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  1. I could trade Adler for Cesar as Cesar is with an external. I wonder though will Cesar go down in the next few updates or will he stay the same. Will Adler go up either? Thanks for any help. Regards, forza_rovers
  2. Hello, I have been watching a lot of Manchester United lately and believe that Vidic (as nearly always) has been immense. He put in a cracking performance against Barcelona. (I know they lost) I thought he was brilliant and the only United player that could have been proud of his performance. He has also been an incredible leader of the United team in the Premiership. The comeback from 2 nil down against Villa springs to mind. This completely justified his rating of 96. But, however, I was wondering if there is any chance of him getting to 97. I think he is in with a decent shout. I think he
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