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    Impressed? No?
    6 starts this season, and has been a real revelation while Kompany is out through suspension and I have a feeling if he keeps up the good form he may well continue even while Kompany is back.
    van der Vaart may be the one catching the headlines with his sensational form, but at only 19 years old, and a rather low rating of 83 and a value of around 3.7mil, he could be a super signing. Please Please please buy him, you WILL gain a healthy profit.
    I want reps for this
    As for where me might go in terms of ratings, Mathijsen is rated 90, Kompany=90, Atouba is 87, so is Reinhardt, etc. so Id expect him to move to at least an 87 next round too, which means his general value could almost double (6.3mil).
    Once again, if you have around 4-5mil to spare, BUY HIM.
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    Re: Allan McGregor
    I dont think Robinson is better at this moment due to his confidence crisis but on his day he is a top GK. Allan McGregor has had a few stand out games but it doesnt make him a world class GK. If he carries on the way he has then I believe he has the ability to become a 90+ on SM. For the record Killie have 1 part time GK coach who only arrived 2 weeks ago before that our GK A.Combe was doing the coaching.
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