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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Not sure if this has been posted yet but this looks like a new kit. If it's true then I like the design.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Courtois for Casillas+10m?
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Good to see Ozil is already making an impact
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread This is an amazing video on Santi. 1VtRnK-0kdg
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Looks like we aren't signing anyone .
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread When will we ever learn to defend corners?
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Apparently it will cost 25m euros to buy Bernard. I doubt we'll spend that much money on him.
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread They're probably waiting for Real to snatch Suarez off us so that they can rub it in our faces even more. .
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I don't think we should get either of them because Richards will probably stay at City so long as he's rotated in some games and Abate isn't that good.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... El Shaarawy. I'd probably just about pick Lewandowski. It depends on what you can use the money for and who your current strikers are but I don't rate him that highly so I'd accept it if the money is useful. The price depends more on how competitive your GW is. If there isn't many better players you can use your money for then I'd reject it (15m+ if that's the case) but if it's not that competitive then just accept it.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread It'll probably be worth it though, so long as he doesn't do a Torres. I'm still unsure if Wenger is actually planning to spend 42 million on a player who's suspended at the start of the season. If he does join, it'll be a worthy risk especially with all the good strikers going elsewhere. Personally, I don't see this happening if we are going to spend 40+ million and I also don't believe that we're signing Bernard but if either of them join then I won't be complaining.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Serge Gnabry did well there and GOAL . Finally, Walcott scores.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Good finish from Ryo .
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