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  1. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 22 Saturday 7th February Bidvest Wits 1-3 Platinum Stars Adelaide United 1-0 Melbourne Victory Doxa 1-2 Omonia (ESB) Hapoel Tel Aviv 2-1 Beitar Jerusalem Sunday 8th February Tigre 1-0 San Lorenzo Olmedo 1-1 Manta Real Sociedad 0-1 Zaragoza St.Pauli 2-2 Greuther Fürt
  2. Re: International League Match Reports & Transfers
  3. Re: WARNING!!!: From 02/02/09 Goalkeepers will be able to get injured!!!
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread congrats;) won my 1st Smfa cup too:D with Werder in GC 36:D won my other SMFA matches also:D GC 46 Lyon 3 - 1 FC Schalke 04 (will meet Real Madrid in quater) GC 44 Fiorentina 2 - 1 Barcelona (next up Zenit) GC 22 Cruzeiro 2 - 1 Vélez Sársfield (2nd in grp) GC 19 Atlas 2 - 0 Benfica (2nd in grp) a very good night for me:D
  5. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 21 Saturday 31th January Arsenal 2 vs 1 West Ham Rennes 2 vs 1 Toulose Trofense 0 vs 1 Sporting B.Dortmund 2 vs 2 B. Leverkusen Sunday 1st February Belenenses 1 vs 2 FCPorto (ESB) O. Lyon 2 vs 0 Saint Ettiene Lazio 0 vs 1 Milan Liverpool 2 vs 1 Chelsea
  6. Re: International League! looks like i am set to lose my 2nd French target after Viera its now Gallas...Arsenal manager has accepted bid from external...I have sent a pm but seems that he hasnt logged in:rolleyes:
  7. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread reached my 1st SMFA final with Werder in GC 36:D ...will meet Mr Hows Athletico:) lost the 2nd Semi with Inter in GC 37:( GC 18 Vélez Sársfield 3 - 0 Nancy (top of group & almost certain to qualify:) ...but wud be hammered in 1st rd:o ) GC 19 Atlas 2 - 1 New York (still some chance of qualifying) so pretty good night:D
  8. Re: Timeline on Club Messages the obvious shortcoming of this idea is that when a club makes a bid for some1(external/unmanaged) then others who have shorlisted that player wud get to know at what time the bid was made & then they wud bid closer to time when it should get accepted (15-20 hrs) making the original bidder at a disadvantage... cheers
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread have any1 noticed that in GC 36 & 37 we have WC qualifiers as well as SMFA champs cup semis today:eek: ...will the players be called up for Intnl team or what:confused: seems to be a bug so have sent a ticket:rolleyes: if i lose atleast i will have a strong excuse:p
  10. Re: SM Predict - FA Cup 4th Round Bonus! 24 Jan 2009 Sheffield United 2 - 1 Charlton Athletic West Bromwich Albion 1 - 0 Burnley Chelsea 5 - 0 Ipswich Town Hartlepool United 0 - 2 West Ham United Manchester United 2 - 1 Tottenham Hotspur (ESB) Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 - 1 Middlesbrough Kettering Town 0 - 2 Fulham 25 Jan 2009 Cardiff City 0 - 3 Arsenal
  11. Re: Benzema thats a steal for Benzema:eek: do it asap;)
  12. Re: Raise Your Voice and vote Against Long Term Injuries thought I should post my injury plagued squad:o MAXWELL - a Broken wrist - 9 weeks (will prob sell him:p) COLE - a Bruised shin - 10 days SERGIO RAMOS - a Twisted knee - 3 weeks CANNAVARO - a Damaged heel - 3 weeks TOURE - Bruised ribs - 9 days ESSIEN - a Gashed arm - 9 days (was injured at the start of the season) LAMPARD - a Gashed leg - 4 days (was injured at the start of the season) Ricardo KAKA - a Chest injury - 5 weeks now no chance of a treble or double:(
  13. Re: International League! whos the inter manager:mad: ..sold of VIEIRA to external club inspite of sending a PM:mad: may be i will take revenge by selling KALLSTROM to external club:p
  14. Re: International League! only got 11.5 mil:eek: ok ppl tell me whether u wud buy the foll or not... Brazil Marques CRIS JUNINHO FRED EDERSON FABIO SANTOS Cameroon Jean MAKOUN Sweden Kim KALLSTROM Bosnia Miralem PJANIC Argentina César DELGADO Ghana John MENSAH already offered Kader KEITA to Ivory Coast & GROSSO to Italy;) my shopping list Arsenal GALLAS Francis COQUELIN NASRI sell - SAGNA, CLICHY & DIABY to external Barcelona ABIDAL HENRY Chelsea ANELKA sell - MALOUDA to external Internazionale VIEIRA DACOURT (if u can give him on loan then very good otherwise sell him to external) Real Madrid Lassana DIARRA - sell to external Milan FLAMINI - sell to external Manchester United Patrice EVRA - sell to external Bayern Munchen Willy SAGNOL Franck RIBERY - sell to external i wud be able to bid for them only after selling my players as i am woefully short of cash so Arsenal, Barca, Chelsea, Inter & Bayern managers plz bear with me:o
  15. Re: New Feature: Table History its a gr8 idea...i submitted a ticket regarding this to sm ard a month or so back... http://touchline.onthespot.co.uk/guardian/StatsCentre.asp?CTID=11&CPID=4&TEID=230&pStr=League_Pos&t=3 the graph here shows comparison of Man u 2008 & 2009 season if some thing like this is implemeted it wud be really nice:D
  16. Re: International League - Some Decisions To Make these r quality teams mate...i am:eek: that these r left:eek: u can do 1 thing make it a league of 4 with 10 teams & take 1 clubs representing Australia (Everton), Romania (Fiorentina/Steau Bucarasti), USA ??, Egypt (Al Alhya or someting??)...just in case some1 wishes to join later...
  17. Re: International League - Some Decisions To Make
  18. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread congrats mate;) but its hard to imagine that this is ur 1st Champs cup (considering that u have 75 + GC honours) Btw i reached Champs cups Semis with my Werder GC 36 & Inter GC 37:eek:
  19. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 20 Saturday 17th January Hull 1 v 2 Arsenal Brighton 0 v 1 Leeds United Rochdale 2 v 0 Lincoln City FC Twente 3 v 0 Vitesse Sunday 18th January Tottenham 3 v 2 Portsmouth (ESB) Real Madrid 5 v 1 Osasuna PSG 2 v 0 Sochaux Lazio 1 v 1 Juventus
  20. Re: manager sacked yes he will have to quit his team...only then u can offer him other team in ur set up...also he must be in ur friends list;)
  21. Re: "Next Match" it has now been added:D really gr8 now atleast intnl teams wont be neglected;) these r 1 of the best improvements made by SM:) cheers
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