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  1. Re: Riferimento: Re: young center backs No chance in hell will he! Evans is awfull Yanga-Mbiwa is a much better chance
  2. is it a fair deal? will shaqiri struggle to get into the bayern team or will he slot in and reach the 90 rating in his debut season?
  3. Is this guy worth buying? will he hit 90 at the end of the season
  4. Re: Player changes including Bale, Nani, Suarez Dont believe any of the top 4 deserve to be given increases with the acception of Bale at the end of the season depending on Spurs league position and stays injury free Ba should get a 90 but i believe SM think this is a one of season for Newcastle so our reluctant to rise him but there is a good chance he will rise due to being the 3rd top scorer and if you compare around the top leagues the third top scorer is over 90 bar France but there league is poor in my eyes Young has hit form along with united at just the right time so will probably see a rise although was harsh not to give him +1 last time so may not this times Szczesny is a definite riser one of Arsenal's consistent performers and has produced M.O.M proformances in Poland's last two friendlies Cahill may see a rise to move and fair bit of game time and also minutes for england Chamberlain will see 86 with a slight chance of 85 due to not a huge amount of minutes but i believe the reputation he is building up may see him get 86
  5. Re: Need to trim my wage bill and get rid of the bad apples! Best Talents out of the list in my opinion in green And the Players I'd sell in red The rest are good but are neither top talents or easily sell-able
  6. Re: Aaron Ramsey or Jordan Henderson Yeah Real Madrid would know all about over rated British players after buying a handful of them Owen,Mcmanamon etc And if it down to madrid to produce the future spain talents im sure the team would dip dramatically in the next 5-10 years 1.Wilshere 2.Ramsey 3.Rodwell 4.Henderson Henderson is without a doubt over rated at £20mil but how anyone can say rodwell is better then Ramsey is beyond me, Ramsey is much the better footballer and has the more mature head on his shoulders with being his Nations captain
  7. Re: Hey guys what do u think? The guys who have previously made predictions are way out in my opinion Sell the ones in red, compared to your other players these arnt the same class
  8. Victor Valdes Manuel Neuer Iker Casilles Joe Hart Hugo Lloris Julio Cesar Gianluigi Buffon Peter Cech In my opinion these are the worlds best keepers but where would you rank them in order of 1-8? opinions needed
  9. Can either buy one or the other, leaning towards navas due to his Superior rating but how good is her? is he safe at 92 and how well is he preforming this season?
  10. Re: Wilshere v Kroos Thanks for the advice guys and with the 5mil I'm using that to buy walker of the same manager as part of the deal, he will cost me 10mil so in affect its Wilshere and walker for Kroos and 5mil
  11. Would you sell Kroos for Wilshere and 5mil? this deal wont affect my starting XI as kroos is on my bench thanks for any advice
  12. Re: Youth player help urgent please! He's taken anyone else you suggest?
  13. Re: Youth player help urgent please! Between 5-10
  14. Really need to trim my wage bill and not want to keep the top talents would love some help from someone o knows a lot about football as I have only just inherited this youth team. SZCZESNY, Wojciech FERNANDES, Mario SAVIC, Stefan* THIAGO, Alcántara MIYAICHI, Ryo* CUENCA, Isaac TASSI, Lorenzo OCAMPOS, Lucas KOVACIC, Mateo* NANGIS, Lenny COULIBALY, Souleymane LABYAD, Zakaria OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN FREI, Kerim ALCACER, Paco* DYBALA, Paulo BOILESEN, Nicolai JENKINSON, Carl RB/CB MIQUEL, Ignasi FRIMPONG, Emmanuel ÖZYAKUP, Oguzhan LAMELA, Erik NEM, Wellington JOHN, Ola* SITUM, Mario DANILO, Luiz MATIP, Joël * OSCAR, Emboaba TRAPP, Kevin STROOTMAN, Kevin KLEBER, Pinheiro
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