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  1. Re: is Yarmelenko any good? I can also pronounce Ibrahimovic..... Peoples reactions.. You couldn't make it up!
  2. Re: is Yarmelenko any good? I can pronounce his name though..
  3. Re: is Yarmelenko any good? From personal experience, I find that players with long names which are difficult to pronounce never turn out to be any good.. Especially Russian & Ukraine ones..
  4. Right, I went into JD today to get a couple of shirts like.. BUT Who's idea was it to put clips on loads of shirts so they fold into nice little squares so you can't actually try them on?! That is quite annoying.. Ive tried shirts on which claim to be "Large" but end up looking like a baggy dress on me, ive had others which are skin tight, and for that reason I didn't take the risk.. and to top things off, I got asked for ID when trying to buy GTA 4.. That is all..
  5. Re: Official Xbox 360 group/thread! I went into Gamestation today to buy GTA 4.. Got asked for ID! Gutted much..
  6. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Great result today.. 2-0 up.. then 2-2. Only for Henderson to complete his hatrick in the 90th minute! Still can't help feeling that this is simply papering over the cracks, like the Peterborough result, as sitting back after going 2-0 up very nearly cost us. But im happy to give Blackwell till Christmas, and if these types of results continue then fair play to him. If it starts to go downhill again, well.. Bad result for Wednesday also.. We play them near to the end of the season, the words "Wednesday Will We Down Send" are coming to mind . UTB!
  7. Re: Official Red Devils thread That's shocking.. Man Utd field a team full of kids, and the fans still boo them off the pitch.. You couldn't make it up!
  8. Re: I think I'm like.... Indeed.. I am bored with you now.. You may go back to forum moderating..
  9. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread We could sign the whole Barcelona squad and knowing us, with our tactically inept manager, we would still fail miserably.. (Long ball to But seriously, Pancrate is nothing special and im guessing you've signed him simply to make up the numbers....
  10. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Fabrice Pancrate is terrible, lower Championship player at best, failed a trial with us earlier this season.. Did I mention that hes not very good?
  11. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Can only get it if I trade in Fifa 10 or Halo STD (whatever its called, which I hardly play).. I had enough when it first came out, but I spent all the money I had on a lovely top and some fabulous jeans.. (No Lie) xx I have never actually played a Call Of Duty game, I downloaded the demo earlier and it was okay though.. I'm generally terrible at most games though.. (In my 4th week of having an Xbox 360).
  12. Re: Im absolutley disgusted with this!!!!!!! Ah, but that would make it all too obvious..
  13. Re: Further Education - What are you doing? For Sixth Form I am hoping to do.. Sports Studies (Currently on for an A* for GCSE P.E, although this is not essential). ICT (Need to improve last years project, if I do I should get a B for GCSE) Business Studies (On for a B for GCSE) Then I need to pick a fourth, and I am really struggling to find one, good thing I don't need to submit my final choices until January.
  14. Color?! What is color I ask?! Are we all Americans on this forum? Sort it out SoccerManager! An absolute disgrace! Lol at the people who will not understand my sense of humour and post abuse which will deeply offend me forcing me into a deep depression which may all end in tears, those people will have to live with the guilt for the rest of there lives..
  15. Re: I have finally decided.. Were any of you brought up with a guy, played football with him day in day out, traded POKEMON AND YUGIHO cards with him back in the day! Who grew up, at the age of 18 became the best player in the Championship, and play in the England Under 21's.. Who was then sounds for over £2 million to a Premiership Club and who will also be a future England international.. I thought not! This is just another example of my amazingness and superb brilliantness........ The public have decided the forumer they want to see be made king is Stevie Blade
  16. Re: I have finally decided.. Don't make me release the hounds!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Re: I have finally decided.. Ive been around enough.. Not as far as South Carolina though..
  18. Re: Do you wanna be on sm? ;~*New Version;~* Real Club: Blades Name: Our Steve Age: 15 Position: Up Front Nationality: English Date Of Birth: 05/02/94 Preferrd Foot: Middle One SM Club: Some club in Azerbaijan Squad: First Team Rating: 91834 Last Rating Change & Date: +91833 SM Value: More money than there is in the world Contract & Salary Per Turn: 1 Lap dance and a packet of mini cheddars
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