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  1. Re: Youth team players! Advice needed Thanks for the advice lads, much appreciated
  2. I have 61 youth team players at the minute but need some cash could i get some of your opinions on the players who could get to 90+ in the future and the players who i should just sell now thanks JONES, Phil KLEBER, Pinheiro LAMELA, Erik RODRIGO, Moreno FOFANA, Gueïda TRAPP, Kevin AHAMADA, Ali JI, Dong-Won MANOLAS, Kostas PEYBERNES, Mathieu MAHER, Adam OAR, Tommy MUSONA, Knowledge OZDOEV, Magomed CARDONA, Edwin EDUARDO, Luiz KAPINO, Stefanos BELFODIL, Ishak LEANDRO, Moura MCCLEAN, James CARROLL, Thomas KRAMER, Christoph FREI, Kerim LORES, Ignacio POGBA, Paul THORNE, George CAPRARI, Gianluca ŠPEHAR, Dino MAVRIAS, Charis NOVILLO, Harry RAKOVSKY, Patrick REGATTIN, Adrien TUNNICLIFFE, Ryan BALLIU, Iván FRYERS, Ezekiel LAM, Zhi Gin STEFFEN, Tobias POLO, Andy RUIZ DE GALARRETA, Iñigo HAZARD, Thorgan DIGNE, Lucas SOUMAORO, Adama FROXYLIAS, Dimitris TASSI, Lorenzo ALVES, Tiago DEMIRCI, Muhammed SASHA, Eduardo COULIBALY, Souleymane COLE, Larnell REVYAKIN, Sergey KEANE, Michael ALVES, Júlio MARKOVIC, Lazar CAN, Emre NEM, Wellington BIYOGO POKO, André MOISÉS, Gómez MUSTAFI, Shkodran ANDERSEN, Lucas Wing GRIMALDO, Alex BURN, Dan
  3. Re: Lucio - 6m + Andy Carroll Well? Any advice?
  4. Re: ETO help With him playing in Russia he will drop, but there is no point selling him for cut price, people know he is going to drop so he doesn't have the same value as Ibra or Rooney.. but Russia isn't reviewed often so your going to have an 93 94 stricker in your team for the next 3 soccermanager seasons maybe 4, which is good. My point is i doubt you will get a good enough deal for him to make it worthwhile, but if you could get someone to swap for maybe Benzema or someone like that then go for it but i doubt anyone would agree to that. Hope this helped!
  5. Who would be better long term? Can both go 90+, who will get higher in your opinion?
  6. Im not sure wheter to swap my Carroll for Lucio. Carroll doesn't start and Lucio would but i would be dissapointed if Carroll lived up to the hype in the next season or two and went to 91 92, how fast will Lucio fall, or will he be at 93 for the next couple of seasons? Thanks for any advice in advance
  7. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything Just have a few Greek players and would like ur opinion on wether they ar worth keeping or if they are going to rise. Thanks NINIS, Sotiris MITROGLOU, Kostas MANOLAS, Konstantinos FROXILIAS, Dimitris MAVRIAS, Charis FETFATZIDIS, Giannis
  8. Shud i swap Palombo for the new AC Milan man, there is one point in the difference but could nocerino rise? Will he get game time? If so the swap is a good idea, yeah? Thanks
  9. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Who would you guys buy, i can get anyone, position is irrelevant, im just looking for the best talent and biggest riser... SCHMELZER, Marcel GROSSKREUTZ, Kevin BENDER, Sven ISLA, Mauricio LEWANDOWSKI, Robert Thanks in advance!
  10. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Will Pjanic get a starting spot at lyon this season? Im unsure wether to try and get a better player or see how he gets on? Also Jeremy Pied, whats his future? Thanks
  11. Re: Coentrao or Van Der Wiel The deal is currently 5m + Daniel Pranjic + Oscar Cardozo = Coentrao Is that overpaying?
  12. Who is the best long term? Can realistically only get one. Thanks
  13. Re: Hamit Altintop I dont really understand it either, it seems quite pointless. But if he's not going to drop this time i think i'll keep him, just incase he somehow earns a starting spot :-P. I'd love to see a move to United but it is unlikely, but he definetly has the quality to move to a bigger club than Tottenham. Thanks for the help!
  14. Just wondering if he can be rated in the La Liga ratings considerig he just moved? And also if its a good idea to keep him!? I cant see him making many appearences in that Madrid team? Should he be sold now? Thanks. And also, whats the long time future for Luka Modric!? Will he ever see any higher than 92?
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