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  1. Re: Is 3-5-2 a great tactic?? main benefit is the 5 midfielder, which is good for possession football.
  2. Re: Utk's English League Prediction if u highlight risers that's more easy to read! like red or bold.
  3. i dont understand why SM removed control of transfer and manager firing. it was useful when there is cheater or anybody who does stupid transfers. Now i dont have almost no control for my setups just accept or decline manager and just set the rule nothing others!!! what is the point i creating setup? i need control, because i gave accept for somebody accidently, now he doesnt following my setup's rule policy (which is sell players by their chairman value no addiotional money). i dont how to get rid of him, he knows i can't fire. Give me a full control of my setup I dont know where to writ
  4. Re: Gozgoz8 rating prediction: ALL PLAYERS FROM ALL COUNTRY!!!(including Youth player,based on Nationality) Schweinsteiger needs to go another team example Liverpool
  5. Re: cabbytoodles List Of 90+ Rated Risers. niiicccceee
  6. Re: Zozo's German Ratings Forecast nice thread mate, it's what i was looking for. I was thinking about buy Adler or Neuer, I have Bayern do i have to keep Rensing, which one will rise in the future?
  7. Re: Liverpool Rating Changes! ya Reina is really underrated. he should be 94. Insua deserved that. who is Ronaldo, is he a joke? he played really good last year, but look at this season? Gerrard plays good every season.
  8. Re: Shay Given - Underrated give me example manu fan dude?
  9. Re: Netherlands 2008/2009 Rating Changes nice thread mate, keep it up. rep for u.
  10. Re: Unbelievable nope he is doing really good job 3 years, he got golden glove last 3 years in row. I think he is underrated, in Spain he is second choice, in PL he is maybe rated third. But for me he always does good job.
  11. Re: who is the most underrated or unpraised star in football he was doing really good job in start of the season but now i dont hear that much from him.
  12. Re: Unbelievable If Given come 93 Reina should 94
  13. Re: who is the most underrated or unpraised star in football manu fans think carrick is better than gerrard
  14. Re: who is the most underrated or unpraised star in football finnan carragher hyypia reina
  15. Re: English Premier League Ratings Thread i think alonso to 94 and skrtel will 91, agger will be 90. nice thread mate, keep it up.
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