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    One of the boys who enjoys playing and watching football
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    gc109 - Lisbon, gc148 - Zenit, gc149 - Crewe, gc150 - Club America
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  1. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League! Is it me or does no-one real sell in this gameworld? or don't even negotiate.. put in more than reasonable deals and all of them are basically rejected. Anyway Club America have had a rocky spell of late, and are struggling to find form in the league, however the signings of Hangeland, Mutu and Diaby hopefully will turn things around. Still looking for a forward, so If any players are up for sale give me a shout
  2. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread I don't know whether this has been suggested before but here goes. Gold Championships should really have a set time on when they are opened and are available to reserve a club. Most of the Gold Championships are brought about early afternoon where I have work most days and many others might have college etc. and the idea would be a fairer way and everyone has the same chance in getting the team they want I mean have participated in gold championships for 8 months and the best team I have managed to get is Club America
  3. Just a suggestion of a gameworld like once a month of where You get to make your team name and kits etc. soccer manager gives you random players of a certain rating e.g 75 and you can build your team up and not buy players like puyol or the lights of messi in the first season, would be quite interesting in my opinion having your own team basically. But don't know whether other players would be interested
  4. Re: Gc 153 Portsmouth have nearly completed their squad, with the signings of Hargreaves, Turnbull and Davies on loan, signed Olexiy Gai for 6.1m and Iquinta for 10m and are ready for the new season. Luke Varney has gone for 4.1m to Crystal Palace.
  5. Re: Gc 153 Currently Portsmouth in gc153 and lacking goalkeeping ability, would be happy if someone could loan me a goalkeeper would be appreciated
  6. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread wasn't expecting much from my Brentford away to Tottenham.. but managed to pick up a 2-1 win at White Hart Lane.
  7. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread would appreciate if someone could loan me anyone 76+
  8. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Glad to be a part of this setup, I have just taken over Crawley.. its going to be hard but I am always up for a challenge
  9. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Not sure whether this has been stated before this idea is to stop managers resigning after like 10 mins of managing a club.. they should have a limit of a week of managing a club for example once you choose to manage a club you are not allowed to leave within the first week which encourages managers to stay on rather than leave because they don't get the players they want. Just an idea
  10. Re: David villa deal It would depend on whether you would have a replacement for Van der Vaart if you have enough cover in midfield then by all means go ahead with the offer. Gomez is heading nowhere fast and could get -1.
  11. Re: Last man standing - EC 8000. My Hull Prediction came in
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