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  1. I already have Howard but I can exchange him for Stekelenburg or WEIDENFELLER. I dont know who will rise, or drop....
  2. Im sure all the people who love messi wont agree with me, but please leave that and be real. What did he do yesterday? Argentina 1-1 Bolivia, I watched the whole match, never saw him playing, but in fact he was. OK people will say its just 1 game, but this isn't the first, nor the last. He did it with Argentina every time and he keeps doing it. 99 means TOP level for club and national team.
  3. Hello I have Higuain on my team, but Im afraid he will drop. I have replacement for him, should I sell or keep him?
  4. Re: Ronaldo deserves 99 too! Hello thanks for the answers. Many people misunderstood what I wanted to say. OK, lets ignore hate, and other things like that. I am not a messi hater, its true I like Real Madrid, but this simply doesn't give me the right to hate the opponent. Lets do a compassion between Ronaldo and messi for the last season: Ronaldo Broke the Record of La Liga Goals. Messi drew the record of Champions League Goals. Both broke the record of total goals in a season, 52 each. So, here Ronaldo stays on a better overall position. Now, Club titles: Ronaldo won Copa del Rey. Messi won Champions and La Liga. So messi is better here. Ok now lets see how much their goals were worth: Copa final, Ronaldo's goal gave Real Madrid the cup. Champions semifinal, messi's double sent barcelona on the finals. La Liga, both scored 1 goal each on Real Madrid-Barcelona matches. So, head to head they are almost on the same level. International Level: Ronaldo is the captain of Portugal National Team, and he is a good leader there. Messi for Argentina, isn't good at all. Both play for their clubs better than they do for the national teams, but on Portugal, Ronaldo is better than messi on Argentina, this is a fact. Their styles are different, but their achievements not. Ronaldo has a stronger body, and of course he plays a more aggressive game using it, while messi has a weaker body, so he has to do everything with dribbling. But we also mustn't forget, Ronaldo is a great dribbler when needed, with 1 move he can beat all the opponent''s defense. E.g. Portugal vs Spain, we all saw how he beat pique. Also Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao this season when he scored for 0-3. However, messi is a better dribbler, because he needs tactic, he cant use his body to beat the opponents. On free-kicks, Ronaldo is better than messi. On shoots, Ronaldo has strong shots, while messi weak and with tactic. So, they have different styles, but they both are the key players of their teams. I think both deserve the 99, or both the 98. Its impossible to say one is better than the other.
  5. Seriously, I don't like messi being 99 and Ronaldo 98. Ronaldo is better in real life. I think messi should go down to 98, and xavi up to 99, or messi stay 99 and Ronaldo also rise to 99. See what messi does when xavi or iniesta don't play. They are the reason he is on barcelona now. Seriously, I'm against this 99, not that I hate messi, but he doesn't deserve it. For argentina, he plays 50 games to score 1 goal. OK, Messi 98 and xavi 99, or messi 99 and Ronaldo 99. This would be the best choice.
  6. Re: Real Madrid formation? Ok with the 4-3-3 wingers I drew 1-1 againsta barcelona but on penalties I won 4-2 and now Im on the final of the cup. But still I didn't win. =/ I will try that 4-3-2-1.
  7. Re: Real Madrid formation? I will Today I have a match against Barcelona. I hope I will win
  8. Re: Real Madrid formation? ok thanks I already had it like that but not aggressive(had it hard) and I had pressuring own half. Also the ticks I only had them playmaker and target man. Thanks I hope this works
  9. Hello I need help for a formation for Real Madrid. My players are the following: Keepers: Casillas 95 Adan 82 Belec 82 Defenders: Lahm 94 Ramos 94 Pepe 93 Pique 95 Chiellini 94 Marcelo 91 Midfielders: Xabi Alonso 94 Xavi 97 Fabregas 95 Ozil 93 Sahin 91 Forwarders: Messi 98 Ronaldo 98 Villa 96 Higuain 94 I also have some young players like Coutinho, Canales, Kagawa and many other 80 talents but they have no chance to start At the moment I play 4-3-3 Wingers with starters: Casillas Ramos Pique Chiellini Lahm Alonso Fabregas Xavi Ronaldo Villa Messi Ronaldo is playmaker and messi target man. But with this formation Im not happy at all because it happens to draw all the time with big teams, I want to win! Any suggestion?
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