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  1. Re: Respuesta: Official Liverpool Thread

    AGAIN Liverpool looses thanks to a severe mistake from the defense' date=' this time the most experienced man there Carragher.[/quote']

    We won the game 3-1 after the mistake made us 1-0 down on the night .

    Who is to say that if Carra had not made the mistake we would have won 3-0 .

    Having made the mistake we needed 4 goals which totally changed the entire game plan ,from then onwards .

    The whole intensity of the game changed after this .

    We lost and went out because of the missed easy chances from the first leg not Carras mistake tonight ,we should not have been going into tonights game needing 3 goals to go through and hoping to keep a clean for the full match ,which is not a certainty without even mistakes not being made .

    Suarez all season has scored some brilliant goals from very difficult angles,but at the same time seems to miss easy sitters .

    Last week he had 4 easy chances and missed all ,we should have been starting tonight with 1 away goal or at least 2 ,if i want to be picky then it should have been at the minimum 3.

    If just even the one then tonights game only needing 1-0 goal to win and not 3-0 makes all the difference of releasing the pressure on the defence from kick off .

    Nope its not just that simple to say Carra cost us it ,it was a two legged affair and we let ourselves down big time in the first game .:)

  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Well done Reina a big slap on the back .

    Couple more great saves tonight ,but will still not get the " need a new goalkeeper brigade of his back ".

    Seen plenty of posts berating his errors costing us games ,but none when keeping us in or winning games .

    Tonight his saves if Suarez had not had an off night would have won us the game .

    "Hang on what am i thinking about" Suarez if he had taken at least 2 of the easy chances then your plaudits would be for him ,Reina as a Gk is only doing his job .

    Gobbly **** and poppy **** .:P

    I have been enlightened on this thread by posters that in the last two seasons Reina has made errors ,yet in both seasons you can count them on one hand .

    Glad you guys did not have Grobbelar in goal while you been supporting the reds .

    Nobody made more errors than Grobbelar ,but he also made world class saves like Reina still does .

    He lasted 13 yrs and 3 managers for all his errors ( Paisley ,Fagan and Dalglish yet we won with him making all these errors 6 titles,3 FA Cups and 3 league cups ,one European cup and one Super cup).

    Difference between Grobbelar and Reina is the other 10 outfielders .

    Grobbs had no nonsence defenders in front of him ,except for Carragher in the last 3 games showing what a DEFENDER is supposed to do ,without him playing in most games this season Reina has also not had a full support from his back men ,they also have had plenty of "mares" .

    In the last 2 yrs we have had 3 manager changes ,no thought given to what effect this may have played .

    Take this season alone under Rodgers ,all the team at the back has suffered because he likes them to pass it around and keep possesion ,not just lump it up ,well Reina now has more added responsible duties because of this ,why it is causing a lot of errors when defenders get closed down quickly .

    Noticed Carragher though will just lump it up or kick it into row Z if no other option ,not try and pass it back to Reina or to another player to put him in trouble ,you can reset defence again from a throwing and if you punt it far enough out of danger up pitch . Wonder if Rodgers knew his Defensive way is why Carra has not played many matches because you can not say that Agger and Skrytel have been that ammazing that they have kept him out .

    Nope their displays forced his hand and why Carra should of played more and i hope the other CB have learnt something from the master ,and Rodgers as well because sometimes more than not you need it Carras way .

    Goals not only win games they also help take the pressure of at the back and this season plenty of matches have not hit this scenario going into the last 10 minutes .

    That was Grobbs get out clause with his errors, the other end did the buisness and finished games of ,we are not .:)

  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Well' date=' you're on 2 from 9 at the moment...

    You have no cutting edge, like last season.[/quote']

    2 goal lead thrown away at Arsenal,2 goals also at City and in the lead ,how many goals do you need to score at these big grounds before you have a cutting edge ,:rolleyes:

    surely the root at the moment is our comic book defensive errors which is the other end of the pitch .:)

  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Where do i start .:D




    Callaghan -Hamman-Souness-Heighway


    Or ;)




    Houghten -Molby-Whelan-Berger

    Rush -Fowler-Owen

    Or :eek:






    Forget it :P.

    My list is endless ,you can mix all them above and make great sides .:)

  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Tad embarrasing that under Benitez you only beat Debrecen 1-0 at Anfield despite the opposition goalkeeper willing to let you score:rolleyes:

    Says a lot about his philosophy to the game tbh:o

    Or how thick the GK was seems he had to let in at least 3 goals not one .;).

    1999 Members of an Asian betting syndicate caught tampering with *floodlights to get Charlton v Liverpool abandoned. West Ham v Crystal Palace and Wimbledon v Arsenal were earlier victims of same scam

    Apperently with the above they used the London based M.Utd supporters to help them out .

    "1" held the light bulbs while the other 58,000 tried to turn the floodlight stands around .;):)

  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Don't be silly! A wage like £30k per week (what I believe City offered Sturridge; he wanted double)' date=' is completely unacceptable for a teenager [/quote']

    Silly money is part and parcel of the modern game ,youve just compared his to the average bloke and youve only taken a paltry 30k into account .;)

    What about Gerrard and co on more than 100k a week imagine how much a year the average man Must need to earn a year .

    Trouble is you can not compare it with the average man it is a no brainer .

    The average man will never excpect to have the lifestyle which comes with the players that go to the top clubs which rake in most of the millions now on offer ,plus going to get bigger when the new TV money will come to their coffers.

    On all accounts Sterlings agents wanted 40k and rising ," why ?" were led to believe because they knew Joe Cole was on 100k and not playing games ,he was so should be getting around that ammount ,absurd completely but if you were in their shoes would you see it that way .

    Joe Cole in 3yrs had 26 appearences and scored 3 goals.

    Sterlings only started this year yet already has appeared 25 times and scored 2 .

    You could say Cole has earned his right to be on these wages ,he came with more Pedigree which on all accounts Sterling has only started his learning curve ,so while the stats show Sterlings agents do have a case because Sterling is not the finished article then to want the same just like your classing Sturridge is classed as greed .

    For City and Chelsea Sturridges first team opportunities were sporadic at both clubs so also a good reason for wanting to move on not just money .:)

  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Fans are so easily pleased these days..............

    Especially your type;)

    Bet if you was at Old trafford when your side lost 4-1 to us you would have been one of the great faithfull that walked out just after half time i presume to show your disgust .

    This to a manager and team that had already fetched you a lot of glory ,plus that United team the fans deserted very swiftly in the second half actually won the title at the end of the season anyway .

    Yep loyal supported to the core .:D

    Trouble that bothers me at the moment is on here Brendan Rodgers is already getting a bit of stick and he is only in his first halve of the season .

    Im getting concerned some of the LFC lads on here are actually like you in the way you support your side and its the new modern fan with the modern football .:eek:

    When i began Supporting LFC they were still in the old second division Shankly had been manager for about 3 yrs i think ,he got us promoted and " started the process " of making Liverpool into the great team they became .

    One of his great Quotes at the time was " if you can not cheer us when we are losing or drawing ,but only winning then do not come we do not need you ".

    Imagine the Modern day fan being told that :P.

    Aso imagine Shanks in the Modern game he would not have been given time in his "work in progress".

    Fergie had not won anything for United in his 5 yrs ,he was saved by the youngsters that came through,otherwise things might of been different for United .

    As a Liverpool fan of the old school i support my team through the bad times as well as the good ,i support and will give time to any manager the club takes on .

    Yes i will voice my opinion on anything i think the manager to me has done wrong ,team ,players etc ,like all loyal fans will do ,its their love for the club .

    But to want him out already like some because they do not think he is up to it ,then if only half a season is now the measuring point then like Shanks said we are proberly better of without this modern day supporter .

    Before i get told i am living in the past i am not ,what i will never do which is a shame for most modern fans that sling this at us oldies is i never forget the "roots" and why Liverpool supporters are famous for backing the team in bad just not good .

    Y.N.W.A. :)

  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    RVP's wouldn't be anywhere near the Liverpool dressing room:p

    And so he shouldnt since all this Jimmy saville stuff has come out of the closet .

    We have a load of youngsters playing for us now and the last thing we need is for him to be watching them have a shower after matches .;):)

  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Former Liverpool player Insua' date=' agreed to joined Atletico Madrid.

    He have been playing really good with Sporting this season and last season.

    Can't remember why we sell him in the first place.[/quote']

    Taking into account his age at the club ,he was classed as 3rd choice behind Aurelio and the gifted Dossena :P

    myself i liked him and i think if he had been signed under our policy now he would be classed as a good future prospect ,after all he is only 24 now .:)

  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    "The gutter press is left fuming after the Ball boy incident:eek:"

    Why had they not thought of it first and just like "phone tapping " they could have paid this small kindergarden child only 17yrs of age a tiny fee to have done it in a Liverpool game against Suarez.

    They are now struggling to keep it interesting wheras with Suarez it would be a headline sensation.

    "Suarez needs deporting on the next flight out ."

    "Goverment need to fetch back the death penalty ."

    " Inside sources inform us Suarez is a reincarnated witch ,fetch back the ducking stool ."

    Yep not what they really wanted with it being Hazard ,and after all this ball boy is only a kid :rolleyes:.:)

  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    I think it's mad that Nottm Forest are still the third most successful club in England in terms of European Cups.

    I think you only need a few trophies now to overtake our overall haul.

    Not really ,English clubs dominated it for 6 yrs on the trot from 1977.

    We won it twice then Forest got it twice straight after us ,we won it again then the next year villa won it ,1983 Hamburg won it for their only time in 84 we won it again and in 85 we lost to Juve in the Heysel final tradgedy .

    Forest under Clough for a few yrs had a fantastic side ,you must remember only the champions entered so clubs like Forest were worthy winners .

    Barcelona never even played in it in all these yrs above just like Man Utd because they never won their league .:eek::)

    Nope before the greedy big bucks format came into place which i am not knocking in this modern era ,champions of old was certainly different to champions of today .

    You beat your opponent over two legs or you was simply out .

    Now you meet supposedly easy teams first to get in your group ,then its made sure countries of the same country dont meet each other yet .

    You can lose even 2 games and still get through to win it ,if your third you drop into the Europa .

    So no its not mad that Forest are the 3rd succesful its just well deserved .:)

  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Have always wondered what LFC players and fans will do when we win our next couple of CL's:confused::P

    Possibly 'big up' the league cup and claim that the team which has won it most is the 'bestest'?

    Nah better to say we won 4 of them when the actual league champions played the other countries champion ,while you won 1 .;)

    Weve only won one when it got devalued and 4 teams can now get in it ,lose matches in their group get 2nd place and still get through and have a chance .

    There are now plans to get rid of the Europa and make it 6 teams in it ,how far do you devalue it when origanally it was for champions only ..:P:)

  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Pretty good post chap.

    Hard to argue (which is very rare for moi;)).

    However I was merely pointing out to neller that those who could fall into the bracket of flops are not in a 2/3 United favour.

    I still hold out some hope for Bebe you know:p

    Even with Bebe though its all a risk factor your club has taken like ours does ,and both will still do in the future.

    He is only 22 comming over to play in our league which with many players not just him ,while comming with great endorsments and looking potentially good over there ,pace of our league etc just need to be given a chance and time to adjust to it ,or again maybe they never will adapt .

    Hence flops bad player etc ,but go back abroad their not .:rolleyes:

    Take Forlan many United fans at the time and other fans called him a flop for your club .

    He came to your club at the age of 22 had 3 seasons and United got rid .

    Played 63 games for you scored 10 goals hence by some you wasted money buying a flop .

    Yet when leaving United at only 25 yrs which is really when they are supposedly just starting to becoming the finished article on there way to peaking at 28yrs -32yrs.

    (Giggs and scholes making a mockery of the final age if you look after yourself properly :D) .

    He goes to Villarreal plays 106 games and scores 54 goals .

    Then at his peaking yrs 28 he goes to Athletico madrid plays 134 scores 74 .

    Great accounts for both clubs after leaving United .

    Before joining United hence the transfer fee they risked at that young age he had played 80 games and scored 37 goals which to United was worth the risk plus what they had proberly also seen in him before taking the risk .

    Therefore was he really a flop ,was he given the time you need to give a foreign youngster at that age because they should have more than our own who are fetched up playing it .

    Language ,Culture ,Family friends etc also settling in ,they all play a part when not buying home grown .

    Yet because of the price most exspect a return from the off ,if not an instant flop.:)

  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Carroll £35m' date=' Downing £20m, Henderson £20m, Aquilani £17m, Morientes £6m, Diao £5m, Diouf £10m, Borini £10m, Babel £11m, Konchesky £4m, Pennant £6m. [/quote']

    Lets please not even go here ,we will just go back and forth trying to rake up players that were considered flops by us fans for both our sides .

    All teams not just yours and ours buy players that then do not cut it .

    Take both our clubs besides buying players that are considered at their prime ,them and many younger promising careers have gone up in smoke.

    Why ?:;)

    Number of reasons proberbly ,two being can not live up to the high price expectation they came with ,can not face up with the pressure that comes with playing at our clubs .

    Take your examples above ,they were not all bought under the same manager .

    If i were to be bothered to list yours they are .

    When buying a player a manager surely takes into account they will fit into his style of play he has incorporated at the club .

    Some of Rafas above he said they in their positions at the time were for what money Gillete and Hicks allowed him were better than the ones he replaced them with . ( They operated a sell to buy policy .)

    So he knew some of these were only short term but had to be got just to improve us .

    Will i argue it did not ,well i would be foolish because when comming to us that season we were 39 points adrift of the champions .

    Every season he closed the gap so the way he looked at some of the above i supposed because its not the Quality we expected ,for Rafa and the conditions he had to work with under the owners to him they still improved the side until he moved them on which he did .

    Carrol ,Henderson Borini .

    Where are they flops .

    Overpriced maybe ,( Carrol defitnetly ) but at this moment in time flops no .

    First two bought by Kenny with in mind what type of football he was intending in the future for Liverpool to play .

    Carrol while overpriced because of the quick turn around in managers then has become unwanted to Rodgers style ,hence unwanted to another managers method of play so not his fault in manager change so not really a flop .


    Only 22 but already is now just beginning to show composure and technical ability and will to me only improve in the next few yrs .

    When comming he had to play most of his football on the right side of midfield, which is not his natural position.

    I will put him in the same bracket as Lucas when he first came to Liverpool , Lucas like Henderson was played as a right sided midfield player and both looked completely out of their depth playing in that position , but both players to their credit were and are prepared to put their head on the block , take the aggro play at the time out of favoured position .

    Lucas now plays where he should, which now allows Stevie to play the roll he prefers best .

    Hendersons was fetched apparently to be Gerrards replacement because his natural position on all accounts is supposed to be the same as Stevie G , so unless you drop Stevie not going to get that chance on a reguler basis just yet .


    Rodgers signing only again 21yrs and with only first part of season gone has been injured for quite a spell .

    Plus Rodgers is only just starting his first season and Borini is supposed to be a cog that will fit into his style of play he wants this club to play under him but its not going to happen in his first season .

    So to say Borini a flop at this moment in time . :rolleyes:

    Shown above analystic reasons ,why not all considered flops itself ,

    overpriced yes ,but commoli has taken the hit for the main ones because he was in charge of this side of things at the time in Question .

    So while clubs change managers over the course of a few seasons ,will be more players classed as flops because they become unwanted because of the new managers method of play .

    Therefore seems your manager has never changed so you can not like i can give certain reasons above .

    Yours have come to your club with the manager full knowing the type of player he is looking for to play his brand of football .

    So all yours are flops .:eek::D;):)

  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Whilst I agree on you that young player need the 'live' experience in certain part to excel. But I think it is sometimes hard for a young player to make a interchanged of position during the course of game (even though it is half time change). It will be okay for a more experienced player to changed position throughout the game' date=' but for youngster it might be troublesome for them.[/b'] Granted they are all professional and should do the job nicely - regardless of squad status (youngster or senior with vast experienced), but I think it is far more safe by using them in the named position from start, rather than sometimes in the game. Cause sometimes, even the professional one making mistake in their 'new' task/position in interchanged of the position.

    Can easily see where your comming from and does make perfect sence .

    Wisdom though in quite a few games has been found out defensively because he does fall back to the CB position instead of the RB .

    Take M.Utd game at OT,great goal taken by Persie but Evra had all the time in the world to cross it .

    He was all alone nobody near him or pressing him to make the cross harder ,Wisdom should have been there but had tracked back into a position a CB would take up .

    So yes start him in the CB in certain games not as just RB .

    Norwich game is an example of one where he could have been experimented from the off .:)

  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Just a thought with some of the discussions of late .

    Take the " CB " position .

    Liverpool policy is to buy young with proberbly the max age they are looking at is say 25-26 ish .

    Older proberbly needs to be a cheap transfer fee but more importantly wages that meet the clubs criteria .


    So lets just go back to the Norwich game .

    Wisdom again is used as right back ,yet on all accounts he is a " CB".

    Yet he covers and plays this role because of Johnson etc being used for LB.

    But in this game we had " Carra and Agger" so without any substitutions when comming back on at half time with the score what it was ,we could have switched Johnson back to RB Agger to LB and put Wisdom alongside Carra giving experience alongside youth .

    You can have no better than Carra to give him guidance and improving his experience in this position .

    So its alright looking at buying new CB but when we have the oppertunity try what we have ,Coates etc has not had a run in that position just the odd game thrown in now and then ,which sounds ok saying had 12 games etc but not if they are one game spread between lets say 4 .:)

  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread


    I agree that Sneijder would have been a risk but I would have liked us to have taken the risk as it would show real ambition and would have helped with the kids coming through. Having him and Gerrard in the same side could have edged us closer to the top four IMO and gerrard certainly thought so as well considering what he said on Sunday!


    (his price tag was tiny so wages should have been a bit more negotiable)


    Gerrard said he plays the same position as him ,so you have to drop Gerrard in a more defensive roll to accomadate him in his favoured roll which i do not want to see .

    Plus by trying to accomadate both in the same side then "HOW DOES IT HELP THE KIDS COMMING THROUGH ".

    They like now need to play First team football to gain the experience not sit on the bench watching because with both on the field i do not see where they will be accomadated on it as well .


    Negotiable on whos part :D,

    He left Inter for soly one reason they would not raise them any more .

    Apparently Galatasary are paying him 200k a week ,if this is the case saying premiership is what he wanted and wages were open to negotiaion was a red herring ,especially on Liverpools part .

    He proberly was wanting City ,Chelsea owners to come get him and pay him this ammount .

    As for "Wow, VERY optimistic" on somes predictions on the next 5 games ,

    i just love optimism so mine while wanting from the heart to say 15 ,from the head i will say 13.:D;):)

    Most we will get imo is 9, I would be happy with mind

    My lad never did have much optimism bread in him ..:D;):)

  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    little bit gutted we've missed out on sneijder tbh' date=' I should have never even let it cross my mind that we might sign a player like him :( no doubt we'll now end up wasting money on coutinho instead :([/quote']

    Actually with Sneijder I am delighted he has not come.

    Take Salary .

    Gerard Salary is supposed to be around 187 K according to sources, would be intersting seems sneijder was at least on this ammount but wanted more from Inter ,what this "gold digger" is finally being paid by Galatasary .

    After all it was supposed to be him that said he wanted to play in the Premiership and taking a wage cut was not out of the Question .

    Bet Galatasaray are paying him more than suarez, agger, skrtel, johnson, reina etc.

    Yet these players have been intergral part of LFC and stayed with the club. Yes Sneijder was a great player and proberbly still is ,but for what he has shown in last couple of seasons for Inter maybe why they were happy to let him go as well and not pay him as what he sees as his "worth :D."

    Nothing mentioned with the salary he was on there if playing football to his so called calibre why they did not make a big stance to keep him .

    I do not think in his career he really as shown much loyalty to any club,

    ( probably will be shown wrong ) rather than fetch him here and meet his demands i would rather pay more to our loyal players ,who actually have stayed because they love this club and playing for the shirt .

    Youngsters .

    This is my main reason why i am not bothered we did not get him .:eek:

    Sneijder is late 20's so besides his age and the wages he proberly wanted and exspected ,which does not fit into our clubs new buying stratedgy whats to say his might of been a short lived career with us.

    Morientes comes to mind ,great player did it at every club he went to except here ,no guarentees that Sneidjer may not be another Morientes.

    What is a certain guarentee and what we are starting to see under this new Stratedgy in place is it would be disrespectful and damaging to the confidence of Hendo (22), Shelvey (20) and Suso (19) for the efforts they have put in this season ,these are players who if we develop properly will be Liverpools future ,and like a young Stevie G,he did his developing into a world class player he has become by playing for the First team like the above are being given their chance now along with Sterling ,Borini etc .

    no doubt we'll now end up wasting money on coutinho instead

    At his age and supposed to have the potential to be one of the best players for the future ,not sure it would be a waste .

    Rodgers said a bit back some managers just manage but he likes to work with the players and get his methods and points across to them .

    Maybe thats all Coutinho needs someone like Rodgers .

    Reminds me of yrs ago late 70s or early 80s on the way to Norwich the backpages of the tabloids the " late John Bonds " manager at the time had said ,LFC are not managed they are coached .

    After comming away from there sticking 5 past them ( nothing changed ;)

    Paisley quipped to the press " God imagine the result if we had a manager ".:D

    Rodgers is a Manager /Coach so while Coutinho is not showing his full potential ,i think we can get the best out of them here .;):)

  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Think it's safe to assume Gerrard wants him :P

    Need to take the full context of what Gerrard has said in the program to all questions fired at him ,not just to certain question .

    He is not going to say a player of this stature he would not want at this club ,even like he pointed out would play in his favoured main positsion .:)

  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Luis Suarez has explained why his trademark goal celebration of kissing his wrist is not only a tribute to his daughter - but to Anfield as well.

    The striker kisses a tattoo of his two-year-old's name after every goal, but the gesture has taken on additional meaning since he learned that Delfina is an anagram of Anfield.

    Suarez junior was born six months before he joined Liverpool and the anagram is a coincidence, but the 25-year-old likes to think there was an element of fate involved in his move to Merseyside.

    He told Liverpoolfc.com: "I didn't know her name was an anagram of Anfield but my wife has told me that people here in Liverpool say that when I kiss my wrist, I'm doing it because I have 'Anfield' on there.

    "It's a total coincidence but a very nice one at the same time. Maybe there was fate."

    ( Hopefully fate will make him stay here for good ,now his family has settled in well .) :)

  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Breaking news

    Read all about it ,read all about it .

    Rodgers anger at Suarez 'diving'


    Whats your game louis ,weve been trying to get you to keep a low profile and you do something like this .


    What a truthefull interview ,i thought you would be happy .

    Told the truth when asked about Mansfield ball to hand it was not intentional ,so was not going to lie when asked about sometimes the obvious " gaining an advantage for their club ".


    Yep i can not dispute honesty is the best policy and its also good for the heart and soul ,but it is a big NO_NO where football is concerened .


    Sorry boss will not happen again ( telling the truth that is ) will still carry on " gaining an advantage for my club ". until they come down on all and sundery for this abonimation not just me being soly picked out .


    Thats fine Louis but will have to tell them we are going to handle it in house ,and this time keep stum .


    Fine by me ,whats my punishment .


    No more saturday night " monopoly bonding sessions with the guys ".


    But they have been great for me ive never lost .


    Well your the banker everytime and if your not careful in England if you keep winning by being the banker ,you will be assumed a cheat and you dont want that handle do you .


    Well what will i do instead .


    Your going to be a national tv hero ,we have got hold of Tom Daly and your going on to the SPLASH program .


    What will this do for me i am a good swimmer .


    But not a great Diver ,so this will help make it impossible for anyone to distinguish in future if you cheated or not .

    Do this right and you can play Monoply again .


    Banker ?:D;):)

  22. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Breaking news

    Read all about it ,read all about it .

    Its every english press dream and opposing fans with the ignorant view ,

    " our players never cheat , "

    hopping on the high hate Suarez bandwagon .


    Anybody would think its new in the game ,but it never has been new .

    At the beginning of the influx of overseas players the English press and many english fans perception was its going to ruin our game ,they mainly cheat all the time but foreign players see it not as cheating but

    " gaining an advantage for their club ".

    Totally ignorant that for yrs it has gone on in our football ,we are English we are gentlemen and sportsmen and play to the rules fairly and squarely .:P

    Blame it on the Foreigners.


    Couple of weeks ago the press slaughtered him for not owning up to handball ,some even said he should follow the example Messi has shown and sets .

    Only trouble is because they were that busy on having the Devil incarnated hung drawn and quarted did not do their homework .

    Unbelievable it may seem but as soon as this example was given, out came the historians to show Messi has done the same and many others ,but never said a dickie bow .:eek:

    Foreign media never get so irate and hyped up about these goings on because to them its part and parcel of the game and its up to the officials to see it ,whether they have been conned or not .

    But not ours its like a dog finding a bone ,wants to stick its teeth in it and gnaw it to death .

    Suarez by the way admitted all this in Argentina because he has this great relationship with ours and a mutual agreement .

    " I do not speak to you and ,you keep me as your public enemy no 1 headliner " .

    Now he has done what they wanted him to do and admitted to a past dive ,does not congratulated for his honesty just gets ,


    Papers say Stoke players now mad ,as if none of their players have done or would never dream of it in all games they have played .

    Will believe this and the same for every team in the world ,when someone finally proves the moon is made of green cheese .;)

    Its not that we dont think as Liverpool supporters he sometimes dives ,because we know he does ,but hey why get mad because we were warned like i said above by our beloved press yrs ago ,this would be part and parcel of the modern game and it will become the norm .

    What they did not say was while cheating has become the norm for all sorts of things on the football field ,only one player would get the bucket thrown at them ,yep alls fair in love and war and every one is treated fairly and Squarely as long as your name is not LUIS SUAREZ .:D:p:)

  23. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    While I understand your point i've watched Flanagan plenty for the reserves and U21's and he really just doesn't have the potential' date=' Robinson and McLaughlin are too look forward too.[/quote']

    To be honest i have not watched many at this level for the club ,but even though you may be proved right ,for me on past experience watching youngsters playing 1st team for this club its to few games and early in my opinion to just wave him aside at this moment ,also i ask myself then what is it the powers that be see in him to select him over some of the others mentioned .:)

  24. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Yes I agree' date=' he has been consistent..................consistently dreadful in every game he's played ;)[/quote']

    Nah thats being a bit to harsh .

    Can not be easy for any youngster to just come in with the expectations that are demanded on them .

    Stevie G and Carra made plenty of mistakes and showing the jitters when they got their chance as kids .

    Both said you needed the older players to look after them and fans to have more understanding .

    He has not played that regular and week after week .

    Watching LFC late 60s and a fresh faced kid had his first game for us and came in at left back.

    Came to us with the none famous name at the time Emlyn Hughes .

    Did well proberly as good as Flannagan as done .

    Nothing to shout about at first but was given time to learn and mature ,with a posistion change he then became one of the best players for this club with the nickname " crazy horse ".

    Another one comes to mind Joey jones ,god did he make errors at first and did not look the buisness for us ,but he gave his all for the shirt which to us made up for his lacking abilities and after a while you would not want to swap him for anyone even though there were better elswhere .

    Glad they did not in 77 anyway because he helped in giving me my greatest holiday away in Rome .

    Nope let the kids have a fair ammount of games ,let them have a settled run ,yes they will make mistakes the world class ones in their best yrs still do .

    But like Emlyn and Joey of old they never found Liverpool fans that impatient ,as long as they gave their all and sweatted blood for that shirt they were given games and time .:)

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