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  1. Re: Forumer's World Cup Discussion Thread I know, I was merely fantasizing.. Although I am sure if I were in this competition I would win without breaking a sweat.. Dai would start off sprinting a long with the others.. But after 300 or so meters they would slow down and I would come blazing through with my viscous speed.. I would take the Gold Medal with the others worshipping at my feet.. The only reason I wasn't nominated was because people were too scared that I would win too easily.. You all know it.
  2. Re: Forumer's World Cup, Main Event, Group 4. Dai. Hes got a backbone.
  3. Re: Forumer's World Cup Discussion Thread Have I won yet?
  4. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Cotterill has joined Swansea for a fee believed to be around 700k.. What an awful bit of business that is.. THE best winger we had at this club, and possibly one of the best wingers in the Championship, still only young (22), so will only improve.. A player who was instrumental in our turn in form last season which saw us shoot up to third in the league.. Yet we sell him for a fee below that of which we paid for him.. What makes this even worse, is that we havn't spent the money on a player who will fill his boots.. We have signed a 32 year old striker for 500k (Cresswell), on considerably higher wages than Cotterill and play him on the wing, when he is blatantly not a winger.. What a bad piece of business that is.. UTB!
  5. Re: Chelsea to cap players wages (DISGRACE!) Mehe, I knew it would be you! My stalker! My sarcasm actually almost got me banned! (when used in a private message to a moderator).. Apparently it was abuse! Honestly, some people just don't have a sense of humour!
  6. Re: Chelsea to cap players wages (DISGRACE!) Some people like to think that they are mature.. When in fact they are just boring.. I could name a few!
  7. Re: The Official Leeds United FC Always nice to see a smaller clubs beat one of the bigger clubs! Would be good to see two clubs outside the top four in the final again, ideally Blades Vs Accrington Stanley.. UTB!
  8. The Blues have told Bayern Munich midfielder Franck Ribery that they will not break their pay structure to sign him. Chelsea are prepared to pay a £45m transfer fee, but will cap his wages at only £150,000-a-week. Football is totally screwed with articles like this, I mean how can anyone survive on just £150,000 a week. I bet it wouldn't pay his petrol bill, let alone his mobile bill, and God knows where he will live I mean what sort of a mortgage can he get for £150,000 a week? I bet that's how Chelski will get round it they will help him with his mortgage and the £150,000 will be spending money? I don't know what hes going to do! He might just be able to squeeze into a bedsit in Clapham or something. But food wise, he will just have to live on supernoodles! Youve got to feel for footballers nowadays..
  9. Re: SM Private Messages I got a PM saying exactly this - "Haha, your Bayern Munchen is r8 g@y lol" Oh, and how is the short word for a homosexual banned??
  10. Re: Manchester United I personally think that you should cancel the David Silva deal as he is a bit of a ponce! You should go for Maicon! Hes absolutely perfect! A 6 ft tall well built man with tight buttocks! I would go for him over Dani Alves and David Silva any day!
  11. Re: Manchester United I want you to get up now! I want you to get up out of your chair, I want you to get up right now, and go to the window, open it and stick your head out and yell IM AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANY MORE!
  12. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Before all of this I thought it was just us that were so fickle! We win a couple of games and Blackwell is a God! We lose a game and its BLACKWELL AHHHHHHT! I don't think its just Cardiff and Preston in this league.. Apart from the teams who have just come down and QPR, I don't think many clubs in the Championship have a pot to pee in quite frankly.. UTB!
  13. Re: I Am Ivan Drago.. It is all natural.. Now I break you..
  14. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Poor game.. We were pretty bad for the entire 90 minutes! If Preston wernt so awful we would have lost. Luckily we got the goal! At half time I thought it had 0-0 written all over it.. We had a couple of chances and probably should have scored, eventually our goal was a fluke cross/shot free kick! A wins a win I suppose! UTB!
  15. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Poor performance yesterday in the first half, we deservedly went in 2 goals down. We were better in the second half but we couldn't take our chances.. Leicester deserved the win. Looking forward to Preston at home tomorrow, we should be looking for three points and Camara HAS to start up front! UTB!
  16. Re: Merry Christmas ) Christmas day, after unwrapping all of my presents from Santa I will be going up to my Aunties, the whole of my Dads side of the family will be there. Having Christmas dinner, everyone will most likely get bamboozled etc.. Boxing day is at ours, pretty much the whole of my Dads and Mums side will be coming round. Watch Wednesday lose at half 12. Eat, eat.. Then at 6 watch the Blades beat Leicester. Bamboozled etc.. Merry Christmas to everyone. Have a good un! UTB!
  17. Re: To Any Mod... Ive just logged onto the chat for the first time in months.. CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Re: The Official Leeds United FC Looking a cert for promotion! If the Blades don't go up (we will ) I will be looking forward to the trip to Elland Road, and the visit of Leeds to Bramall Lane next season, they are always good games and the fans are always up for it! UTB!
  19. Re: What should i do? This thread is beyond pathetic!
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