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  1. Re: Save Our Season im sorry if i gave out the wrong impression, but i wasnt talking to you, i was talking to leamingtonsteve.
  2. Re: Save Our Season hello there Steve. i just want to let you know that me and one of my mates (in a seperate joined account) have joined the setup too with Marseille. We are launching a sort of an 'extreme makeover' on the team because there are a lot of funds available. Anyway, this makeover will probably mean that we will have a lot of current players shift out of the starting XI and these players are obviously of a higher standard than Division 4. so, yeah- PM me (on my account, not on the forum, im not a regular here) if you are interested in continuing this conversation, maybe strike a few deals or something. same goes for all the other fellows, mallorca and vienna included. (P.S: i didnt receive any 'a message to ask/beg that they buy my players as to sort out step one of West Hams problem.)' my account name is Tarek Abou Ismail. oh and congratulations on the 5-2 win. i checked it before checking my result. i won 2-0 btw.
  3. Re: The Dreamer's Dream- New Setup! can i be added to the reserve list? any good team will do- but not Accrington Stanley lol. oh and can i ask how much money each team will begin with? thanks
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    Re: Hello The Gold Edition Setup by Mark Twain
  5. Re: Hot over 90s? no there isn't. thats my entire point creating this thread. the other posts either include a loooooooooooong list of young players expected to 'rise' or what someone thinks is a good investment. most of these players are players who have a lowly rating and are expected to rise, but only to reach average ratings. the whole idea behind this thread (which is obviously turning into a complete failure) is picking the 'cream of the crop' of these youngsters, ie the ones who yes have relatively low ratings now but have the potential to be considered future stars reaching +90 ratings (such as pato- the most obvious example).
  6. Re: Hot over 90s? no, actually thats not what i wanted, what i wanted was players virtually unknown who will be over 90 in the future.
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    Re: Hello
  8. Re: Hot over 90s? yeah well, 25 year olds who are 90 isnt exactly what im looking for lol, but thanks for your time anyway
  9. Re: Hot over 90s? yes, thats true, very true actually lol. that's what i mean, this section is all about players who are bound to rise, not necessarily into zidanes or stars, just small rises for small teams. well... thats the purpose of this thread is -or apparently was- to, for once, have a thread dedicated to those who are bound to not just rise and be average, but rather into stars. (arsene wenger style;) ).
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    Re: Hello ok, Thanks anyway. which setup are you in?
  11. Re: Hot over 90s? I don't think you really understood me mate, I mean Pato fpr example was 77 and yet if he keeps on track he will reach a minimum of 95 (i already have him by the way, but thanks for the advice). fabregas and messi are exceptions, ones that hit stardom at an early age. However, most stars arent like that. Take Henry or Zidane for example, who didnt exactly hit the ground running till mid 20s. my point is, im frustrated by the amount of youngsters displayed here, i can't possibly purchase all of 'em and they can't possibly all be future Gerrards, Ronaldinhos, Puyols, Buffons, Peles, etc... Only a few of them can, like the ones i mentioned : pique, pato, nuri sahin, samir nasri, aguero, lulinha and renato augusto. these players (excpet pato and lulinha) are all more or less as old as when messi, fabregas, C.Ronaldo became stars. however, they are still at least 3-5 years away from getting any near to them. do you understand what i mean? not everyone becomes a star at 20, but at that age it is pretty obvious who is going to be one. thats the type of player im looking for. (although it would be better if they were 17 year olds, they are cheaper:D). Thanks anyway.
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    Hello, I'm new to the forums, I hope to have a good time here along with everyone else. cheers By the way, I posted a new topic in the player talents scout section and no one has replied? what's up with that?
  13. Now i have been seeing a lot of young so-called 'young raw talents' posted in this section of the forum. however, with all due respect to the scouts, i think it is a little optimistic to assume they will all reach world class level. So i would like people to share -with good reason- a comprehensive list of players whom they believe will reach high grounds (maybe like messi, fabregas, etc...) because while yes they are cheap and wouldnt exactly be called a gamble, most of these players are like 19 years old and less than 75. compared to messi who is 20 and 94, i dont understand how these players are supposed to be exciting prospects. sorry, i may be a little blunt. in other words : i want a list -with reasonable info- on some 17 or 18 year olds who have the potential to give them a high probability of not being good players, but rather superstars if you get what i mean. in my small list so far, i would say pique, pato, nuri sahin, samir nasri, aguero, lulinha and renato augusto. yes i know that some of these are older than 18, but i just want to give you a small idea of what level of players i am looking for. (although credit to the scouts, i have found some low 70 players who definitely look like stars, like merida and moussa sissoko) these are the type of players whose names i want you to share, not a 20 year old american guy whose rating is 70! (compare to fabregas who is same age and same position and 93... i mean give me a break). oh and by the way, in a totally irrelevant subject i know, but it is a simple yes or no question : Is it true that an AM can play anywhere in midfield, even as a DM? and another question : is this guy DABO, Mouhamadou any good? his rating seems ok and with his position being 'M' he would be something like o'shea for me lol. thank you for your time. again, i repeat that i am not undermining the effort of the scouts, i just want a more 'filtered' list that could be suitable as future stars for a top team.
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