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  1. I started playing in 2009 and it was going then, cant remember when it stopped!
  2. SM used to add all new players at a cost of £10k and there was a massive thread which listed all the ones to get who would rise! hence 10k risers.
  3. 359383 palace just coming free, a few small teams
  4. I always have 1 decent back up for every position on the pitch (except GK) this is usually enough as "the magic of the cup" rule usually means most of my big teams are knocked out on penalties or 1-0 to the only shot on target from a 82 rated 38 yr old CF who "tricked/beat my 89/90 rated back four. This year I am in a semi final, so am screwed and cos its a CGW I have had to "bulk up" with mature 89 rated players to fill gaps! Oh the joys of being a manager!
  5. Del prato at Atalanta, been on loan all season at a poor serie B team, played 30 times 2400 minutes , will he get anything in the end of season review ?
  6. Mine are this thread, so much hard and selfless work put in to raise awareness and enjoyment of the game. this thread when we get stuck in a "my team are better than your team", or this player is better than your best player arguments/bitching. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, just dont try and change somebody elses opinion (even if they are in your mind completey wrong!) As mentioned before I miss the live chat you had in the old days. Instant transfer deals possible. Cerique washington. a then 33 year old 88 rated Brazilian CF he banged in nearly a goal a game for my Ipswic
  7. OK so we are going to hit the 1000 page very soon. How about a look back at SM over the years. I would like to hear your favourite thing about SM Your worst thing about SM or what you miss most since you started playing Your best transfer and reason why. Your worst transfer and reason
  8. Sir raul is correct if you were "swapping" teams. ie you left ipswich and became AFC Wimbledon manager, then thought I want to go back to ipswich it is 30 days, however if you simply resign (taking a note of the league number) then add club and go to that game world you MAY be allowed back to the cub, it all depends on how many time you have left teams. how long you have managed it etc.
  9. I am slightly biased the other way as My AFC Wimbledon snuck into the play offs in the last available place, then went on to win it from 7th in the league! It is still the only season since we have been back in the league that we have finished higher than 15th, and we have been back in the league 9 seasons now. Last few have been nail biters (last season we needed a draw at Bradford and got a 0-0, this year we became "safe" and there were still 9 or so matches left! probably counts as the most games left in a season and we were not in danger of relegation.But I admit finishing 3rd is tough in
  10. Please excuse my niavity re german footy, how many go up from Div 2 ? why potentially Heidenheim? play off? Also most of the players at Bielfele and heidi hi are 82 already so not much of a jump. there is 1 player but he is 1.2m at 77 rated.
  11. I seem to remember that you need to offer +10 or 15% value for external players when swapping a player. I guess you paid exactly the bare minimum? Try an extra 500k or so
  12. Hi, looking short term ie to sell after transfer ban which of these should make the most profit? Brandon Williams 4m 19 82 rated A Isak 85 rated 7m a Bastoni 6m 85 rated According to previous posts williams is +2/3 and the others are+2. any ideas as I can only get one
  13. Just out of curiosity, are the listsin any order? ie the first were the BIG likely ones to look out for, or are they all equally possible to be great/good? Thanks for all the info whatever the answer!
  14. First step for Exeter City done. Come on the fan owned clubs
  15. Just gotta hope he gets bored with winning every game and cup in a season and leaves! then you can manage the club and sell the players off to their original teams, or stop anyone from taking over the team when he leaves and SM will do it slowly.
  16. All sad to see this news! Another deal or no deal question. My Klosterman and Dzeko for Idrissa Gueye? Dzeko is currently the 3rd top scorer in the top flight in the game world, but he is old!
  17. Ive been playing since 2009 and never had a GK injured or suspended
  18. Hi, I have Klosterman and lafont (strakosha is my first choice GK so he is spare and only bought when level 5 tfr from another team) For them I have been offered Koch and Matuidi. Reasonable deal? I think the Koch Lafont part of deal ok but would want cash and matuidi for klosterman? any thoughts ta
  19. ive joined and sent you a private message. Lets not clog up this thread and just chat/work out what is happening on PM
  20. Gyanthecat thanks for the predictions, I havent replied on it direct as lots of scrolling just to see thanks! We (and I guess I speak for most on here) would welcome any input that you may have on any leagues. The more opinions/ideas the better. thanks again.
  21. Sir Mark Hughes was in there but left when the old owner left, I am trying to get him back, only a few places left, so not too upset if you didnt want to join, but open to other "big hitters"!
  22. there is also a little "trick" to buying new to the game players that I can share with you if you join my league number 415034 The Journey.
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