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  1. Re: Liga Zon Sagres - Portuguese Main League Ratings Prediction. maicon will rise first...
  2. Re: Liga Zon Sagres - Portuguese Main League Ratings Prediction. some prediction by me: porto: - alex sandro - 87 ->88 (89 by the end of the season) - miguel lopes - 86 ->87 - rolando- 90->89 - mangala - 87 ->88 (hes now playing in the left side of the defense) - Abdoulaye - 82 ->85 (he played in the champions league) - james - 89->90 (hes the best player of the league...by far) -atsu - 83 ->86 - martinez- 86 ->89 bendica: - lima, rodrigo, ola john, (enzo?): +1 - melgarejo: +3 - aimar: -1 - matic:+2 sporting: patricio: +1
  3. Re: Team fc porto keep atsu, sell the rest
  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread they are close hehe
  5. Re: Porto Ratings as requested. i am a porto fan and i disagree with a lot of your predictions: 1- rolando will not rise, actually he can drop to 89 because he has been in the bench in the last matches 2. alex sandro can rise to 87 3. alvaro will not rise. actually, i think he's closer to drop 4. sapuranu will not drop. he's playing good in the last games. 5. danilo will not rise because he has been injured in the last 2 months 6. lucho can drop to 90 because is his first rating review since he move back to porto (he has been playing well and almost all minutes, but we never know...) 7
  6. Re: Ronaldo for agureo and muller depends of both teams... but its seems a fair deal...maybe some money in the aguero+muller side
  7. Re: ribery for hazerd and coentrao i dont know... ribery has still a few good years... and we dont know whats going to happen to hazard...he can end up in psg or something like that...and if he does, his rating will be very limited... and coentrao in real is playing is some strange positions, because marcelo plays in the position where he is real good (LB)
  8. Re: Can't Buy Players! dude, great players cost a lot of money its like in real life if you dont have the money...deal with it, go find a cheaper one... 70M is a fair value for alonso...
  9. Re: Iniesta + Xavi for C.Ronaldo your chairman would never let you do that
  10. Re: Should i swop neymar for pato i wouldnt do it i think you can get a better deal for neymar than pato, who will be stuck in 92 for a long time... try to use neymar and money/other player to get a real good player...
  11. those 3 players are in unmanaged teams, so the price is similar (around 15M) in "real life" i had no doubts, falcao is better than cavani (period), in fact falcao is, in my opinion, the best CF of the world. the problem is that falcao is in atletico...and he just arrived, so im guessing he's gonna stay there at least more 1 or 2 years, and in atletico he will never rise more than 92. on the other hand, cavani's future is open. he will for sure move to a bigger club in the summer, where he can probably reach higher ratings... hulk is also an option, and he has the advantage of being also a
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hey, is Giorgio CHIELLINI a safe investment? is his 94 solid? thanks
  13. i have ronaldo, and i have the "real" real madrid team (gameworld just started...)
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