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  1. Dear SM, could you tell why many Gold Championship are without match schedule long since? When you solve this? Gold members pay to play, don't forget...
  2. Dear SM, please save Spanish Championship 2 (ID 8557). There is a manager that has dozens of teams and he is destroying this game world with absurd deals and fixed matches. RC Deportivo (Marcos Senna), CD Castellon (mariano rodriguez), Villarreal CF (Jorge Gonzalez), RCD Mallora (Jurgen Klopp), UD Almeria (Miguel Martinez), Celta Vigo (Johnny Cloaca), Real Murcia (Carlo Ancelotti), Salamanca AC (pep guardiola hijo de puta), Granada CF (Mamadou sakho): all these accounts are definitely linked to just one person. Whenever a manager leaves, this cheater creates a new account to take control of the unmanaged team. I have already reported this in-game but SMFA was removed just an account and after few days the cheater has taken over that team with a new account. You must to ban his IP from this game world. Some honest managers are thinking to leave this game world if the situation will not be remedied. Please save Spanish Championship 2 (ID 8557).
  3. Dear SM, we have a great problem in several Gold Championship (385, 435, 443, 445, 308, 447, 397, 455, 426) with manager Andy Jeffo. He is a serial cheater: he continuously creates fake accounts for destroy the teams and for make cheating deals. Lauren Sanders, Mike Sheehan, Corey Smith are only some of his more double accounts. More managers have left cause of him. Please take action against this clown, otherwise he will destroy these game worlds
  4. Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea) will rise? %? Thanks in advance
  5. Riferimento: Gold Championship 2 First season in Gold 2. I hope to win at least one trophy!
  6. Riferimento: Brasilians at the South American U20 Championships Gerson will become a great player!
  7. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread
  8. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Not really...
  9. Riferimento: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Dear friends, Real Madrid CF is the best team of the world. But in SM this team is very underrated comparing Bayern Munich and Barcelona. In addition, with recent updates Chelsea is very close to Real Madrid ratings. Than, I am pretty sure that almost all starters of Spanish giants will rise Only a player can drop: Chicharito, but if SM did not drop MiniMario Balotelli, I think that he can safe his 91 also.
  10. Riferimento: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread My predictions for Real Madrid: Casillas 93 stay 93 Navas 89 stay 89 Marcelo 93 stay 93 Arbeloa 91 stay 91 Coentrao 91 stay 91 Nacho 87 rise (+1) 88 Sergio Ramos 95 rise (+1) 96 Pepe 92 rise (+1) 93 Varane 90 rise (+1) 91 Carvajal 90 rise (+1) 91 Modric 94 stay 94 Kroos 93 rise (+1) 94 Khedira 92 stay 92 Illarramendi 89 stay 89 Isco 91 rise (+1) 92 Medran 78 rise (+4) 82 Cristiano Ronaldo 98 rise (+1) 99 Bale 94 rise (+1) 95 James Rodriguez 91 rise (+1) 92 Benzema 93 rise (+1) 94 Javier Hernandez 91 stay 91
  11. Riferimento: English Premiership Rating Predictions Why Glen Johnson drop and Balotelli stay? This is ridiculous!
  12. Riferimento: English Premiership Rating Predictions No drop for Balotelli and Paulinho???? What a joke!!!
  13. Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Kingsley COMAN rise to 82 (+5) with only 207 minutes in Serie A Gianluca GAUDINO rise to 78 (+2) with 145 minutes in Bundesliga + 90 minutes in Liga Pokal + 73 minutes in Champions League (total 308 mins) Muller and Gotze both absolutely deserve +1. Pizarro should drop (he can return in his former club, Alianza Lima). I don't think that SM has finished Bundesliga and started Premier League, just change role for Sterling and Carrick.
  14. Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion
  15. Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Reina 90 (-1) and Neuer 96 (+1) as I expected. I am very surprised that a great expert as Phil has not provided the rise for Neuer, possible Ballon d'Or...
  16. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion My predictions for Bayern Munich: Neuer 95 rise (+1) 96 reina 91 drop (-1) 90 lahm 95 stay 95 alaba 93 stay 93 boateng 91 rise (+2) 93 badstuber 91 stay 91 bernat 88 rise (+2) 90 dante 93 stay 93 martinez 92 stay 92 benatia 92 stay 92 rafinha 90 stay 90 xabi alonso 95 stay 95 schweinsteiger 95 stay 95 thiago alcantara 91 stay 95 rode 88 rise (+1) 89 hojbjerg 82 rise (+3) 85 gaudino 76 rise (+6) 82 ribery 96 stay 96 robben 95 rise (+1) 96 muller 94 rise (+1) 95 gotze 93 rise (+1) 94 shaqiri 89 stay 89 pizarro 90 drop (-1) 89 lewandowski 94 stay 94
  17. Riferimento: Bolivian teams in Gold Championship Some new, please?
  18. Riferimento: Bolivian teams in Gold Championship Thank you.
  19. Riferimento: Bolivian teams in Gold Championship Can I get an answer, please?
  20. I'm a fan of South American football and I would like to play in Gold Championships with Bolivian teams. This will be possible in the future?
  21. Riferimento: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Hi guys! Iker & Villa: surely drop? CR7 can rise after Ballon d'Or? Thanks in advance
  22. Riferimento: English Premiership Rating Predictions No rise for Ivanovic??? He's the best RB of Premier League... And Carrick? No rise? That's incredible!
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