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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Depends exactly what positions you have cover for, but yeah I like that deal. Ozil is at the bigger club in real life, and is younger so should get great ratings!
  2. Hey guys, I would like as many opinions on this one as possible please. I need someone to come into my Villa team and score a good few goals. Heres my team now, if I had a better striker I would consider playing 2 up front. Lloris Van der v.. Rolando Subotic Zhirkov** Marscherano* Moutinho* Willian* Kaka* Ribery* Kalou* Subs: Rodwell**, Altintop** , Luiz, Milner, Diego Costa, Casnos*. *=transfer banned Aug **=transfer banned end July I have a promising youth squad 17-19yrs. Here is the forwards availa
  3. Re: Need striker urgently Thanks your kinda confirming what I thought, my season is kinda ruined now in the league,(no chance of winning) so Im trying to build a solid team n go for cup success. I'll prob go for Casnos, at 4.2mil hes a bargin, might get Olic in a little while too, just for that bit of extra experience when needed. Thanks for the very speedy reply, repped
  4. Re: lennon or walcott I would say Walcott, he is younger and with him being at Arsenal he has a better chance of higher ratings in games. I cant see Lennon rising in the near future, he would need a move to one of the top four and excell while he was there. I cant see this happening. Just my opinion, hope it helps you to decide.
  5. Re: Subotic or Pastore Definitely get Subotic, I've got him in my team and hes always a starter now. Agree with the rest of posts here that good CB's are really hard to come by, Subotic will rise and is a great prospect for the future.
  6. Hi guys, I need some opinions on who I should buy. I need some that has the potential to score a fair few goals. Im playing in a pretty competitive game world and most players are taken. I usually play with one up front, my two best strikers at present are Kalou 90 and Costa 87. Here's some of the players that are available to me, I've only got £8.3mil cash left so might have to trade someone. I would rather not though. Berbatov £11.5 Totti $8.6 Kanoute £7.9 Olic £5.1 (managed club so might have to pay a little extra) Palacio £9.1 Crouch £7.6 Borriello £5.6 Reyes £7.6 Balotelli £12
  7. Re: Luis Nani Deal Easy done lol
  8. Re: SMFA Shield! Yes of course you do. Gold manager status has no bearing on results. Its just down to your players, tactics etc
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I think you would be crazy to do this deal. Yeah Hazard is a very promising talent but 25mil AND they want Valencia. It just doesn't make good business sense Hazard is only worth around 25mil. Yeah eventually he will rise but he just went up a rating so it'll will be quite a while before he would be worthy of the price tag you are being offered at present. Holtby just went up in the ratings too. Get Hazard if you can but I wouldn't pay anymore than 28mil for him(including players)
  10. Re: Player Fitness Here, here. This makes perfect sense, I hope someone listens to your suggestion and makes this happen. I've had quite a few problems wth the condition of my players. It seems to take forever sometimes for their fitness to recover! Trying to rotate my starting 11 for all competitions has resulted in poor league form and getting knocked out of the shield.....
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