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  1. Re: How should I get.. AHAMADA, Ali KRUL, Tim RAFAEL, Cabral LEALI, Nicola ANDRADA, Esteban GABRIEL, Vasconcelos those are my goalies who arent listed yet
  2. Re: Dzeko or Lavezzi? within a year does not mean at the and of the season. it means next christmas. 2nd my point was that will only happen if balotelli stays and gets his act together. lots of ifs in that sentence because football is not to predict.
  3. Re: AFRICAN NATIONS - ratings effect? lesbi honest, afcon means nothing in all due respect. if they were worth a penny they would play at a top tier club in one of the big leagues. i'm sorry mate but that's the hard truth. but if you want to make a buck you can still buy the 70 rated africans they will rise after play time at AFCON
  4. Re: Dzeko or Lavezzi? with a move for balotelli on the cards i would say dzeko. if balotelli doesn't move gets his act together dzeko will be 89 within a year. lavezzi is a verry solid 92. but french competition is so weak a drop to 91 may happen, if they dont win the title.
  5. Re: Dzeko or Lavezzi? french rating is over so he has no chance of a rise this time.
  6. Re: Benzema, Higuain, Aguero I said no discussion possible...
  7. Re: Benzema, Higuain, Aguero Out of those 3 higuain is by faaaaaaaaaaaaar THE best player. No discussion possible. But sm wise aguero is the best choice. You should drop benzema because the only reason why he is playing is.. well that's it there is no reason.
  8. Re: Player rating help Pls post your squad
  9. If i get a gold membership for a month van i become THE new gameworld owner because there is none. And if i can, could i change THE setting That players can grow concerns? Pls help me
  10. Re: Nuri Sahin THE Bender brothers both A bigger potetial then Sahin you are clearly A fool commander and like your location setting al ready sais: in dreamlamd... And probably high...
  11. Re: Best Striker in the world right now? I am A higuain fanboy so i Miss him. But be honest he should be there... If it is About lethal strikeforce it is; Higuain - fanboy Ibrahimovich RVP- but i'm dutch so biased Falcao
  12. Re: Nuri Sahin Yes he has great talent but an awful one and A half season so he will drop.
  13. Re: What's the highest Marco Reus can rise to? You are probably right soccer wiki takes Ages to review the players and they don't even do it right
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