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  1. Re: SAS-Liga rating changes Alexander - great work I've just taken over a big team but with a small budget and they have no youth players, which makes it difficult when buying risers as there is no-one to use in part exchanges. Can you recommend any young players rated around 70-75 who will rise to 76-80? Any +5 risers around those ratings? Cheers.
  2. Re: List of 89s to hit 90 in the next changes Santacroce 89>90 Hugo (Sao Paolo) 88>90
  3. Re: Spl Talent Spotting (including Played In Champions League Rating Only 72) Robertson is the best one there for me, his appearances are enough to go to 84 (like Gomis did last season) and then his international debut should help him get an extra point, so... 80>85
  4. BATE Borisov won the Belarussian league and are now competing well in the Champions League this season in the 'Group of Death', drawing with Juve and Zenit so far. Looking at their average player ratings, it seems they're all around 80, with the top player being Rodionov on 83. It seems pretty realistic to think that all BATE players are in for a rise, given their arrival on the European scene, and I'd imagine that their average will move up from 79/80 to 83/84. Am I right to think this? That's still below many Championship clubs and we're talking about the Belarus champions and Champions Lea
  5. Re: Paolo De Ceglie Is he gonna rise or has he missed the boat?
  6. Re: Ukrainian Ratings Really excited about this guy, I think he's likely to hit 87. Was a recent Ukranian player of the month too. I've already got Aliev - my hopes for these upcoming ratings are: Kravchenko 83>87 Aliev 83>88 Milevsky 86>88 but looks 50/50 for 87 or 88.
  7. I bought Mauri as I reckon he'll go from 89 to 90. Played well for Lazio who have been flying high, and he's also been in the national team squad though he hasn't appeared. Started every game until recently when he picked up an injury - has he done enough to get 90?
  8. Re: Marek Hamsik to 91- collection of signatures Signed, amazing talent. Scores like fun for club and country.
  9. Re: cant access match reports I always get this for Score Centre when trying to view friendly matches, and also had this problem with playoff matches last week.
  10. Re: CHELSEA - Rating Changes CECH, Petr Gk Left 95 26 Stay 95 CUDICINI, Carlo Gk Right 88 35 Drop to 87 HILARIO, Henrique Gk Right 84 32 Drop to 83 COLE, Ashley LB Left 92 27 Rise to 93 BRIDGE, Wayne LB Left 89 28 89/90 tough to call BOSINGWA, Jose RB Right 92 26 Rise to 93 PAULO FERREIRA, Renato RB/LB Right 89 29 Stay, might drop BELLETTI, Juliano RB Right 89 32 Stay 89 IVANOVIC, Branislav RB/CB Right 88 24 88/89 TERRY, John CB Right 95 27 Stay 95 RICARDO CARVALHO, Alberto CB Right 94 30 Stay 94 ALEX, Rodrigo CB Right 92 26 Stay 92 MALOUDA
  11. Re: Adonis' Must Buy Players. People who moan about rep should be bludgeoned to death with a blunt carrot peeler.
  12. Re: Turkish Rating Changes I think Lugano's international form will save his 92. He's a rock for Uruguay who are in great form, and he's also scored a couple recently for his country. Fener got far in the Champions League last season, and will bounce back from a few disappointing results early this season. I can't see SM being too ruthless.
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