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  1. Re: Customer support There needs to be a Customer support.100%. My account is close to death and no word why i am on my last warning. now I am dodging reports on my account.A report will come from a who lost out on the player.he report transfer and I get ban.classic.150£ gone and 5 teams lost I love more than my dad. never met my dad. there a email address on the site.saying this is not a support address.well what is it for. :confused:
  2. Re: It has become impossible to make transfers 100% with you on all your points. managers that been in world over a year or so just be allowed more money or players vaule to swap 2 88's for 90 which in the game now u can't even offer a 88 and 85 for a 90. 3 great points.noneof which we'll see because a who the people who are not playing sm decide whats happens.
  3. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread thanks for info.
  4. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread my clubs are bidding for players i havn't bid for. just got robert edwards for 2.4mill ,i could get 2-3 players better than robert edwards for 2.4mill. lol dam game
  5. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread its all up. i need to talk to some 1 from SM on this matter for getting reported for no reason other than leaving a game world i was in a year. plus if i would cheat i would have more 90+ players only ,not swimming in 88 to 89 players and youths that would not make it in china league. I would pay extra for email support. charge us anything , That's better than having people in limbo. PLAYERS NEED EMAIL-SUPPORT.
  6. Re: Agree /disagree- new football game agree and correct Barnsley will win the champions league in less than 10 years
  7. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread your point on why the idea is a bad is valid. but I would like to add few points to why I like to see it in the game. I never join a old world to get a top team but build a team I am sure most people do this as well. Mangers loyal to the world should have a choice to go to a better team like real world life,Most managers will want to stay with the club they build than move clubs and lose there players they got over the time in the world. on your point on new players to a old game world. I would like to tweet my idea to give jobs to the best manager in the
  8. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread ------------------10/10 -----------------
  9. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Not at all gutted, I pay for top clubs and got 5 top clubs. You have found 2 real life situations going back 20 years or so ,this is not how most % jobs are given out in the real world.winning cups and getting high league places is how managers get top jobs these days. I can't see how you don't like this idea when everyone knowns what to do to get a top job. unless you can't win.
  10. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread JOB OFFERS NEEDS CHANGING. in the real world the top managers go to the top clubs. the top teams don't pick a random manager from a deck of cards. SM should let people apply for the jobs that come available within 7days. and then best manager on game world points should get the job.
  11. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread need a action buttons on squad page next to players vaule. FAST!!!!
  12. Re: Managers don't respond to bids i didn't post to change ppl minds ,just to put my view on it. ovb i withdraw my bids if the manager don't want COUNTER OFFER within a week.
  13. Re: Managers don't respond to bids mangers who don't respond shouldn't play the game. its not hard to make a player unavailable. i like to see the player who is wanted ,to not perform in the match engine or dock manger rating points if he as seen the transfer and doesn't reply within 1 week. its uncalled for not responding,if the bid is **** there a button the let the wanting manager know it a **** bid.no excuse no ifs or buts.
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