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  1. People horde players who they think will be good in the future and there isn't really anything that determines whether you win a game or not as everyone uses similar tactics?

    I bought Sakho, Pato, Bojan, Lukaku etc etc a few years ago when I was playing and they were really low, God knows what they must be now, do people really wait around for that long to find out how good they get? Also how many game worlds are there now? When I was playing most of them only had a few people playing as the top clubs except for the Gold Championships.

  2. Re: Your Footballing Life

    Good luck lads!

    My training regime is a bit mixed......

    Monday - Boxing training 2 hours.

    Tuesday - Jogging for 30 mins, weights for about 15 mins + 15 mins of Cardio

    Wednesday - Boxing training 2 hours.

    Thursday - See Tuesday.

    Friday - Break, of if I feel like it 30 mins of jogging.

    Saturday - Break

    Sunday - See Tuesday + Thursday

    Boxing is the best thing to do to increase fitness and strength levels. I play football a couple of times a week as well, not nearly as much as I used to!

  3. Re: Your Footballing Life

    Anyway' date=' I'm going to America to play football!!! Which should be a great experience. My main concern was that not many have gone over there and come back to really make it. The offer was literally too good to refuse though in terms of money and options and the chance to really get fully fit again. I've got everything pretty much agreed and I'm flying out there March to see their first MLS game, and sign on the dotted line. Then I'll come back, finish school this year, try and get as fit as possible, and move out there in Summer. Massive for me, especially since I'm not even 18 until September. Luckily, there are opportunities if I don't quite make the grade. Going out early means I can always come back for Uni here (Loughborough preferebly) and play part time or I can stay out there and play college football (apparently your treated like a God, or so I've been promised!!) so there should be no problems fitting in and meeting people. The facilities out there are also really great and hopefully this is the chance to get fit again and get my career back on track, as it's been nothing but downhill since the cap! Whether or not my style of play will suit the football out there we will have to see, but I went out last summer and I'm confident.

    Sorry for the essay, pretty excited about it though :D[/quote']

    Top man, all the best mate!

    As for myself.. Should be joining a team in the summer, haven't played 11 a side competitively for a couple of years to be honest, just five a side, school, and with mates..

    Due to my boxing, im fitter than ever at the moment, so that should aid my football ability. After about a year or so of training, I will hopefully be good and fit enough to fight competitively. Just taking it one step at a time at the moment though.. Anything can happen!

    Will hopefully get enough GCSE's to stay on at Sixth Form as well.. If not then I will probably end up at college..

  4. Re: Coca Cola League 1 Official Thread.

    We get worse with every game. I just watched 90 minutes of utter disgrace. The only player in yellow who actually looked like he bothered was little Max Gradel' date=' the rest of them were unbelievable. Unbelievably pap. Apart from instead of pap, use your imagination. Swindon absolutely destroyed us and full credit to them, they deserved it.

    Promotion? No chance. At this rate even the play-offs are going to be a struggle. I hope Spurs "do us" in the replay, because we bloody well need to be out of that bleeding competition. I'd happily swap our win at United for 9 points. I'd even swap it for 6.

    After watching that, any hope of promotion I had left is gone. Norwich have won this title tonight in all honesty. Even if they suffer a blip, no-one will catch them. Charlton shouldn't have too many problems coming 2nd. We should cling on to a play-off spot, where we'll probably face Swindon (knowing my luck) and get destroyed, again.

    After the match one of my mates was singing his head off about the match. I should mention, he supports Man United. I replied "1-0" and that shut him up.


    Did he reply, "top of the Premiership" or "League One"?

    Massive overreaction, although the Swindon 3 - 0 Leeds followed by the "We all hate Leeds scum" at Bramall Lane tonight (and probably most other grounds) was quite funny..

    I don't hate Leeds really, I just dislike you, good luck!



  5. Re: Top Rant! I HATE..

    I'm not. Thought over posting it just now' date=' as I posted it in a very tired mood (I don't like rainy weather :o; I don't know how you Englishmen stand it!). I'll delete it. Sorry for my careless bringing of my negativity onto this evidently interesting thread of yours. :)[/quote']

    I was joking :o:D

  6. Re: Top Rant! I HATE..

    All my opinions' date=' comments, and responses are in bold. I'm sorry I have such a dull sense of humor when it comes to English football. :o[/quote']

    You have just single handedly murdered this thread.. You took it, stared it down then constantly slapped it, whilst kicking it in the balls.. You then proceeded to hit it over the head with a large piece of wood until it was half dead.. If that wasn't enough you felt the need to be sick on it and pour battery acid in its face.. You got the job done by butchering it into 50492 pieces and burned it in a furnace..

    I hope you are proud of yourself..

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