at the back and Pjanic is ageing with a decent chance to drop. Pjanic hasn’t even been Juventus’ best midfielder this season. How about Mukiele, unuavar and cash (my players) for Pjanic??
  12. Hi, I am wondering what everyone thinks of the Pjanic move? will he hold or drop? I have seen him become available in a game world where the manager wants a RB I was thinking of offering Klosterman and cash for him. A few years left in Pjanic? Thanks again for any answers
  13. It all depends on the league set up. You might be able to get some idea by looking at the game world "rules" where it will tell you if it is a rich economy or poor one etc. Also the number of active managers seems to have a bearing on the amount of money you get, along with how many divisions there are. Either way you get the money just after the last fixture of the season, then on turn one of the new season you will get season ticket revenue (check on your finances screen for the top line (I think) and if you go up you will get a bit more than that next season. If all teams are "bigger"
  14. Have to share this, let my assisstant manager "auto pick the team" to see what "his" thoughts on my line up were. He kept the keeper and 3 midielders the same and one of the wingers (433 wide front men) He added a 70 and a71 DC and had 89 and 88 D RLC playing as full backs. (all 100% fit) I had the two multi position players in DC roles and an 87 LB and 85 RB both 90% fit as the full backs. Up front he chose Tadic over Huntelaaaar (doing great but not as well as in another of my teams) and had an 82 winger on the left. I moved tadic to the wing and played 87 100% fit Hunterlaaaaar up
  15. I agree, huntelaaaaar is target man in my (other than him 89/90 rated team) and he has a goal a game in him! Dzecko still doing likewise in another of my teams, AM/F rlc never seem to do the same job. I find if you have two up front to play CF on the left as you look at the screen and a/m f on the right.
  16. Hi I want Lukaku from another manager, (my best striker is Vardy, then I am on 90 rated players) he says he will do so for Osimhen, Richarlison and £8m I wont miss Richarlison and the cash, but isnt this a bit rich? Thanks in advance
  17. What about Bert Trautmann who broke his neck in a game for City and played on 😂😂😂 I once saw Lee Evans (comedian) die on stage and carry on!
  18. Many years ago I went in for a harsh 2-footer on my best mate, I mistimed it badly and you heard an audible tear noise. I was saying ‘I’m so sorry, so sorry’ etc (I’m utterly crap outfield, my mate played for a Sunday league team at the time). It’s only when I went to get up that it became clear that the tearing noise was myself, I’d royally bollocksed my ankle ligaments for the first time in my life. I remember Carlton Fairweather at Wimbledon playing on after coming off worse in a 50/50 tackle. He was normally a winger but as we had used the 3 subs he stayed on the park and h
  19. I know we are not yet really talking about "English" risers yet but I have been offered Harvey Barnes. Any ideas on his possible/probable rating rise. Played many games but quite a lot substitutes thanks in advance
  20. and for me, I only paid 10m for him, hoping he will play a lot and tighten up City defence
  21. It can take much longer if the first person to bid withdraws their bid, then makes a new bid it seems to slow the process down, my longest one was 8 days. lots of people changing their bids.
  22. Hi Kierens 91 D Prokhin, was mentioned earlier as worth buying just added today. is he worth "a big bid" or simply a possible future riser? money is getting tight
  23. I have just given 9 "thanks" before I ran out. Will see how many I can give tomorrow!
  24. martin braithwaite....any chance of a rise?
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