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  1. We need more managers to join our game world. There are teams like Chelsea and Manchester City currently available and we need more competition in these leagues. Please have a browse and find yourself a team. Game world ID is 39019 English Championship 5536 Cheers:)
  2. Kingz


    Something to consider before signing him ! Does anybody feel that he has done enough to warrant a rise this season for winning the league do will his age be a factor as to staying on 92 ?
  3. Re: Need help FAST!! Get rid of Pato. Too injury prone, will be a very very very long time before he even sniff what his potential once was
  4. Re: Alcantara Rafinha - Worth it? I think you should take him. Dont expect a rise anytime soon though because he is still in the Barca B squad unlike his brother who is doing well in the first team. Do you feel he will play in your team right now at 83 rating? RAFINHA is for the long term and will definately rise.
  5. Re: Deal or No Deal ? anybody ?
  6. guys. ive got the option to sell HOWEDES, Benedikt and Le Fondre in exchange for PEPE ? Thoughts please ?
  7. Does anybody think Giampoalo Pazzini will ever rise higher than 91 ? I bought him because i need a striker but as i dont watch much italian football i do not know how well he rates against the rest . thoughts please ?
  8. Khedira is availble in my game world on an external team do you think this is worth the deal ? Could Khedira rise even more ? I know Draxler is a promising star but how long do you think it would be untill he even gets to 90+ ? Cheers guys
  9. Re: accept or decline ? Cheers guys, deal done and dusted, i really appreciate your help.
  10. Re: accept or decline ?
  11. Re: accept or decline ? Can anybody help at all please with this ? Cheers
  12. Should i give Oxlade chamberlain and sahin plus 1 million in return for mascherano ? thoughts please
  13. Hi guys, some advice please, Do i swap Sahin and Oxlade Chamberlain plus 1 million for Mascherano ? Thoughts please cheers
  14. Who would potentially benefit a SM squad out of these two in the long run do you think ? Answers on a postcard please Kyle Walker OR Serge Aurier
  15. Im working on a deal to bring Zanetti to my team. A 93 rating for £5 mil is a bargain i think, but do you think he will retire next season so i would end up losing money etc ?
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