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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Well done Reina a big slap on the back . Couple more great saves tonight ,but will still not get the " need a new goalkeeper brigade of his back ". Seen plenty of posts berating his errors costing us games ,but none when keeping us in or winning games . Tonight his saves if Suarez had not had an off night would have won us the game . "Hang on what am i thinking about" Suarez if he had taken at least 2 of the easy chances then your plaudits would be for him ,Reina as a Gk is only doing his job . Gobbly **** and poppy **** . I have been enlightened on this t
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Where do i start . 442: -Clemence- Neal-Yeats-Hughes-Lindsay Callaghan -Hamman-Souness-Heighway Hunt-Dalglish Or 443: -Lawrence- Lawler-Hansen-Thompson-Smith Houghten -Molby-Whelan-Berger Rush -Fowler-Owen Or 352; -Reina- Jones-Hyypia-Carragher-Riese McManaman-Alonso-Mascherano-Gerrard-Barnes Torres-Suarez Forget it . My list is endless ,you can mix all them above and make great sides .
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread For posistions played i would say alongside the great Ron Yeats .
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Or how thick the GK was seems he had to let in at least 3 goals not one .. 1999 Members of an Asian betting syndicate caught tampering with *floodlights to get Charlton v Liverpool abandoned. West Ham v Crystal Palace and Wimbledon v Arsenal were earlier victims of same scam Apperently with the above they used the London based M.Utd supporters to help them out . "1" held the light bulbs while the other 58,000 tried to turn the floodlight stands around .
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Especially your type;) Bet if you was at Old trafford when your side lost 4-1 to us you would have been one of the great faithfull that walked out just after half time i presume to show your disgust . This to a manager and team that had already fetched you a lot of glory ,plus that United team the fans deserted very swiftly in the second half actually won the title at the end of the season anyway . Yep loyal supported to the core . Trouble that bothers me at the moment is on here Brendan Rodgers is already getting a bit of stick and he is only in his first
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread And so he shouldnt since all this Jimmy saville stuff has come out of the closet . We have a load of youngsters playing for us now and the last thing we need is for him to be watching them have a shower after matches .
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread "The gutter press is left fuming after the Ball boy incident:eek:" Why had they not thought of it first and just like "phone tapping " they could have paid this small kindergarden child only 17yrs of age a tiny fee to have done it in a Liverpool game against Suarez. They are now struggling to keep it interesting wheras with Suarez it would be a headline sensation. "Suarez needs deporting on the next flight out ." "Goverment need to fetch back the death penalty ." " Inside sources inform us Suarez is a reincarnated witch ,fetch back the ducking stool ." Yep
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not really ,English clubs dominated it for 6 yrs on the trot from 1977. We won it twice then Forest got it twice straight after us ,we won it again then the next year villa won it ,1983 Hamburg won it for their only time in 84 we won it again and in 85 we lost to Juve in the Heysel final tradgedy . Forest under Clough for a few yrs had a fantastic side ,you must remember only the champions entered so clubs like Forest were worthy winners . Barcelona never even played in it in all these yrs above just like Man Utd because they never won their league . Nope b
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Nah better to say we won 4 of them when the actual league champions played the other countries champion ,while you won 1 . Weve only won one when it got devalued and 4 teams can now get in it ,lose matches in their group get 2nd place and still get through and have a chance . There are now plans to get rid of the Europa and make it 6 teams in it ,how far do you devalue it when origanally it was for champions only ..
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Even with Bebe though its all a risk factor your club has taken like ours does ,and both will still do in the future. He is only 22 comming over to play in our league which with many players not just him ,while comming with great endorsments and looking potentially good over there ,pace of our league etc just need to be given a chance and time to adjust to it ,or again maybe they never will adapt . Hence flops bad player etc ,but go back abroad their not . Take Forlan many United fans at the time and other fans called him a flop for your club . He came to y
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