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  1. Re: Romania - Liga 1 I hope that the ratings for the Romanian "Liga 1" are going to be done after the serbian league. So, i have updated the ratings i made a few months ago and i have added the new players. Any opinions about these ratings ??
  2. Re: LIGA !(Romania) Boutandje scored 2 beautiful goales tonight :D ... and he only played for small teams until now (why ?!??). Petre Grigoras from Pandurii has a good eye for players. Pandurii are like a smaller Ajax from Romania
  3. Re: LIGA !(Romania) pigs will fly if cojocaru will play for steaua this season or the next one. becali won't let him play. he will probably leave steaua through the back door like many other promising players that previously were on steaua's squad. i think chiriches will have a +4, maybe +5
  4. Re: LIGA !(Romania) ai un mare "laic" de la mine :p si pe mine m-a enervat cu zilina lui...
  5. Re: LIGA !(Romania) vaslui is in my opinion, the best team in romania. they should have won the last 2 championships. but, teams like Petrolul and Dinamo are starting to play good football too...
  6. Re: LIGA !(Romania) so why are you still here ?!?? romania is not one of the best in europe, but has a good championship, i would say, maybe in the first 11-12 in europe. go watch 3.bundesliga and leave us the f**k alone if you don't like Liga 1 !!! We don't need your stupid comments...
  7. Re: German Bundesliga - 2012 Ratings Let's see how many goals will torres score for spain . he's on fire )
  8. Re: Romania - Liga 1 - 2012 (update) The bad thing for Bumba is that his actual team, Targu Mures was relegated to the second division. The rumour is that Rapid Bucuresti wants him alongside other players from Targu Mures. Ovidiu Sabau, Rapid Bucuresti's new coach was a coach at Targu Mures during the 2011-2012 liga 1 season. So the rumours could be true and we might see Bumba make the move to a bigger club soon.
  9. Re: Romania - Liga 1 - 2012 The deal is: The owner of Universitatea Cluj, Florian Walter decided that it would be much better if he would invest his money to Petrolul Ploiesti. So, most of U Cluj's players (only the best) have already signed contracts with Petrolul. Florian Walter is a very important and wealthy romanian business man; most of his investments are made in Ploiesti and Bucharest and the distance between these two cities is relatively small. By the other hand Cluj is placed in the other side of the country (this is one of the arguments Florian Walter said helped him decide to move the team). Right now Walter is trying to find a buyer for U. Cluj. At Petrolul he isn't the official owner yet because he can't be involved in two teams that are competing in the same competition. By the way things look right now, Petrolul Ploiesti will be a serious candidate for the championship title next year.
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