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  1. It depends on how poorly rated your squad is compared to the rest of the teams in the division. Normally only get it if you got promoted into a league with much bigger teams. Same for increasing your grounds capacity, if you go up usually there are bigger grounds in the new league, so slowly yours grows to match
  2. I have noticed how if I say attack down left flank, my right winger or wing back scores! So maybe it is the veiw on the screen? I dont use it often so not sure, that said attack through the middle and it is usually the wide men who score! Dont think I have helped much!
  3. I love the way the screen goes to the "old" full screen for a second whenever I come to this forum, just to get my hopes up, then it squeezes back down to this.
  4. another quickie please! Pickford, Schmeichel or patricio? Obviously pickford much younger but cant see him getting 91 anytime, question is will the others hold?
  5. Hi, Nkunku or Aouar ? both same age . same position, one is worth more if names allowed in Scrabble, but any other major difference?
  6. then when you have typed the 100 words it comes up with "thanks this deal has already been reported!"
  7. Im loving West Hams first 7 games next season! if they are not bottom of the table after that lot they will definately stay up! A few fantasy footy decisions to be made re no Manchester teams or Burnley in first fixture week. BTW count me in for the fantasy footy EPL thingy Sir Raul.
  8. I am not wishing this to happen as glad you finally got your man, but I wonder what would happen if one of the other managers in the league reported that as an illegal deal as far too cheap for him? what would SMFA do then?
  9. Fabrice Hartmann at Leipzig. worth keeping hold of? Transfermarket has him with youth or U19 so I guess not worth keeping?
  10. not sure if this is a "bug" to report, but I hate the small writing squashed into the centre of the screen as it makes several posts impossible to read, and apparently hard to update sccording to Sir Raul. I am using a chromebook as dont have mobile phone that I can use.
  11. I ask as a new manager has come into the world and has put a bid in for him, so I put in a bid and he has withdrawn his probably minumim value bid and put a new increased bid in. £1m for a 78 seems a bit high so I thought he might be a good un
  12. Isaac Lihadji is he a must buy? had a couple of short appearances.
  13. I just leave the page open on a tab on my chromebook and it doesnt time me out! which is handy,it may also be that I have put a chrome remember password or keep me logged in somewhere, but I doubt it as way too techy for me to do something like that! Hopefully someone will be able to sort foryou as enjoy your posts.
  14. Its all coming back , its coming back to me now (meat loaf not Celine!)
  15. Hi, Marton Dardai at H Berlin Anyone know anything about him? I cant remember buying him but he is in my squad. Cant see much about him anywhere?
  16. A long shot, but it isnt a world where you can only buy/sell specific players? not from managed teams perhaps? Have you checked the gameworlds "rules"?
  17. Interesting to see a team that had 20 shots, 7 on target lose to a team with 9 shots and only 3 on target. The sort of game that "annoys" a lot of people in SM when it happens. I havent checked but the % of possession in the Barca game showed as 51% barca 49 to the 8-2 winners. Possession obviously no longer 90% of the law!
  18. will find out soon as he has 3 players at level 4 so I will bod for the one that nobody else goes for!
  19. Thanks for the list I did buy a couple/have quite a few already, but always good to have reminders to get them off of a "shortlist" and into your squad! Hauge and Normann being sold to get some other new talent in
  20. Maybe not a day for the masses on the review front, but a big day for AFC Wimbledon fans, our new signing gets added, top of the list and a +8 before I could get him.
  21. I will be interested to hear if this ever gets through. I have a similar situation with a team who has players on level 4 concerns, I have offered the "correct price" and been blocked. I wonder if it is the player you are dealing with who has done some "reported bad deals" in the past so SMFA are blocking all TFRs with other managers for him/her
  22. I may have miss typed but I am aware and cheer every time I get a player booked as I know definately no goal. BUT now both me and opponents missing the majority (6 out of 7 )when no card given.
  23. going back a few pages, Has anyone else noticed how the "free kick" outcomes have changed, Tonight I gave away 5 free kicks onlyhad one player booked, so by the "old rules" would expect to have conceded 4 goals. But no only one goal. likewise I missed a couple when no booking made for the dirty player who fouled my glorious Wombles. Looks like SM have changed something. interesting t hear if others have noticed! Also has another not on the pitch player score the winner against me! players 15,16,17 came on in 60th minute and player 18 got the winner! crazy
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