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  1. Re: International Setups - Your 1st Choice? wow no1 voted for brazil? anyway any1 nos when will be the exact date of the internaitonal league release, and is it like a SM type like the regular world champ, and england, france, italy... leagues. or can managers create them too?
  2. Re: Stadium Building i think every club should have the option to increase their stadium capacity. by using money, that would be great, or do some sponsorship kind of thing
  3. jclee

    NFL Official Thread

    Re: NFL Official Thread im kidding man his my favorite. i know LT, AP, steven jackson, probably Ronnie brown when healthy they better. but the cowboys are ganna make it to the superbowl, with the addition of zach thomas, pacman jones, felix jones, mike jenkins. we just need another WR. What do you think havoc? y u calling your self the NFL guru, every that lives in the US knows all the things u know about football
  4. jclee


    Re: NBA wow havoc first of all elton brand, baron davis, josh smith, and maybe corey maggett are the biggest free agents, and brand already signed with the sixers, they are not going to win the championship .davis with the clippers. and they are not going to win the championship. josh smith might go to what the warriors or sixers and they both not winning the championship second, if the lakers had andrew bynum we would off grab down more rebounds and block more shots, we could of beat the celtics. plus celtics are old, and they already won a chip, the lakers are young and loaded with bench p
  5. jclee

    NFL Official Thread

    Re: NFL Official Thread LETS GO COWGIRLS this year. we got the best WR, and RB also a homo so we got a really good chance of winning. and RICKY WILLIAMS will win comeback player of the year
  6. jclee


    Re: NBA im going to see USA vs China on august 10th this olympics. had to pay alot for those tickets. USA are really hungry for that gold medal
  7. jclee


    Re: NBA wow this is great i totally forgot i created this thread. HAVOC look at where we ended up. Lakers vs Celtics but Celtics were the better team. Next year when we get Andrew Bynum back when ganna win it all
  8. there should be a world cup kind of set up of international team players.
  9. Re: Gold Member Help o wow i feel stupid yea of course thank you
  10. Re: Gold Member Help all the GC club go? what do you mean?
  11. when my gold member expire do i get to keep who ever 3 teams i want? or what happen? or do i get to keep the league i created?
  12. Re: henry or eto for robinho? thx's but i dont got that much im trying to work out a deal w/ronnie for C ronaldo
  13. Re: why isnt ronaldinho for robinho deal go through? like how much i offered 5 and 2 mill
  14. Re: Blocked Deal(s) Thread!! can u tell me y isnt ronaldinho for robinho going trough?
  15. which guy should i use to trade for robinho since ronaldinho is not going through
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