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  1. Re: "Player Profile" Messages: Rating Changes Schedule February 19th, 2010 by SM Dev (Ste) The ‘Rating Changes Schedule’ is currently under review as we aim to introduce a new system that is flexible and will be of a greater benefit to the entire community. This will mean that there will be no structured ‘Rating Changes Schedule’ where the SM Researchers follow a set schedule. Instead in its place there will be a flexible community driven system in its place with greater focus on the world’s most popular leagues. We will officially announce on the ‘Player Database Changes’ page which leagues are currently being reviewed and also which leagues will be reviewed in the near future. This new system should be introduced in the coming weeks. The above is what it says on the Blog ,also it tells you the next ones etc to be done at the moment . So i presume before any sort of change on profiles etc being considered if it happens it will proberly take effect when the above comes into place ,but im only presuming and its not fact .
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    Re: Help... Just go on the main page and click support and it will show you the options . But if the SMFA has stopped it then you will find normally it will not happen so you may have to look elswhere for a different player .
  3. Re: How do I take my squad to the next level?
  4. Re: Site Maintenance Think your losing me or we are both on a different planet the way things are comming across from me to you vice versa . 1. A uniform Search tool 2. Better Presentation of Data, where the onus isn't on the User to slug through it all just to get to the info they want 3. More precise Search capabilities (e.g. better Advanced Search) that help the User find and access exactly what they want If you dont mind because i am not trying to waste your time and are actually enjoying this convo between us as well as finding it interesting . Therefore if you could Break the above down for me in laymans terms in more detail of how they are now and what your wanting and expecting ,so i can see if there is a vast difference or it is a making of a mountain out of a molehill . 4. Better Communication from the company to the Users of this product/service Same here please because ive given plenty of answers back on these kind of threads because what some members want and think they should get are well above to me expectations of what they should really get . As for some of the rest between us i know we have crossed wires " i think ":eek: Ive taken it that most of your asking about certain things was for more info being on one page when i know a lot like me for our selfish reasons would like to have less even if its over more pages ,didnt realise because its not something i use ( Newcomers ) that it was also because its not just that whether one page or many SM had restricted it to a few than showing all and members would have to do the rest themselves . I do take it seems i dont use it that all Newcomers always do come under here and it is never been just a restricted few . If so then to me only thing i see wrong seems it would mean it had been done diffrently is SM rather than putting the statement out ive just read ,could have been far more helpfull and more diplomatic and with the statement made also in it could have given a few reasons why ,whether lack of resources to catch up with other things they got tied up with etc ,because to the likes of me that is all i would think they had no time to do it all .
  5. Re: [DATABASE] Brazil; Under 21 | Player Profiles Hi guys , i must agree great thread with time and work put in by the creator. Now i dont want to come accross as a damp Squid but there are a few posts /replies on here about Rep which regretably for reasons explained on the rule board are not allowed and could incur you as daft as it is seems an infraction for just wanting to Reward a member for like i said and agreed a great thread . Anyone who ever wants to rep a member they deem worth it in their opinion ,you just use the scales at the bottom ,the person you are rewarding will always get to see it and know who it is from and for which thread ,so as you see there is no need to tell them on thread . Even though it may seem a bit daft it is not allowed its supprising how it gets abused so why its stopped ,it is all explained in the Rep rules and workings on the rule board . Please do not answer back to this post because i will get rid of it so not to spoil this thread by Wednesday to give members who had not realised time to have seen it . thank -you
  6. Re: Site Maintenance No tinted glasses my only role with the title and i use it for is looking after the Forum so in all none forum issues i am entitled just as much as you to give my own opinion seems i have 30 odd teams played the game for over 4yrs and so it does affect me as much as you or any other . What you need to do is seperate the both when being answered by the likes of me and not think my replies are a mouthpiece from SM' date='which with the debates ive voiced on here against SM of my dislikes when it effects my enjoyment which there has been a few members know i think for myself and not on a coller and lead by anyone . Just answered back in the same context your using seems your indicating its for all our happiness so they should listen . You decide for you not me ,i know members will like what your saying just like i know some like me dont actually want a lot of what you want . See what i mean ' date='these have all been big debatable subjects on Forum and many members have had different opinions on all of them ,both sides have given great arguement like most do for and against ,so any that fall on the side of liking the way things they now become because its SM side in your eyes " coherts ". Get real if i dislike something i will say no matter which side it falls on ,i speak for me and what i like ,me i personally dont like and want what you mainly want with everything mainly on one page whether its simple or not . See what i mean ,the above is as well as other members that may agree with you not all of us . 2D has been asked and raised many a time towards SM for future implements ,me personally i side with you and not bothered if it never was ,but again just because i agree with you does this mean we are right and if SM have had plenty of feedback through the site itself from the bulk membership ( not a minority Forum majority which still SM can see like now its not 100% for ) Well if its giving a 90% for this then surely they have listened on what the bulk want and will go ahead with it . You put up a poll for both and see what would win ,i will tell you 2D hands down even though i am not happy to have it . Your search tool and you want for instance Newcomers on one page . I know members actually ranted and suggested to SM for this side to be changed because it used to be the case ,not all just like me wants most or as much as poss on one page . So again will be two sides on what we like about the way it works for us . Again is it been done like this because they have actually listened to the biggest majority so actually do things based on their " users " if enough asking for these changes ,if the biggest majority of membership agree then i presunme they can count theirselves lucky that they have a massive " cohert" following and theyve brainwashed us into what we like ,see and do everytime we log in to play . Your Newcomers what is so wrong the way it is especially if it has been done this way for some time now because of membership feedback across the whole site . For instance some members want Free agents back under one roof ,i with many others for our own selfish reasons wanted rid , It went because there was far more against having it than wanting it and it is better ,but again i am doing same as you and thinking and speaking for others because while i like and see the benefits of not having it ,some disagree . Proberly why thats gone but not Newcomers because like me i know members would like to get rid ,and its proberly the case that more want it than us that dont ,so again its a case of SM listening to its users . " How dare they i am proberly a cohert most times,they should listen to me not the majority ;)" So who is to say it has nothing to do with the speed of the site ,data base complications etc,etc as i may have wrongly thought and suggested on my last post,because i take in and read more of what you members say on a subject i know zilch about ,but instead of this it has actually been changed and come about because its more to do with members suggestions on Forum and main site in a big majority if they can split it down into pages etc . Proberly we may find its a bit of both ,or all and SM trying to keep both sides happy as much as they can ,who knows certainly not me or you we dont have this info ,and like i stated at the start my SM title only gives me a say in forum matters so sorry but if im looked on as a SM cohert then besides to me very laughable its also easily to ignore and liveable your quote below:D. In the same words as Monty Python " SAY NO MORE ". Fantastic and funny as the latter quote. No boxing gloves on plus no hard feelings ,opinions are great .
  7. Re: Kick out Reserve club Feature Or ask yourself instead of what your getting are you getting a better product and value than what you pay for on the other rivals sites seems that would be your next port of call if you didnt play this ,because believe me to even get a poorer version than this game you pay more . Also the proof in the pudding is human nature tells you none of us would play this just for loyalty to SM ,if there was a better one cheaper etc etc ,it would soon get around and members would leave here like a sinking ship ,not oh thats 10 times better but i owe SM so i will stay here . All others you still have to pay for certain aspects if you want them ,some you pay for things you get in the free game of SM . Not many sites like these where they dont have a paying membership to help out the running costs ,its whether your happy with what you get for what you pay ,if not dont pay it in the first place because its not hidden so you know what your getting ,someone who differs dosnt mean there right because they differ for own reasons .
  8. Re: Kick out Reserve club Feature You will find its worth looking at New customs being created by Forum members ,i have got many a big club this way ,yep its not a GM but there are some great Custom set ups and you can get your favourite team without paying quicker sometimes this way than the old pot luck .
  9. Re: Kick out Reserve club Feature Would never say never going to happen. Dont know how old you are your situation etc with money but i do know many of our younger element say they cant afford or parents wont pay for GM . But also on threads on forum these same members also go on about and get into discussions with others about all the latest games they buy and play against each other on X-BOX ,playstations etc . Talk about a night at the flicks and movies they just saw etc etc ,taking in the odd kebab,big mack ,Kentucky chicken etc . So sometimes its not that they cant afford to its they just dont want to and think why should i . Thats the situation they have to decide if any of the latter what most do is worth missing the latest game or Takeway to buy a GM and their own club . Yes i know some will not have even this luxery yet ,but many will because some say they cant afford and yet all seem to have mobiles and pay for results through phone . Me i would rather wait even until next day .
  10. Re: Site Maintenance Only trouble is some of your so called problems you are asking to be resolved is what you dislike when your searching and looking for stuff ,so seems SM know we have had these sort of discussions before and many of us dont want to be laden with it and rather have it over so many pages then its not your " all happy customers scenario ". You may correct me because in not a tech guy ,but even though its a simple code so to speak i do believe others on Forum have said before when speed of site has been slow that a cure was to put more on pages which is seconds to go from one to another than two much on one . Like i said i will stand corrected if wrong because i only go buy you guys that add your opinions as though you know better than the SM guys . Im sure if its so easy because it used to be like this before then i can only think the info i just gave that others said must have a bearing and now why we have more pages than it all on one .
  11. Re: Kick out Reserve club Feature Sorry but this is well out of context to me . Since SM started about 5 yrs ago the biggest complaint by the membership is they couldnt get the team they wanted . Would gripe that many members had 5 liverpool ' date='4 Barcelonas ,6 Man Utd etc ,etc and the reason why they beat all other members to these teams is soly because they had faster broadband etc or lived on the SM site all day . I bet rather than your luck or fun they didnt see it as either , ( for the mass it was pure luck but it was never to them fun in anyway not getting just one of their favourite team and players yet because of server speed and time on their hands others with this luxery had tons of the same big clubs ) nope they detested it and why many just Quit SM . One of the reasons why some members argue against the ammount of set ups being created and think that not creating many would fill them up with managers having to take the unwanted and undesirable if no set ups . Never has worked this way SM tried it in the old days but most members just want the big clubs and if they dont get them just dont play and leave because without what they want no enjoyment to them . ( its not everyones cup of tea to have a small club and take them from bottom to top because it takes time ,dedication and is far harder ,but as daft as it seems is more better and fun and rewarding .) Me personally i delve in both pots have smaller clubs and my big favourite ones ,but it is easier and boring with my bigger ones ,but hey i like to win Division 1 as well . Before Gold there was plenty of threads on Forum with members asking SM to be able to pay and reserve but they did actually keep declining this option because i suppose it was seen as unfair to them that couldnt afford it and would then not even have your pot luck . Then even when Gold was created they still didnt fetch in reserving your favourite club which they could have done this easily. Nope what happened is they did your own custom set up creation which gave you your team and you made the rules which teams /how many leagues etc etc . But again the ones buying Gold were still unhappy because unless they were all like you and think its fun or happy to go pot luck ,they still couldnt get their Chelsea /Man Unted etc in a GM which many bought this for rather than the custom . Even when Internationals came along members are complaining the big favourite ones are gone . For how many big clubs all want the demand is far greater than the supply ,if everyone of us was happy to be Doncaster /Accrington etc if we couldnt get a Chelsea/Arsenal etc then there would be no probs ,but its a shame this will never change ,for many they will want their favourite team . Hence why it makes sence for many members to get their wish and if they are happy to pay and reserve " WHY NOT ". So its helping SM coffers so what because it also means its helping keeping the game free for those that cant afford it . Its no good anyone saying or thinking to me ,"but these members if it finishes up eventually all clubs are getting reserved will never get a big club ". For them to play for free the bottom line is its still costs,but at least there are thousands of setups that are 50% empty with unwanted teams ,so they can at least play the better version without costing a penny and Take a Doncaster from Div 4 to glory etc . If not then they will have to accept they may need to pay for their special club they want, SM have a supply and Demand situation with the demand far bigger than the supply . Also remember if the makers like any other buisness cant keep up with the running costs then naturally like every other game like this they have to give the members something they want and will pay for . This just happens to be for the biggest part of the membership top of their list . Give you an easy example and why reserving clubs makes pure sence and would be so Stupid for SM to not take advantage . Say the next GM that gets created they did it the old way,then in your words its pure pot luck but definetly not your fun ,but thats not fair for many because they dont even get pot luck ,because of work commitments etc they may not even be able to get on when SM being created ,so if there buying a GM and helping to keep it free for members then why should they never get a top side ,same with the next one being created the same ones always get them most of the time ,they live on SM and have faster servers so beat the rest . At one stage they were getting teams and trying to sell them to members . So with the above whether its pot luck many members are still unhappy still waiting weeks /months without the club they want plus SM created it at their own cost . Now you can reserve take the above set up when created ,or any set up they put on the shopping site . All the top clubs proberly will be paid for but thats because it is the only way members can get them in Gold or other set ups ,so they are happy and also SM now have some dosh towards its creation and the running cost of the site . You take the price of Gold even add on reserving a club you want etc and some will say " never worth it". Well my answer is and ive done my homework in these situations when it arises and i say check out the major competitors and their costs . Most everything they charge for on their sites for the game many get it for nothing in our free version . Some charge you different ammounts to just be in division 1 /2 etc let alone also charge if you want a certain team . Some you dont pay yearly like SM but pay seasonally so wheras we are looking at ON THE MOST £15-£25 with buying a GM /reserving a team or extra slots etc for the year ,playing the rival games you are looking more £60 OVER THE YEAR . [b']Yes it helps the game no it ruins the game its ok love it makes the game better[/b] Will answer all your poll instead of ticking one . " HELPS THE GAME " Must do its extra money to help with running costs so keeps it free for members that cant afford it . "NO IT RUINS THE GAME " How can it the only negative is nothing to do with the actual game but the members own availability on getting his coveted club . You can go with the positive side and reserve it and you get whatyou desire ,or go with your negative pot luck and may wait weeks /months or it was never , until now where bye you can now reserve . "ITS OK " Again its got to be ,its all positive members get their dream club and SM get help towards running the game . " Love it it makes the game better " This is where youve lost me ,it has no bearing on the game whatsoever . You tell me what difference say the top 20 clubs are payed for by managers wanting them with instead 20 that got them pot luck . Will the set up and games be differnt of course not,will it have any effect on all the other managers in the set up ,of course not . Whether payed or unpayed managers of these clubs the set up will be normal ,it has no bearing except for members themselves on not wanting to pay for their club . Well the only way at the mo is for this to happen you have to unless you always want pot luck ,you might be happy to think its not worth it and because you dont want to pay we all take pot luck ,but for many they would rather pay a few quid for the team they want ,so to me its more positive on all points than negative so as far as im concerned " keep it sm "
  12. Re: Can't join my friend's leagues Will close this thread for now because no one on here can help you ,there is not one but a few things the CPS pick up on thats stops things like you are now experiencing . This is proven because if as you say you all play off the same office server and it allows the rest it wouldnt just stop one for this reason only ,therefore i do believe other hidden aspects have triggered it of against you . Only SM will know the reason and they do not usually come on the Forum giving their reasons they will answer you through normal channels . Some members will say they have tried this and SM are shut on the subject ,but normally if they shut it they still send you the reasons . I have contacted SM to take a look for you and hopefully they will give me an answer and if they do i will let you know . Otherwise hopefully if they dont reply to me they will send you one ,but if you havnt asked through ticket system then i advice you to do it ,you have a better chance if you do for a answer than a thread/post on here .
  13. Re: How about a Support System that works! I have said time and time on here that when members raise this debate they only fetch it up because they didnt get something going their way or didnt get a personal answer etc . They always fetch up paying customer etc and think its a right to have personal replies yet if they had checked all rivals you do not even get this anyway as paying customers . When you think of the old way of contacting SM then this ticket system has come on leaps and bounds ,a lot of other sites are still e/mail with an already made responce . I work for one of the biggest seafood companies in Britain /Europe and i can assure you all complaints do not recieve a personal responce because it can actually cost more than the resources to deal with it ,what the company have learnt and respond to on a personal basis are what they deem the most important ones not the silly trivial ones these will get a auto responce by e/mail or letter . Someone can give a list on here of what they think should have a personal responce and i can garuntee it will get torn to bits . Only one thing in this game to me where SM should give a personal responce to a member /members and thats if he has had his rep taken away and lost his teams and been kicked out of set up . Before i dont know if it still does but this could happen before you had made a case in defence of yourselves ,and if you proved your innocence you still lost your teams because they had been given away . Nope the latter is where to me SM and the member need any sort of correspondence between each other . And to clear the air no thread is deleted if someone saying something they dislike about the game ,ive said plenty against the game on forum and had some good debates against the SM Devs and so have many countless more members ,thats why if searched you can find a list as long as you want of threads made against the game of what is disliked covering every aspect of SM etc ,all these have member for and against what they are saying is wrong but the reason why they are there to be seen and not removed is because they are sensible and know there is a right way and a wrong way to put your point across and personal insults towards the makers wont be allowed ,which is why when some members make one they start off with " do not use this for your own personal SM bashing because dont want it removed ,please keep it positive with posts and not personal insults towards SM". Nope as long as you keep it respectfull all threads against anything you want to raise against something you dislike is allowed ,if not closy ,closy time .
  14. Re: forum reputation problem As long as all members keep to these rules/ guidelines below and dont do any of them , and all Mods infraction all members that cross the line and break them then i see no problems at all with the Reputation system . Rep Bumping - This is when people leave rep to raise someone else's rep points or power; Rep Begging - Posting asking for rep. PM'ing asking for rep. Repping asking for rep. Asking for rep in signatures or usernames. Any form of pressure to rep is not allowed; Rep Announcing/Rewarding - Telling members on thread youve left them Rep or will give them some for helping out ,this can be considered as a hint for some back . All members will see from user CP who/when and which thread no need to forcast it,will be treated as Spam. Rep Roundabouts - Repping between the same group of people back and forth in order to raise rep quickly and secretly; Empty Reps - Rep given without any comments. Will be assumed to be rep bumping. Rep Bribing - Offering rep as a reward/sweetener for anything given in return either on or off the forum. When ever you give or recieve rep it shows all info why and who etc under user cp,there is no need for it to be talked about and advertised on open boards ,to try and boost something your way . Having the highest reputation does not mean you are the best Forumer ,Rep points are given out for all sort of things so somebody for example could just say a small snipet of info that say helps certain members and they can get rep from these ,but other members can put a lot of effort time etc create great debatable posts but be unrewarded because there not seen in the same light . Most of the top forumers i know form their own opinions based on their own judgment of how the member conducts hisself on the forum towards all members ,not how many points he has scored over others ,its dosnt represent a true judgement . Word perfect English ,punctuation etc, long posts not short etc ,etc dosnt make you a more perfect Forumer . To me a Great forumer is someone that can keep control of his own feelings and emotions if posts and certain members upset him and keep his dignity by still replying respectfully and not getting in personal conflict with that member . Ok some posts could be better spelt but spelling ,typo etc dosnt certainly break any rules in fact it does the other way around when your trying to tell the other member whats exspected from him . All keep their own house in order and happy with it then thats all you need to do ,not try and convert members in the way you see a Forumer should be . We will all have our own ideas on what makes a good Forumer .
  15. Re: ufo,will aliens destroy us or not I would like to remind ALL that unless a thread breaks any rules then that member has every right to make one just as much as any other ,no matter how utterly stupid/idioctic/waste of space other members seem to deem it . There is no need for any member whether in green /blue to be disrespectfull . You have an issue with any threads /posts and think they break any rules or boundries then you report it through forum channels to Board Mod /Supervisors and your concerns will be looked at ,as for this thread if its not your cup of tea and you dont see any point in it then why do some of you reply on it with your pointless criticism ,just pass it by its so much easier at no risk or cost to you . As for the answer to this threads question if there are Aliens out there then that also means we are deemed Aliens to them ;),so seems we get it rammed down our throats we are killing our planet and ourselves then yes Aliens will destroy us but the ones already on Earth.
  16. Re: The Race to the Top 4 / EPL 2009/10 Season Chelsea Man Utd Arsenal Aston Villa Tottenham Man City Birmingham Liverpool Fulham Top 4 will come from the above i cant see anyone below making ground to do reach the 4th place . Form table for the 12 best teams at the mo after last 6 games apiece reads like this , Birmingham : WwwWWd Aston Villa : dDWwwW Man Utd :WwwLWl Tottenham :WddLWw Chelsea :WwlDWd Fulham :lWDWdW Arsenal :lLWwdW Man City: dDWdlW Wolves :lLWwlW Liverpool : DwdLWl Portsmouth : lLWdlW Everton : wlLDdD Birmingham 16pts Villa 14pts United 12pts Spurs/Chelsea/Fulham 11pts Arsenal 10pts City /Wolves 9pts Liverpool 8pts Pompey 7pts . So out of clubs i listed 8 all have the best form at the mo and even our next opponents Wolves are in more form than us Both Midland clubs are having the best if both can substain it which would be great for football ,what odds for one of these two to actually win it and both come in top 4 . Then if we get a place it leaves one for the London clubs wouldnt life be wonderfull .
  17. Re: To Any Mod... Not all Moderators have access to Chat Mod tools some only do Forum Boards but it dosnt matter . When logging into chat it tells you , "Welcome This room is now logged 24hrs a day so whether its Modded or not at certain times makes no difference. When logs are checked any Uncalled for behaviour etc that breaks the acceptance of using this room can result not in just a ban but also action ON YOUR IN GAME ACCOUNT.So please for this not to happen follow guidelines below" Everyday the chat transcripts are checked and SM Devs / Supervisors will dish out any punishment we feel fits the crime . Reason why Chat isnt as bad as before many abusive members have been dealt with and now behave theirselves to a degree in these rooms as well as some not using them no more so giving forum /chat a miss because with the above its not just a forum/chat ban but their in game account was punished with a loss of rep/teams etc . So as long as you look after your own house in both rooms your safe ,the others will get there come uppance . If anything serious you always can log the date/time and name and PM me and i will look into it ,when a Mod pops on from here the damage can be done and they cant see the full story of what went on we can .
  18. Re: The Race to the Top 4 / EPL 2009/10 Season Correct card ,the thread you have started is titled the race to the top 4 so to me includes everyone in the prem and i find nothing wrong if you had even said we would lack even more confidence and will lose loads more and go down . In the old first division it was said in the Eighties Man United were the biggest club in Britain and with the players they had no way would they finish out of the top 10 ,well they went down it can happen . Upset me because they had to be big headed and bounce right back ,never realised many would be happy for them to have stayed there ,in fact i would say this gave United the jolt from every aspect of the club and why they are now in the position they have with the silverware since . We are 8th the teams above us deserve to be there and 4 have far better squads ( Chelsea/United/Arsenal/Man city ) 2 you can make a good case for as well ( Villa /Spurs) that leaves just Birmingham above that we may have a better team and squad on paper ,the two below us Sunderland /Fulham are not going to disapeer and playing better than us ,team in 11th is Stoke but i wouldnt be supprised when they get injury free quickly the toffees climb up to shake things up . Only 6pts between 11th and us in 8th so its no understatement with our form to say we could have our worst season ever and finish even below that . Personally i think we have time to turn it around and finish 3rd /4th if we find last seasons form within the next 2 games but history does say you never discount the unexpected .
  19. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * II. BASIC RULES 1. Flaming 1.1 Do not post any messages that harass, insult, belittle, threaten or flame another member or guest. Debates are fine, but argue with the point, not the person. 2. Trolling 2.1 Do not come to this site with the purpose of starting a dispute. Anything seen as trolling will result in you being infractioned by SM Moderator or a straight ban by SM Dev / Supervisor depending on the severity. 2.2 Note that a person disagreeing with your opinion is NOT trolling; keep it civil, even if you're sure the other person is wrong. Just a quick reminder for a couple on here that are having a private tit for tat ,im sure you both know who i mean ( no names mentioned Destine and 1CapWonder ) keep it private and off this thread or just ignore each other I always like a read of this offical thread its one of the best so dont spoil it please with personal remarks . thank you.
  20. Re: Arsenal Gossip Many managers as well as top players are sore losers its what gives most the winning mentality and part of the make up that makes them the success they are . He knows it was 2 bad points to drop but did Burnley change 10 outfield players knowing who was up next . Also i know they were at home and Mcarthys boys were at OT. I know the top 4 rotate but they do have far better Squad players on paper anyway to rotate . Also they if anything mainly drop most in the lesser comps and play most of the main core in Europe and Prem but its still not a full 10 outfield players dropped in the latter two considered most important comps . Premiership survival is the main thing for Mcarthy so surely seems its only 38 games then if no injuries the players should be fit enough to play in them all ,there was virtually a 3 day gap from Saturdays game to Tuesday night so plenty of time to rest ,and they now dont play until Sunday so a further 5dys. Who is to say after Saturdays performance they may not have got a shock point at OT . I know Mcarthy is doing what he seems is in the best interest for the club ,i know by the ammount of changes in what is the most important comp for wolves fetches the claims of the integrity of the Prem etc ,but its the direspect of the Travelling fans that i find insulting . He could have faced the wrath of the bulk like he is doing now but why couldnt he have already let his own supporters know before travelling and buying tickets the team he was going to put out well in advance . By Wenger would really have bust a gut if he had done this because Fergie could have played his 3rd string and won and rested his top 22 players .
  21. Re: can anynone help? Or maybe longer members like you instead of telling him if he asked " for help from his parents " could of been more civil and thoughtfull and put him on the right track to begin with ,i would think someone with over a thousand odd posts joined since April 2008 would have given far more helpfull advice to Newbies especially seems you had already realised up to yours no one had noticed or if they had took time out to respond to him . Anyway if he looks at my links all will be ok for him and no need for parent involvment
  22. Re: can anynone help? http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=6621 Check this link out mate and you will find a thread from a fellow Supervisor giving 3 very important links that will help you greatly ,and if your still not sure just send me a PM and will be glad to try and help .
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