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  1. Re: Euro 2012 Predict Final Spain 2-1 Italy (ESB) (FGS - Alonso)
  2. Re: Euro 2012 Predict Semi Finals Portugal 0-1 Spain (ESB) Germany 2-0 Italy (FGS - Schurrle )
  3. Re: Euro 2012 Predict Quarter Finals Czech Republic 0-2 Portugal (FGS - C. Ronaldo ) Germany 5-0 Greece Spain 2-0 France (ESB) England 3-1 Italy ______________
  4. Re: Euro 2012 Predict Group matches Group A Poland 1-0 Greece Russia 2-0 Czech Republic (ESB) Greece 1-1 Czech Republic Poland 0-1 Russia (FGS - Pogrebnyak ) Czech Republic 0-0 Poland Greece 0-2 Russia Team 1 to progress: Russia Team 2 to progress: Poland Group B Netherlands 2-2 Denmark Germany 1-0 Portugal Denmark 1-1 Portugal (ESB) Netherlands 2-1 Germany (FGS - RVP ) Portugal 0-2 Netherlands Denmark 0-2 Germany Team 1 to progress: Netherlands Team 2 to progress: Germany Group C Spain 1-0 Italy (FGS - Silva ) Ireland 0-1 Croatia Italy 0-0 Croatia Spain 4-0 Ireland (E
  5. Re: World Cup Predict - Knockout Stages. Germany 3-1 Uruguay Netherlands 1-2 Spain FGS - Torres
  6. Re: World Cup Predict - Knockout Stages. Uruguay 1-4 Holland (ESB) Germany 3-0 Spain
  7. Re: World Cup Predict - Knockout Stages. Holland 2-1 Brazil Uruguay 0-1 Ghana Argentina 1-2 Germany (FGS-Podolski) Paraguay 0-3 Spain
  8. Re: World Cup Predict - Knockout Stages. Uruguay 2-0 South Korea USA 3-1 Ghana Germany 0-2 England Argentina 2-0 Mexico Netherlands 2-1 Slovakia Brazil 0-1 Chile Paraguay 0-0 Japan (Japan Win On Penalties) Spain 2-0 Portugal
  9. Re: World Cup Predict GROUP A South Africa 2-1 Mexico (FGS) Teko Modise Uruguay 0-3 France South Africa 1-0 Uruguay France 2-1 Mexico (ESB) France 2-0 South Africa Mexico 2-1 Uruguay GROUP B South Korea 0-1 Greece Argentina 4-1 Nigeria Argentina 3-0 South Korea (ESB) Greece 2-2 Nigeria Greece 0-2 Argentina Nigeria 1-0 South Korea (FGS) Obafemi Martins GROUP C England 2-0 USA (FGS) Wayne Rooney Algeria 0-1 Slovenia (ESB) Slovenia 0-2 USA England 4-0 Algeria Slovenia 0-2 England USA 3-1 Algeria GROUP D Serbia 0-0 Ghana Germany 3-1 Australia Germany 1-0 Serbia (FGS) M
  10. Re: Gold Championship 22 Match Report / Transfers Thread Villarreal Go Top After A Great 6-1 win over leaders Valencia And A Draw to REAL the players are said to give they wins to the manager after he reject a job offer from Bayern Munchen. (sorry for the rubbish post just a quick update)
  11. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers Global Championship in need of top managers with the likes of man.u and ac milan Available!
  12. Re: Gold Championship 22 Match Report / Transfers Thread THE FURTURE IS LIKE THE KIT.................................BRIGHT! VILLARREAL chairman has demarded that Manager Andrew Seary get VILLARREAL back into the SMFA CUP. Last season did not go to plan with VILLARREAL unable to keep form winning 5 in a row to lossing 5 in a row. But VILLARREAL are sure they will do better than last years dissipointing 7th which thanks to the greatness of the other spanish clubs at least means VILLARREAL will play in this years SMFA SHILED. THE SQUAD "I will not be changing the Sq
  13. Re: Gold Championship 12 - News, Transfers & Match Reports AC MILAN are 2nd in the table after 10 games and remain the only team in seria unbeaten. AC are pleased to have KAKA return from injury so that he can help get AC back on top.
  14. Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports the REAL good run 10 games in and REAL MADRID have won them all scoring 31 goals and only conceding 7. with RVN and TORRES on form scoring half of REAL goals. Manager Andrew Seary believe that great start to the season is due to the fact that they have one of the best players and captains around.
  15. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports Liverpool Will Be Transfer Listing Half Of Their Squad Over The Next Few Days But Are Only Willing To Do Player Swaps.
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