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  1. Re: Fairer Way Of Getting The Best Teams? for GC i think Sm should make 3-4 GC at one go & mention the date & time when it will be created...this will give every one fairly gud chance to have big teams...& may be make the next bunch of GC after a month or so... for standard set up...lukelufc suggestion is very gud
  2. Re: Football Lookalikes !! lost at birth Grégory Coupet Edge (Adam Copeland) WWE
  3. Re: "The deal involving Swindon Town and Diego GODÍN of Nacional has been rejected." well i created a thread for exactly the same problem... http://www.soccermanager.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=27022 I think this might be a new feature added by SM relating to the suggestion in there blog Realism vs Playability or may be it wud be some thing else...as even a bid for player rated as low as 86 was rejected in GC 18 & had similar experience in World championship as well
  4. is this the new change made by SM...today i bid for some players from unavailable to manage clubs & bids for well over there chairman value even in GC...& even 1 86 rated player....but the bid was rejected by those clubs:eek: can sum1 plz enlighten me on this:)
  5. Re: Transfer Blocked by SMFA for no reason my experiences with SMFA & CPS I bid 275 k for arsenal kid Nacer BARAZITE which the manager gladly accepted....but the next day my chairman blocked the deal (as if i was paying 10 mil)...the worst came the next day when i made a reduced bid which was also accepted but SMFA blocked the deal immediately similarly I made a bid for Torres of Benzema + 75 mil...in fact the other manager was insisting on 75 mil...i didnt mind it coz i wanted Torres at all cost & also the cash was of no value for me as i had very gud players in all positions just wanted 1 more brilliant str apart for Ronaldhino & Luca Toni...so the next day my chairman blocked the deal...but when other manager agreed for a lower deal it was immediately blocked by SMFA as they thought that i was cheating... there is no way that i was cheating & in fact these were my first deal with both the manager concerned... also few examples where SMFA cudnt caught the cheaters...only acted when I sent a ticket....Werder Bremen sold Ribas diego for just his chairman value & next day sold Kanoute similarly to another club...I reported the deal but nothing happened...then i sent a ticket to Sm which acted apporiately & sacked both manager & reduced ther rep:) ... so this sys needs some improvements as sometimes it cant get the real culprits & instead innocent ppl r made to pay.... so I hope SM will look into it... also if all the managers keep an eye on the transfers happening thru there set up then more then half of the problem will be solved & we may even dont need CPS... cheers...
  6. Re: Unmanaged teams & retirements yeah this idea might be difficult to implement... yes...this seems to be a gud suggestion....1 of the clubs in my set up didnt had a gk...so it was pounded by each & every team....& lol for some it was managed by some 1 but he didnt bothered to buy a GK & after some time he left...so if unmanaged clubs can be involved in the transfer mkt at least to buy players if not to sell them then this problem can be solved....
  7. I have noticed it many times that unmanaged clubs loose players due to retirements & also all the managed clubs buy gud players from these clubs untill only 18 players r left...now this no. will further decrease due to retirements...so a time may come when very few players wud be left in that club... now my simple suggestion with regard to such clubs is.....if in real football world such a club buys a new player which is not in the database then instead of adding him to the database as a free agent SM should add him directly to that unmanaged club...this way there will be a balance btw retirements & new signings & the no of players in that club wont fall below a certain level... in addition to this to prevent managed clubs from buying from such a club in case no of players goes above 18 as a result of new additions SM should just ban transfer from those clubs once it has min squad of 18....so in case it becomes more then 19 due to new players the managed clubs dont buy other players from that team... any comments...
  8. Re: My entire team for Kaka??? I think it has to be the avg of ur main squad...not considering the youth players....so if u have 15 players in ur senior squd & many in youth...& ur avg rating of 15 is 90 +...then Kaka or for that matter any 95 + player wud join u...
  9. Re: My entire team for Kaka??? although anyone wud love to buy Kaka in there team...but 1 imp ques is Do kaka wants to come to ur team ?...in essence he wont unless avg rating in ur team is more then 90...which I guess u dont have so dont think abt buying kaka as yet coz he wud certainly refuse....I am speaking it thru experience as once Ronnie refused to come to my team coz avg rating of my team was less then 90...however I got him later... instead of kaka look for 3-4 gud players...they wud be more useful then Kaka alone... cheers
  10. Re: Transfer Threshold yeah...I am also facing this problem...unmanaged/external clubs ignore the threshold limit & bid rediculously for our trl players...gets irritating sum times... hope that SM will look into it:)
  11. Re: Best Managers yeah...found it...thanx:) but why is my name not written there:confused:
  12. Hey guys... just wanna know one thing...is there a limit of no. of games/ or any thing like that for being considered for best managers... I manage Roma in one of the set ups & my Avg points r 3.24...but I am no where in the best managers list:confused: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=280149&clubid=5674852&sid=873 http://www.soccermanager.com/managers.php any sort of help wud be appreciated:)
  13. I tried to apply for diff clubs in Pvt Appln set up...but it showed the error---Your Reputation is not higher enough to take part in this Setup. I have a rep of 47...is it that low...I dont think so... so this must be a bug...or is it some recent change intro by Sm.. any help will be appreciated
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