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  1. Re: Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta & Turkey I know! BOth of the goals were very well done, however the second one was impecable! I know I am a Man utD supporter however I have never been so happy to see them lose! :D (that's because I am from Malta btw)
  2. Re: Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta & Turkey Iva malti jien... Ghawdxi proprjament Btw... any idea where to find Gilbert Agius!?
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread THe two goals couldn't come at a better time! Especially Tevez's... I reckon it was a VERY important goal, sending the chelsea squad back into the dressing room shaky! lol:rolleyes: Mikel's foul was surely worthy of a yellow card... a red one was very harsh indeed. However that was of a great help to us; morally as much as anything. IMO the ref did other mistakes as well... for example Cole's tackle was by far worse than Mikel's ,yet... Anyway we edged it out int the end... :D 2nd place now... One step remaining!
  4. Re: ENGLISH championship OR WORLD championship I dunno whether ANYONE could have bought those players. I don reckon that Chelsea for example have the same starting balance as Fulham, WestHam or Middlesbrough for example. They can build a mixture of Real Madrid, Barelona, Milan, Inter and bring it to the priemership...
  5. Which one do you prefer?? I currently am in one English and one World championship. I found the latter much more exciting and realistic! This is because most of the good teams in a World Championship stay the same (they dont sell their class players) HOWEVER this is not the case in an ENGLISH championship. Those clubs who have BIG money can make a WORLD XI team out of nothing . For example this is the Chelsea team in the English Championship CECH, Petr ; SAGNOL, Willy ; TERRY, John ; PUYOL, Carles ; RICARDO CARVALHO, Alberto ; LAMPARD, Frank; VIEIRA, Patrick ; ESSIEN, Michael ; MAKELELE, Claude; KAKA, ; DECO ; SIMAO, Sabrosa ; RIBERY, Franck ; RONALDINHO ; HENRY, Thierry ; DROGBA, Didier :eek: Imagine playing aginst a team with a starting 11 average of 96!! All this results in no competition in the league and it wont be realistic! Your Thoughts??
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread Hi there, i am new to this thread and as my name suggests i am a true united fan THe game will be played at Old Trafford, and i expect (or hope:rolleyes: ) that the score would be Man utd 2 - 0 chelsea...
  7. Re: Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta & Turkey Malta - Michael Mifsud, currently playing for Coventry (rated 86). I suppose that he will get a rise in the near future considering his current form. Malta - Andre Schembri, just 21 years old, he was one of the best players and scored the second goal for Malta against TUrkey. Currently rated 75, plays for Marslaxlokk i also expect a rise for this lad. Hope this helps;)
  8. Re: Olano Xabi ALONSO! - Overrated! Ok... I know it was a bit harsh when i made just 91/92 available.. therefore also keep posting your ratings (as u're doing) .... A quick look at your replies gives the idea that 94 is the preferred raiting for this player.. Well what can I Say?? .. always the better if it's Still less THAN 95 !!lol
  9. I dunno but i think this player is way overrated at 95... YOur views??
  10. How to delete a thread that was started by you??
  11. Re: What happens with Puerta? Ok, it may seem a bit... however it seems much more disrepectful and unfair if a certain manager, knowing that Puerta is soon to retire, uses Puerta to acquire a new player
  12. Re: What happens with Puerta? I think the best way to handle the situation is by removing Puerta from the Database, and some kind of compensation would be given to his owners... I think it disrespectful if he is still used by the managers... :( What do you think?? RIP Puerta - The world has lost a brilliant talent - all prayers with you and your family
  13. When a certain bid gets accepted, can any other manager offer/bid for that player... ??
  14. Re: Urgent help Thanks a lot... i am sorry but i needed it now, that's why i made it twice
  15. How can i make my bid for a player undisclosed (i.e. no one would know how much i am offering)??
  16. How can i make my bid for a player undisclosed (i.e. no one would know how much i am offering)??
  17. It would be very good if a player can be made to swap his position in any minute of the match ( kinda like substitutions ) with another on field player... For Example the Central midfielder and The WInger.... what do you say??
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