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  1. Re: Scotland - SPL young players with +50% minutes Its a myth that JJ's budget was slashed year on year at Killie, In the first 2 years it was but by the time he left Killie we had highest wage bill outside the City clubs. JJ did well in the first few years at Killie but this was due to inheriting Boyd who was already in the team and Naisy who was breaking through, after we sold them JJ got found out as he is way past his sell by date. Killie will be fine this season as long as we dont have major injury problems.
  2. Re: Respuesta: Scotland - SPL young players with +50% minutes
  3. Re: Scotland - SPL young players with +50% minutes Killie max is now 86 with the arrival of Eremenko Jnr The last few years have seen Killie struggle under the management of Jim the dinosaur Jefferies but over the summer a new dawn emerged when Mixu Paatelainen took the reigns and installed a new ethos of playing the game properly (on the ground not lumped up to Kyle) this has seen some major changes to personnel (out: Kyle, Fernandez, Ford, Burchill, Russell, O'Leary,Robinson, Skelton, Flannigan) with a new emphasis on youth and style, it will be a long season for us but the morale amongst
  4. Wee Eck


    In a setup im in a manager bids high for a player im after then when its accepted he withdraws the offer, anytime I bid he does the same. I know its wrong but is it cheating in SM's eyes? and what do you do about it?
  5. Re: List of Cheap risers and potential risers Kris Boyd = Poor version of King Kevin Kyle
  6. Re: Scottish Rating Changes McGregor missed the end of last season through injury has had an appaling start to the season (even been dropped) and you want him to rise? He isnt a patch on Craig Gordon and its laughable to say that Gordon should be dropped from the national team for him. Boyd cant hold down a regular slot at Rangers and isnt anywhere near a regular slot for Scotland so doesnt deserve a rise. McDonald cant get a game for Celtic due to Samaras so doesnt deserve a rise either. Before you start claiming bias Im a Killie fan so hate both clubs
  7. Re: Scottish Rating Changes Im a Killie supporter and ive finally decided to make comment on some of the rubbish predictions for the Killie squad. Goalkeepers: Alan Combe 34/83->83/84 You having a laugh? He is the best GK outside the OF. Easily deserves an 85 Defenders: Frazer Wright 28/83->83 Played every game this season and scored 2 has to increase to 84 Simon Ford 26/82->82/83 Played every game and now a Jamaica International has to be an 83 Tim Clancy 21/79->79 Awesome end of season but injured just now,watch out for his return Ryan O'Leary 21/80->80/81 Started firs
  8. Re: Ronaldinho, recovered his form in China. But will he be able to recover in Milan? Playing well in China against New Zealand will not warrant Ronaldinho a rating change. This is a second rate tournament aimed at younger players. His rating wont go back up till at least the second rating changes in Italy this season.
  9. Re: Aarón Ñíguez I take anything in a Scottish paper with a pinch of salt as its so biased its unbeleivable. Anyway this is going Off Topic so ill leave it. Ñíguez was deemed to be in the same cat as Bojan etc for potential but in my eyes if he was as good as they first beleived then Valencia would not be allowing him to move permenantly away from the club esp to Scottish football. As True Blue says due to Rangers injuries he may get game time in the midfield and will therefore be in line for a wee rise but dont expect a world beater.
  10. Re: Aarón Ñíguez Have you read the clause or are you just falling for the Scottish media saying this is so?
  11. Re: Aarón Ñíguez This shows his lack of ambition signing for one half of the Old Filth. He is obviously nowhere near as good as previously thought just like Crosas hence why their clubs are shifting them on.
  12. Re: jesus navas Lets get serious here. I cant see Navas ever being higher than a 92 due to him getting homesick and never going to leave Sevilla.
  13. Re: Goalkeepers Definitely sell makabu-makalambay as he isnt impressing in the SPL so he wont cut it at a higher level. Even Hibs fans say they need a more consistent keeper.
  14. Re: Vincent MURATORI Have recently bought Muratori, Malonga, Sakho, Sissoko & Pjanic so well pleased with the first 2 rising considerably and waiting on others to follow. Off subject a bit but I just won the 4th Div in EC93 with Doncaster Rovers after my first complete season and would like to thank all scouts who's advice and knowledge has helped me do this with next to no cash or decent players at the start and now my squad is brimming with talent like the players above. Once again cheers all
  15. Re: winger suggestions? Piatti at Estudiantes, Di Maria at Benfica.
  16. Re: Italian Ratings Ive got the following Luca ROSSETTINI, pos RB, age 22, rat 78, Carlos RINCÓN, pos LB/LM, age 20, rat 73, Lorenzo DE SILVESTRI, pos RB, age 19, rat 78, Nicola STRAMBELLI, pos M, age 19, rat 73, Sebastian RIBAS, pos CF, age 19, rat 65, Paolo DE CEGLIE, pos AM, age 21, rat 80, Would anyone be able to advise what they are likely to increase to(if any)? Also which are worth keeping hold of? Cheers
  17. Re: English Championship - Ratings changes I hear Ishmael Miller is doing a good job at WBA. What kind of increase you think he is likely to get?
  18. Re: jeremy menez He has been linked with Inter. Think he must be doing something right.
  19. Re: My SPL Ratings... Agree with the ratings for the Killie team but here is insight into the players mentioned Ryan O'Leary @ Killie isnt in the team due to injuries he is a first choice CB but has missed games due to injury and suspension. Defo one to watch as he has ability to go much further Future 85+. Jamie Hamill has emerged this season due to injuries but has held his own mainly at RB now. He wont go much higher than 84 long term. Wullie Gibson earned a transfer last season to Killie and has since shown glimpses of his ability but lacks confidence to do it week in week out cant see
  20. Re: Kim Kallstrom? He is now an established first team player with Lyon. Is he likely to go up from 91 in the new year ratings?
  21. Re: sulejmani I got him very cheap also. Is he worth keeping or is it selling time?
  22. Re: GLOBAL INTERCLUBS starts 1st week of january! Count me in. Clubs in order of preference 1. Valencia 2. Bayern Munich 3. Roma Name Wee Eck, Rep 52
  23. Re: Jerome Boateng Have some rep darshan. Ive been lookin at buying a good def with potential to go up and this guy ticks the boxes.
  24. Re: Setup Owner reversing deals Ive sent a ticket to SM and just waiting on there response. Whatever the outcome tho I feel i have to leave the setup as the owner is obviously untrustworthy. Im gutted as i had built up a cracking youth policy with a great first team.
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