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  1. I agreed and completed a deal with the setup owner who then decided days later to reverse the deal. Im extremely annoyed at this and am seriously thinking about leaving the setup as this is obviously abusing his privelages. Details of the deal in question are Valencia(My team) offered MIGUEL,Luis RB 27 94 £9.2M & MARCHENA,Carlos DM/CB 28 91 £6.6M to Arsenal (owners club)in exchange for FABREGAS, Francesc CM 20 94 £11.9M. Just to rub salt in the wounds he also reversed a deal i had with an external club for Marko Marin. Has anyone came across this kind of thing before and what can be done to stop the cheating?
  2. Re: Giovanni Dos Santos vs. Bojan Krkic Thats nonsense. For the people in the know Bojan was always the most anticipated of the two. Both are amazing talents but Bojan will become the best known due to he is a goal scoring machine.
  3. Re: Allan McGregor I dont think Robinson is better at this moment due to his confidence crisis but on his day he is a top GK. Allan McGregor has had a few stand out games but it doesnt make him a world class GK. If he carries on the way he has then I believe he has the ability to become a 90+ on SM. For the record Killie have 1 part time GK coach who only arrived 2 weeks ago before that our GK A.Combe was doing the coaching.
  4. Re: Allan McGregor Ive already stated that I agree he should be an 89 just not higher as I dont believe he has done enough to warrant a 90.
  5. Re: Allan McGregor McGregor has the advantage of playing for Rangers (better defenders fewer shots against etc) where Gordon made his name by playing behind dodgy defences and showing his class. Arsene Wenger even commented after the Scotland win at Hampden that Gordon was the best young GK he had seen in years. As for the Killie GK coach he is biased as he was Rangers GK coach who trained McGregor. Alex McLeish has worked with both and he picks Gordon before McGregor for Scotland I rest my case.
  6. Re: Allan McGregor McGregor is a good keeper but to say he is better than Gordon is nonsense IMO. Gordon has always produced top class performances for club and country for a fair few years now where McGregor has only 1 seasons worth of first team experience. I think 89 would be a fair reflection on his latest performances but I also believe Gordon should be higher as he is a better GK than Robinson.
  7. Re: Mchelidze Mchelidze plays for Empoli. He hadnt played a top level game till last night. With him being at Empoli do you think he may b added?
  8. Re: Italian Ratings What kind of increase could Montolovio get in upcoming changes?
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