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  1. Re: TomOwen's German Rating Changes-Full Report How is it possible to compare Rakitic and Jones style of play : Rakitic is an offensive player, while Jones is a more defensive midfielder ! In fact, Jermaine Jones is ranked 18th best player overall of the Bundesliga by german sports magazine Kicker, while Rakitic is only ranked... 97th. These are objective facts.
  2. Re: Zozo's German Ratings Forecast Jermaine Jones is even ranked 18th best player overall of the Bundesliga by Kicker. So 89 would be fair.
  3. Re: TomOwen's German Rating Changes-Full Report Don't know why you see Manuel Friedrich drop : he's ranked 8th defender overall of the Bundesliga by german sports newspaper Kicker ! (and scored 4 goals from the beg. of the season, which is pretty good for a defender).
  4. Re: Zozo's German Ratings Forecast For me, Jermaine Jones deserves 89, as being ranked by sports magazine Kicker as one of the best midfielders of the Bundesliga.
  5. Re: teje's argentinian rating changes Carlos Matheu : highly touted, member of the 4 best defenders of the torneo del Apertura in Argentina, chased by european teams 86 to 89 deserved
  6. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! There are some strange predictions : Miranda was not chosen among the best 4 defenders of the season list in Brazil, and some people predict a change from 88 to 89/90. Leo Moura, Hernanes and Rycharlison were part of the best 11 of the brazilian championship, and selected in the Selecao for friendly against Ireland (Miranda was not), and the same people predict only + 1 for them ! Leo Moura, Rycharlison and Hernanes, as Thiago neves should both be awraded 89, due to strong performances, and recognization by brazilian sports specialists (who have ranked pla
  7. Re: TomOwen's Argentinian Rating Changes Don't forget Sanchez Prette (Huracan) : 4 goals + 6 assists in the torneo del Apertura. Named best RM of the torneo. Labelled as CM - 83 in SM database. Should go to 86/87 and be switched to CM/RM.
  8. Re: TomOwen's Argentinian Rating Changes Real Diego Valeri's stats are : 6 goals + 10 assists in the torneo del Apertura.
  9. Re: Upcoming Brazilian Ratings!!! I think Thiago Neves deserves 89, instead of 88 as predicted. He was last year bola de ouro (kind of golden ball, best player of the year), has been selected in the selecao (but still has to debut), and has already scored 5 goals this year, in the kind of brasilian cup competition they begin the season with, in Brazil.
  10. Re: Borriello Regarding today's rating changes : Bellucci (9 goals in serie A) going to 89 Vucinic (2 goals) going to 89 Borriello should go to 89 too.
  11. Re: Mohamed Chermiti Yesterday he was 78, today 84. Good bargain. Sorry having posted too late for other players to make it.
  12. Rising tunisian star : 8 goals scored in last CAF club Champions League, which he won with his club (Etoile Sahel), tunisian int'l, designated best player of the CAF club Champions League and CAF clubs Cup. Was with his club at the recent World Clubs Cup, and scored a goal. Deserves more than his current 78 rating.
  13. Re: The Italian Offical Rating Changes Thread! Borriello : 90 is unlikely, 88 underestimated, so 89 would be fair
  14. Regarding recent changes : Makukula, 7 goals in Bwin Liga, getting up from 85 to 87 rating, Marco Borriello, 12 goals in italian seria A, should go from 85 to 89 rating.
  15. Re: hosny abd rabou You got wrong infos on this player. He played for Strasbourg in France but didn't succeed for various reasons (Egyptian players have often troubles to succeed out of Egypt), so he was sold back to an egyptian team, after being loaned for a season. He is currently involved in a transfer-contract fight between two egyptian teams. So, he is a good player... in Egypt, but few chances to see him back in Europe.
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